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Psoriasis from A to Z

Psoriasis is a very widespread chronic skin disease: it affects more than 2 million people in France. And paradoxically, psoriasis remains a little-known or at least vaguely known disease. As part of our section onpsoriasis information, we decided to address the different types of psoriasis, but also the areas of location as well as existing treatments. To have an appropriate and effective reaction, we consider it fundamental to understand the type of manifestation.

This chronic skin disease involves a disruption of the immune system. Our bodies overproduce skin cells, which results in skin lesions. Psoriasis manifests itself with redness, itching and scales. Scales are thin pieces of skin that come off.

The causes of psoriasis are quite varied and are not yet 100% understood by science. We can cite different factors such as genetic, immune or environmental factors. Several studies by researchers point out that stress and diet are often causes of psoriasis.


Psoriasis from A to Z

Here is the psoriasis bible, with each letter its definition.


Letter AA like…Psoriatic arthritis

Little known but not that rare, psoriatic arthritis affects men and women aged 20 to 50. This is a type of inflammatory arthritis, that is to say an acute inflammation of the joints accompanied by psoriasis plaques. Subjects feel joint stiffness and psoriasis plaques are located in these areas. This form of psoriasis is often accompanied by a feeling of fatigue linked to a reaction of the immune system against the joints, tendons and ligaments.


Letter BB for…Organic: does living organic relieve psoriasis?

We invite you to discover our article on the benefits of organic consumption when suffering from psoriasis: Living 100% organic to relieve psoriasis? A real question indeed arises, because if we know that psoriasis outbreaks can also be linked to digestive problems, it seems logical to question our diet. Consuming foods without pesticides and whose properties have not been modified can have a real impact on bloating and stomach pain...


Letter CC like… Hair, skull: scalp psoriasis

It happens that psoriasis develops only on the hairy part of the head, at any age. Scalp psoriasis does not spare one sex more than the other. The scalp becomes covered in dry scales and itches. By scratching, small lesions occur and the effect of small dandruff on clothing is to be feared. Psoriasis is generally limited to the scalp, but it can also happen that it extends to the nape of the neck, behind the ears or along the edge of the forehead.


D is for… Drugs and psoriasis

Have you read our article on cannabis and psoriasis ? Far from commenting on the legalization debate, we believe that it is important, even essential in cases of psoriasis, to learn to relax and get away from stress.


E for… Erythrodermic psoriasis

What definition for erythrodermic psoriasis ? It is a fairly dangerous form of psoriasis that can affect 90% of the body's surface. In this case we speak of generalized psoriasis. This manifestation of psoriasis is accompanied by fever and chills. The body is covered with patches of scale and raw redness. Hospitalization is necessary to relieve the body of emergency.


F for… Bangs, when psoriasis invades the underside of your bangs

Scalp psoriasis affects the hair but can also affect the surrounding skin. The back of the ears, the back of the neck, the temples, but especially the top of the forehead. For people who have bangs and suffer from hair psoriasis, scales may appear under the bangs. This part of the forehead with little ventilation and under the hair is easily subject to psoriasis.

To treat this area, use the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex and after rinsing, let your forehead air for a few minutes. At the same time, we recommend the use of Dermato Pso Natura Shampoo to treat plaques on the scalp.


G for…guttate psoriasis

Its name is the definition of this form of psoriasis; Guttate psoriasis appears as small lesions that look like drops. Adolescents and young adults are most affected. Psoriasis drops are usually targeted to the trunk of the body. These lesions are very inflammatory and can be itchy. It is really recommended to consult a specialist urgently. This form of psoriasis mainly affects children and young adults.


H like… Carapa procera oil

The Carapa procera is a species of tropical tree that exists only in preserved natural forests, that is to say in the wild. A rare species, its density rarely exceeds a few trees per hectare and is limited to a few extremely remote regions of West Africa. This vegetable oil, extracted from the nuts contained in the fruits of Carapa procera, has therapeutic properties identified by ethno-pharmaceutical research: restructuring of the epidermis, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing among others. Carapa procera oil is renowned for its restorative action on dry skin and skin lesions.

The effectiveness of LM Natura natural treatments is linked to the very high concentration of wild Carapa procera oil. We extract our oil from fresh wild fruits rigorously selected at the very place of harvest, which allows us to obtain complete products, not degraded by chemical substances or by transport conditions and times.


I like… reverse psoriasis

Inverted or psoriasis of the folds. The definition of this psoriasis concerns all the folds of the body. This time, the plaques are not scaly but smooth and are very inflammatory. The absence of scales is linked to the humidity of these areas, the folds being constantly in friction movement.

Here are the areas affected: the armpits, the navel, the anus, the hollows of the elbows and knees, etc. It is advisable to consult a specialist because reverse psoriasis can be confused with a mycosis. It is important that you adopt a healthy lifestyle alongside the treatment of reverse psoriasis in order to limit its spread: reduce excess weight, reduce alcohol consumption, try relaxation exercises, etc.


Letter J

I like… World Psoriasis Day

When World Psoriasis Day, a lot of'informations are given on these different types of psoriasis. This day raises awareness about the fact that psoriasis is not contagious and breaks down prejudices. There are still too many misconceptions about psoriasis.


K for… Kilos, weight gain and psoriasis

It is very important to monitor your weight and diet when you have psoriasis. Furthermore, it has been recognized that what we eat has a direct impact on psoriasis flare-ups. However, according to France Psoriasis, it is difficult to know whether obesity or weight gain is a risk factor for developing psoriasis or if it is in fact a consequence of the disease. It is certain that if you suffer from psoriasis, you should try a dietary rebalancing to see if the flare-ups are related to diet.


