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5 anti-acne creams with natural active ingredients

Natural cream for acne


Understanding your skin to treat it effectively

Acne pimples and blemishes & anti-acne cream

Acne-prone skin is characterized by oily, thick skin with irregular texture, enlarged pores and imperfections. The real cause of acne is the hyper-production of sebum, which blocks the pores of the skin and then causes pimples.

Sebum is a fatty film secreted by the sebaceous glands called hydrolipidic film. It maintains skin hydration. In addition, it gives it flexibility and helps protect it. Sebum is therefore essential for the health and beauty of your skin, but be careful of excess sebum! See our acne advice.

Often, to get rid of this seborrhea, there is a strong temptation to want to strip your skin with products that are too aggressive. But this is only counterproductive. When attacked, your skin will defend itself by producing more sebum! Therefore, it is important to use well-suited products. They will be able to regulate sebum production while providing moisturizing care to your skin (see homemade anti-acne masks).


How to choose your cream among all the anti-acne creams?

Certainly, there are a multitude of mattifying creams but some are absolutely not indicated. Due to their composition and/or functioning, they fight against excess sebum, but by drying out your skin.


Anti-acne creams: watch out for components that dry out the skin!

Some mattifying creams use sulfated hyper-degreasing agents or even alcohol. Certainly, these components help eliminate sebum, but they also dry out the skin (see the 6 misconceptions about acne). In addition to being dehydrated, the skin is deprived of sebum, its natural defense against external aggressions. In principle, the skin will then produce large quantities of sebum to defend itself.

Alcohols are classified into several categories. On the one hand, the good alcohols, the fatty alcohols which will contribute to hydration. On the other hand, bad alcohols which will dry out the skin. In fact, this is the case for denatured alcohol found under the names “alcohol denat” or “alcohol” in INCI formulations.


Limit sebum production VS prevent sebum from coming out

In this regard, many mattifying creams fight against sebum but do not regulate its production. They deposit a waterproof film on the skin, based on mineral oils and waxes derived from petroleum or silicones. As a result, the skin no longer shines but it no longer breathes. And this is how pimples and imperfections appear. This is the very definition of ingredients comedogenic. In addition to being harmful to your skin, these components pollute the environment.

Therefore, a good mattifying cream should regulate the production of sebum, and not prevent it from coming out. Its role is to purify your skin and above all to provide hydration to your skin.


5 mattifying anti-acne creams with natural active ingredients

Our Laboratories are convinced that we can find answers to skin problems in nature. Natural and herbal treatments can provide effective and gentle solutions. Here is our selection of anti-acne mattifying creams with natural active ingredients. Objective: fight effectively against shine and imperfections.


Pure purifying mattifying anti-acne cream – Jonzac

Jonzac anti-acne creamJonzac offers a range of certified organic hypoallergenic care and hygiene products formulated with Jonzac thermal water for all skin types. Jonzac Thermal Water has the particularity of being isotonic, its richness in minerals has a natural affinity with the skin cells.

Pure mattifying purifying cream regulates sebum production thanks to zinc salts. The absorption of excess sebum takes place thanks to talc powders and silica. (See as well the benefits of rice powder for the skin).

Jonzac Thermal Water, anti-inflammatory, will lastingly soothe the skin while hydrating it.

Contrary to what one might think, in case of acne it is important to moisturize your skin (see the 10 commandments of acne). Natural hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin. Witch hazel floral water has astringent, purifying, calming and toning properties. Thus, it helps to tighten pores and purify the skin. The cream is applied morning and evening. Read our section Acne questions.

50ml format €16,20


Yves Rocher anti-acne cream

Yves Rocher anti-acne creamYves Rocher is the general public reference in plant-based cosmetics, with natural care, 100% vegetarian and 88% vegan, at affordable prices. (see vegan cosmetics). The brand has several product ranges to meet the needs of all skin types.

