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The 10 commandments for acne

10 rules to avoid acne


You have surely read the advice, diagnoses of dermatologists, and other articles and opinions of all kinds on acne. However, we sometimes miss essential skincare steps. We have written for you the 10 commandments/advice for skin suffering from acne. Also see our advices.



Don't touch your acne spots

Who has never been tempted to pick or pop the big white pimple (which almost makes us cross-eyed) on the tip of our nose? Strength, courage and patience must then be there. You must resist temptation! We can't repeat it enough. You should never touch, scratch or pierce your pimples!

Bacteria love to live under the underside of our nails. By piercing your pimples you will bring many bacteria to your face. They will develop and in turn give rise to many other pimples. The consequences can then be disastrous for your skin. Especially since the scars are sometimes irreversible...

Does an abominable pimple bother you? To the point of still wanting to pierce it? Some hygiene rules should be followed. Here are some tips for managing the appearance of an acne pimple:

– Evaluate the right moment. A pimple should only be squeezed when it is ripe enough to avoid scarring. It is recognizable by its white head. Before pressing on the pimple, massage around it, towards the tip of the pimple. Then squeeze lightly on each side of the pimple so as to let as much pus flow as possible.

– Wash your hands thoroughly and use a nail brush; It is under the nails that bacteria most often hide. You may even consider wearing soft, single-use gloves.

– Disinfect your skin with a gentle treatment.


Clean your face well to limit imperfections

Microbes, pollution, humidity are all factors that attack our skin throughout the day. These external aggressions deposit a film of dirt which clogs the pores and is the cause of the appearance of pimples, blackheads and imperfections. For this reason, it is essential to adopt a beauty routine with impeccable cleansing.

The Akno Natura Regulatory Complex is a natural treatment that combines all the conditions for good cleansing: it is both a make-up remover (be careful not to apply it to the eyes), a cleanser and an exfoliator. It thus promotes the elimination of dead cells and excess sebum which clog pores and are the cause of skin problems. Our complex thus constitutes the essential ally for acne-prone skin. In important acne tips, don't forget to do regular homemade anti-acne masks to get rid of impurities and deeply cleanse your face.


Moisturize your acne-prone skin

Moisturizing oily and acne-prone skin is very important. This is one of our most important acne tips. We tend to believe, wrongly, that we need to dry our skin to reduce excess sebum and spots (1).

However, the more we dry out the skin (due to lack of hydration or because of harsh ingredients), the more the protective hydrolipidic film that covers it is destroyed. The epidermis is then attacked and, to defend itself, will overproduce sebum which causes the appearance of acne spots and imperfections.

Also remember to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Tea for example also has unsuspected benefits against skin problems such as acne.


Choosing the right makeup for acne

Special acne makeupFoundations, powders, concealers, concealers and other cosmetic products often tend to suffocate our skin by blocking pores and thus preventing it from breathing. To protect itself against these attacks, the skin will secrete excess sebum leading to the appearance of spots and imperfections.

The ideal would obviously be to avoid applying this type of product to your skin. But we are more or less all the same and we insist on hiding our pimples and scars under a ton of makeup. If the use of cosmetics is necessary, opt for light makeup. Also make sure that the products you use are “non-comedogenic” (will not clog pores). We also invite you to discover the vegan cosmetics.

Here are our tips and tricks to avoid worsening the condition of your skin when you use makeup: focus on the composition of these products (often questionable) and take the time to detail the list of ingredients.

Prefer a concealer applied locally to the spot rather than foundation all over your face. Choose a mineral powder that will let the skin breathe while hiding small imperfections. If foundation is really essential, choose at least a BB, CC or DD cream. They often combine hydration, protection, healthy glow and complexion corrector.


Protect yourself from the sun to fight against pimples

Sun, be careful against pimplesThe benefits linked to exposure to the sun are numerous: vitamin intake impacts our joy of life, our tone and the beauty of our skin. But be careful, the sun also diffuses a multitude of other elements such as UV rays. In the long term and without protection, they are harmful to the health and appearance of the skin.

If at first glance it seems to have a beneficial effect on your acne, under the rays, the skin thickens which tends to clog the pores, thus promoting the appearance of acne spots.

Adopt a moisturizer with a protective index and reinforce with sunscreen for prolonged exposure to the sun. See our article 6 misconceptions about acne.


Opt for natural to avoid skin reactions

natural solutions for acneWhether for makeup or care in your beauty routine, ensure a natural composition that respects your skin and your health. Avoid ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors, ingredients that are too aggressive and ingredients that, in most people, cause unwanted reactions.

To ban from the list of ingredients in your beauty products: parabens, silicones, denatured alcohol, synthetic perfumes, EDTA, PEG, SLS (2). To have the best products, opt for natural and vegan care, such as the Akno Natura line. See our article on the benefits of rice powder on the skin.


Adopt a healthy diet to detoxify the body

We are what we eat, both in terms of our state of mind and the beauty of our skin. Fast food, industrial products, often unbalanced, generate vitamin and trace element deficiencies every day. The saying is well known: don't eat too fatty, too sweet, too salty! Toxins accumulate, disrupt the body and cause skin disorders.

We advise you to favor a balanced and healthy diet by consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits (see our article on veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism) and by limiting intake of sugars and dairy products. Why not adopt organic? You might as well avoid ingesting pesticides.


Do sports to relieve stress

acne, sport to relieve stressStress, fatigue, nerves, all these factors come into play in the deterioration of the condition of our skin. So remember to release all these tensions by practicing a sporting activity. Sport frees your mind and all the little unwanted toxins through sweating. Find the sport that suits you best to prevent this activity from becoming a chore. Favor sport in a natural environment and thus avoid Pollution, harmful to the beauty of the skin.



Have a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle for acneAmong our tips against acne, this one should not be taken lightly. Ventilating the house or washing your sheets more often may seem trivial, but these actions will help prevent bacteria. Particularly for acne, pillowcases should be changed regularly, since your skin is in direct and prolonged contact with them during the night.

For cleaning and maintaining the house, choose natural products such as white vinegar and baking soda which are multi-purpose or ecological industrial products. Also think about your sleep, the skin also rests, regains strength and regenerates.


Conclusion on our 10 acne tips

Unfortunately, if these basic rules are not enough, the dermatologist and treatment box may be necessary. He will establish a diagnosis of your skin, to propose a treatment to help you remove these unsightly spots. Make sure you find a dermatologist who is open to alternative methods and natural treatments and therefore without addictive effects and without side effects. To find out more about the Akno Natura line or about acne, find our page Acne questions.



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