Letter LL for… Weariness of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that leaves people who suffer from it very little relief. Very quickly, tired of not being able to get rid of the itching, the subjects become depressed and despair a little. All these symptoms should also be mentioned in the definition of psoriasis. Please note that our founder tested treatments for around thirty years before finally discovering the treatment that would relieve her. Don't lose hope and discover our natural treatments. These will relieve you of itching, redness and scales.


Letter MM for… Hands, feet: palmar-plantar psoriasis

This time, hands and feet are affected by this type of psoriasis. Fingers or toes can be affected, but it is mainly the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet that suffer. Indeed, the extremities of the body are constantly in action, this form of psoriasis can be very debilitating and painful. The lesions are dry, itchy and have a pustular appearance.

You must be very careful about contact that your hands or feet may have with detergents or water that is too hot.


Letter NN like… Naturopathy

On this subject, we recommend our article on naturopathy and psoriasis. Naturopathy is a set of treatments aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by means considered natural and/or biological. The definition of naturopathy agrees with our vision of the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis. In France and around the world, naturopathy is gaining more and more momentum, we invite you to discover this art which supports the vital force of the body.


NGO Gnon KanyLetter OO like… NGO Gnon Kany

During her various trips to Guinea, in the village where we harvest Carapa procera, Sylvie Méliet decided to create an NGO. This was named Gnon Kany, which means “let us love each other” by the village Imam. This NGO acts on three levels: making the Carapa Procera known and protecting it; the current project of planting the first eco-forest of Carapa procera and the economic support of the women of the village. For these purposes, for each purchase of one of our treatments, 1 euro is donated to the NGO Gnon Kany.


P is for… Plaque: plaque psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis is the most common manifestation of psoriasis: it represents around 80% of cases! The definition of this type of psoriasis is in its name, it manifests itself in the form of plaques. We find this psoriasis mainly in the areas of friction: elbows, knees, legs, the belt area (lower back and lower stomach)... But also all the places where our clothes rub such as the location of the support. throat, neck with a piece of jewelry, ankles and socks too tight...

This type of psoriasis is characterized by red patches, scales and itching. Note, however, that a spare part of the patients does not suffer from itching. For others, it is both the plaques that itch but also their contours. In certain cases, plaque psoriasis can be diagnosed as severe: it is the size of the plaques and their spread that allows us to judge the severity of the case.


Q for… Questions

We are experts in psoriasis and skin problems. You can contact us on our telephone line for information or by email.

Phone: +



LetterR for… Rebound psoriasis, what to do?

If you cannot make your psoriasis disappear forever, you can definitely limit symptoms. After a natural treatment with the Pso Natura Regenerating Complex, you have noticed that your skin is better. The psoriasis has been cleared and your skin breathes again. However, you should not stop moisturizing the skin.

However, it is possible that during a period of anxiety, your psoriasis will begin to resurface. Don't panic, it's happening! Immediately treat areas where psoriasis resurfaces with Pso Natura Regenerative Complex twice a day for a few days to stop progression and treat it.


S for… Pso Natura Dermatological ShampooPso Natura psoriasis shampoo

Le Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo immediately soothes itchy scalp. The scales gradually disappear. Allow around 15 days of daily application on average, depending on the condition of the scalp. Pso Natura shampoo is very concentrated in active ingredients since it does not contain water (compared to 80-90% in general).

The essential oils bring softness and shine to the hair. All our skin care products are based on Carapa procera, this rare and wild tree essence, never before used in cosmetics.


Letter TT is for… natural treatments for psoriasis

LM Natura natural treatments provide a gentle and effective response to all types of psoriasis. It is Carapa procera oil, present in our treatments and our exclusivity, which relieves itching and makes the marks disappear.

The Pso Natura Regenerative Complex
This is our essential treatment to eliminate marks on the body. It gently exfoliates scales, cleanses the skin and lastingly reduces patches and drops. The complex is 100% plant-based and poses no risk to the skin. It is a quick and easy to use treatment.

It is used as a treatment initially, 1 to 2 times a day for a month; then 2 to 3 times a week for maintenance, as soon as the skin is sustainably healthy. The Regenerative Complex comes in the form of a paste and comes with a vegetable fiber sponge (loofah). Simply lather the paste with the loofah and massage the traces for a few seconds, then rinse.

The Rich Restructuring Cream
It completes the action of the Regenerating Complex by providing the skin with very rich hydration, while leaving it satiny and non-greasy. This treatment helps to soothe itching thanks to its high percentage of Carapa procera oil. Furthermore, it is a cream both hydrating and nourishing.

Detox and Zen capsules
Detox and Zen capsules are a real complement of care, to provide an answer to psoriasis problems from the inside. These “2 in 1” vegetable capsules include blackcurrant, turmeric and artichoke in particular, to detoxify the digestive system; as well as lavender, linden, escholtzia and lemon balm to soothe the senses and better combat stress, a particularly aggravating factor in psoriasis.


U like… Ungueal or nail psoriasis

It is true that nails can be affected by psoriasis at any age. Among people affected by psoriasis, between 35 and 50% are affected by nail psoriasis. It can appear directly on the nail: the nail changes color a little towards orange, can even go so far as to peel off or even thicken. The nail is streaked and dry. Nail psoriasis can also affect the contour of the nail where we observe lesions and small plaques.


Letter VV like… Face

V for psoriasis Face

By definition, psoriasis can directly affect areas of your face such as the nose, eyebrows, eyelids or even the inside of the ears. This location is rare, psoriasis generally occurs on the body or scalp. The definition of the symptoms of this psoriasis consists of very red patches with small scales. People affected by psoriasis outbreaks on the face are often very disabled by the plaques.

We want to hide psoriasis on the face but it is generally recommended to let it air out. On the other hand, try the Pso Natura natural treatment which is perfectly adapted to the face thanks to its small loofah sponge.

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