The Stop Imperfections Treatment 4 in 1 (2) is part of the complete Pure Système range. So, for acne-prone skin, there is a clarifying lotion, a scrubbing mask, a 2-in-1 cleanser and a pimple SOS. The Stop Imperfections 4 in 1 treatment can be applied as a day and night cream.

The active plant ingredient highlighted by the brand is organic Aloe vera puple. The latter has restorative properties. Its 4 in 1 action helps reduce pimples and blackheads. In addition, it helps to refine the skin's texture, to mattify for 8 hours and to fade the residual marks of imperfections.

40ml format €12,50


Boréade M mattifying sebum-regulating treatment – ​​Noviderm

Boréade Noviderm anti-acne mattifying cream offers dermo-cosmetic solutions for problem skin. Its proven effectiveness is a miracle of nature. Respect for people and the environment is at the heart of the brand's concerns. Noviderm. Because the latter strives to minimize its environmental impact, for example by using cases made from cardboard from sustainably managed forests. In addition, plastic tubes are partially recyclable.

Boréade M sebum-regulating treatment mattifies and hydrates the skin. It tightens pores and purifies the skin. In addition, it prevents the appearance of imperfections, while quickly soothing feelings of discomfort. The treatment is made up of 93% ingredients of natural origin. Quinoa peptides are the active ingredients highlighted in all of the brand's treatments.

The formula of this Boréade M cream is without alcohol (ethanol), essential oil, silicone, phthalate, paraben or phenoxyethanol. It can be applied morning and evening, and it makes an excellent makeup base. Contrary to popular belief about acne, makeup does not make acne worse. However, it is advisable to choose treatments whose composition is not comedogenic.

40ml format €13,60


Nectar Pur organic mattifying fluid – Melvita

Melvita is a French brand of natural and organic cosmetics. The brand offers quality care formulated without synthetic ingredients. Honey is the natural active ingredient at the heart of the brand's treatments. In fact, the latter is the fruit of the creation of a beekeeper and biologist (“Mel” for honey and “vita” for life in Latin).

Melvita is concerned about its impact on the environment (see article vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian diets), it has a certified eco-responsible factory and carries out several actions.

The Nectar Pur organic mattifying fluid (5) has a light texture. Thus, it instantly provides hydration, while mattifying the skin for 8 hours. On the one hand, the skin is mattified and purified thanks to birch sap extracts. On the other hand, peppermint essential oil, with rebalancing properties, zinc and wasabi extract will cleanse the skin. In addition, it generates a sebo-regulatory action.

Under these conditions, from the first applications, the skin appears cleansed and visibly clearer. This cream, certified organic by Ecocert, is made from ingredients 100% of natural origin, including 10% from Organic Farming.

40ml format €21,90


Check Matte mattifying treatment – ​​oOlution

Oolution is a brand of natural organic cosmetics with tailor-made and multi-action effectiveness. In fact, very rich in different and complementary active ingredients, oOlution treatments meet all the skin's needs. The brand is very demanding regarding the composition of these products, with 100% organic active ingredients, all of natural origin.

Thus the Check Matte treatment (1) is a multi-function treatment which contains more than 65 organic plant active ingredients and organic essential oils with purifying, regulating and moisturizing properties. This treatment has a sebo-regulating action, thanks to jojoba oil, the aqueous extract of Yarrow, Nasturtium, Epilobe or even Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

It also prevents the appearance of pimples and blackheads, as well as scars. Witch Hazel extract and Glycerin, with astringent and soothing properties, smooth and refine the skin's texture. Also think about benefits of tea for the skin.

30ml format €34 – 15ml format €19


Effective natural treatment against acne


Akno Natura Regulatory Complex

Akno Natura natural anti-acne treatment

To effectively treat your acne, discover our treatment Akno Natura Regulatory Complex. A 100% natural treatment, whose active ingredients come directly from Carapa Procera oil.

An oil perfectly suited for skin problems such as acne thanks to its regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


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