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Adult acne: causes and solutions

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First of all, adolescents are not the only ones affected byacne ! More than 40% of women over 25 have acne, at a more or less severe stage (1). Hormones are responsible for acne in adulthood, but not only that. Genetics, environment, tobacco, stress, too rich a diet and cosmetic products can be the causes.

Adolescence is far behind you but you suffer from acne? Understand the causes behind your pimples and discover effective solutions and natural treatments to say goodbye to acne pimples.


Forms and causes of adult acne

Adult acne is divided into several subcategories. Although the manifestations are often the same (pimples, redness, cysts…), the causes are very different. We distinguish in particular contact acne, back acne, pregnancy acne, rosacea acne, facial acne.

In the first place, contact acne is a defensive reaction of the skin following an attack. The latter comes from contact with either an unsuitable product or friction. This form of acne can appear if you come into contact with an irritating substance.

During pregnancy, acne is linked to the hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy. This imbalance occurs most of the time during pregnancy ou after childbirth.

THEacne rosacea involves a vascular component. The latter adds to the inflammation. Thus, it creates large redness (2). Some pimples are also the result of a poor diet or an upset digestive system.


Acne, difficult to live with as an adult

adult acne in womenIn fact, this skin disease that is exclusively attributed to pre-teens and adolescents is much more persistent and often affects adults. It is already difficult to live with during adolescence. As an adult, it becomes even more of a source of complexes. Acne is associated with young age. However, it can discredit an adult in their work and their intimate life. More broadly, the impact of acne affects daily life.

Physical criteria are particularly important in our society. Thus, perfect skin will be favored over spotty skin at the expense of skills. In fact, voices are being raised against this discrimination. They can be found on social media using the hashtags #AcnePositivity and #SkinPositivity. Furthermore, to denounce the dictates of perfect beauty standards, influencers show themselves naturally. This is the case of the @izzierodgers influence for example.

Women more affected by adult acne

Hormones are responsible for this discrimination! They are responsible for acne in adolescents. Boys are more affected than girls. In fact, the hormonal change is more important for them. When they reach adulthood, men experience a certain hormonal stability. On the other hand, women are victims of hormonal instability due to periods and pregnancies.

This is why women can have acne in adulthood when they did not have it before. They can have them until old age.

The amount of hormones in a woman is not the same throughout the month. It is determined by the menstrual cycle. In general, women see pimples appear on their face and upper body at the same period of their cycle.


Location of adult acne in men

Men, however, are not completely spared from adult acne. It is mainly the back area that will be subject to the development of pimples. We then speak of back acne.

Hormones are not the only cause of acne. Certain factors amplify the appearance of pimples.


Anti-acne pimple beauty hygiene

adult acne hygiene beautyChoosing beauty products against acne

To avoid getting worse or creating an acne condition, it is better to choose skin care products that are perfectly suitable. First criterion, your beauty products must have a non-comedogenic composition. This way, the treatments do not clog the pores and let the skin breathe. For this, vigilance is required, consulting the list of ingredients is essential.

A beauty routine for clean skin

Whether skin is oily, dry or combination, it needs an impeccable beauty routine. Indeed, certain steps must be followed. The 3 essential steps are makeup removal, cleansing, hydration. To this you can add one mask and one exfoliation per week as well as a toner or floral water after cleansing. Concerning cleaning your skin, think about High-Tech cleaning.

Oily and/or acne-prone skin also needs this routine. There is a misconception that it does not need hydration. In addition, there is the false idea that oily skin needs a thorough cleansing. It's quite the opposite! Due to a lack of hydration and too much cleaning, the skin will feel attacked. It will then produce more sebum in defense.

It seems that if the skin is devoid of sebum, microbes and other bacteria can more easily nest. They get stuck in the pores. This is when the pimples appear. Sebum is important, it contributes to the good constitution of the hydrolipidic film on the surface of our skin. In fact, it has a protective role. It serves as a natural barrier to invisible external aggressions. Let us cite here pollution, makeup and even bacteria.


After cleansing, hydration suitable for acne

You should adapt your skincare routine to your skin type. Dry skin will need to be deeply nourished. On the other hand, oily skin will require lighter hydration. Consequently, whatever the skin, avoid scrubs with large grains which tend to attack the epidermis. Prefer micro grains or vegetable sponges.


A diet adapted to skin problems

What foods to eliminate or keep?

Indeed, for adults more prone to pimple problems, it will certainly be necessary to adapt their diet. And this to find healthier skin. Certain foods are known to cause acne breakouts or, conversely, to cleanse the skin, such as miel (3). However, these statements should be taken with caution, there is no scientific proof and there is no universal rule, each human being is different.

Among the ingredients considered to promote acne, we regularly find milk, sugar, fat, beer or even slow sugars. Some people will not react at all to these substances, while others will only have to eat a cake or drink a beer to see the first pimples appear.

To avoid cutting out all the foods described as promoting acne, do some testing. Arm yourself with a notebook, for one week, consume the contraindicated food every day and for another week, exclude it completely from your diet. Note the differences. During this test, the ideal is to also ban other criticized foods so that they do not interfere with the results.

Avoid industrial products responsible for pimples

acne and sweets, a combination not recommendedIt's simple, it's practical, industrial products save us time and change our lives. However, these products, whether prepared meals, cakes and other delicacies, contain additives that are sometimes harmful to health.

Preservatives, thickeners, colorings, flavor enhancers, constitute a chemical cocktail which can be poorly tolerated by the body. They can in turn cause cancer in severe cases. And a return of acne in more moderate cases (one example of several existing side effects).


Vegetable oils, a subject of attention for adult acne

Also involved in allergic and/or acne reactions is the type and quality of the basic products used. Palm oil, for example, in addition to being an ecological disaster, is an oil that the body would do well without. Easily cultivated, manufacturers greatly appreciate it. Because it is one of the cheapest oils on the market.
However, it provides nothing in terms of nutritional qualities and has no health benefits, in fact the opposite. It is an oil rich in saturated fatty acids, a cardiovascular risk factor. But also a factor of congestion in the body and acne-prone skin.


Drink water for beautiful skin

for acne drink waterOur body constantly needs water. This allows organs to function well and skin cells to renew themselves better. Water helps drain and eliminate the overload of toxins responsible for breakouts and a dull complexion.

In this regard, we recommend drinking at least 1,5 liters of water per day and more during the summer. This water can be enriched with plants such as basil, fruits or vegetables to intensify its detoxifying action.


Treating adult acne with natural treatments

Le Akno Natura Regulatory Complex is a 100% natural treatment whose active ingredients come directly from Carapa procera oil. Its properties regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial make it an oil perfectly suited for skin problems like acne. The skin is free of imperfections, sebum production is balanced and the face is brighter.



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