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It all starts with a woman, Sylvie Méliet, who has suffered from psoriasis since the age of 15. By chance, in 2005, she tested an ancestral treatment in Guinea which, to her great surprise, eliminated all traces of psoriasis in 1 month.

She also discovers that this treatment is formulated with Carapa procera oil, an oil known in the ethno-pharmacopoeia, but never before recorded in international nomenclatures.

She then decided to create her laboratory to share this solution with everyone. Clinical studies carried out demonstrate 94% effectiveness on psoriasis. This treatment, today called the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, is today a Medical Device with proven effectiveness.

Author Sylvie Méliet

Natural psoriasis care

To help treat psoriasis and its symptoms naturally, Pso Natura treatments are probably the best choice. Beyond the presence of natural ingredients recognized for their virtues on psoriasis, these plant treatments have proven effectiveness through clinical studies. Our treatments are formulated with Carapa procera oil, exclusive to our laboratories. For 15 years, nearly 40.000 customers have trusted and remained loyal to us.

Psoriasis, an effective treatment to help eliminate it

The Pso Natura Regenerative Complex poster 94% effective on psoriasis according to clinical studies independently carried out. The traces disappear in one month on average. Finding truly healthy skin becomes possible. This treatment is the only 100% natural treatment recognized as Medical Device.

Deep hydration cream

Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream completes the action of the Complex by nourishing the skin and helping to smooth it. Its emollient effect on keratinocytes, these excess skin flakes. Ultra-oily in its formulation, it nevertheless leaves the skin satin-smooth, without sticking.

Treat scales and redness
of the scalp

For scalp psoriasis, Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo helps to soothe itching and cleanse scales and plaques on the scalp, gently, while respecting the hair.


Treating psoriasis with food supplements

We also act on the causes of psoriasis, thanks to the internal treatment of digestive weaknesses and stress thanks to Detox and Zen capsules. Pso Natura treatments are a natural alternative with proven results for the treatment of psoriasis, which is why they are particularly interesting.


Redness, itchy scales

Many dermatological problems do not fall under psoriasis, but have similar symptoms, such as eczema. Certain forms of eczema and atopic dermatitis are linked to allergies, so they are curable if these allergies are diagnosed and treated. The role of our treatments is simply to help remove traces and marks on the skin.

Natural skin care

With care Pso Natura and Akno Natura, you will choose natural treatments: without addictive effects, without side effects, easy and quick to apply. The Pso Natura Complex presents results comparable to those of corticosteroid treatments. He is finally herenatural alternative to chemical treatments.

Imperfections, small pimples

Our Akno Natura treatment is aimed at reactive skin that develops imperfections and redness. Used as a treatment, it helps restore healthy skin and helps prevent the appearance of new small pimples when used for maintenance. A natural and healthy solution against imperfections.

A requirement for transparency

Our Laboratories wish to have a clear and unambiguous message: our objective is to offer plant care, effective over time. Psoriasis is linked to genetic predispositions (read our psoriasis info section), and to a level of stress which activates flare-ups. Digestive weakness can also lead to certain skin disorders. Science today does not allow modification of the genome. This explains why psoriasis does not find a definitive curative solution.


You can also consult the site carapaprocera.com to find out more about the oil at the heart of our formula