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For acne, basil and its benefits

basil and its benefits on acne


Acne is a very common reason for consultation. It affects nearly 70% of adolescents. But acne also affects many adults. This skin disease is characterized by the rash of red pimples, blackheads and cysts. acne rosacea is a recurring skin problem especially in adults. In general, acne most often affects the face. However, it can also be located on the thorax, back, torso or even on the scalp.


Basil: a royal herb with multiple virtues

The Latin name “basilicum” is based on ancient Greek. It meant “royal”. Basil is a so-called herbaceous therophyte plant. It comes from the Lamiaceae family. There are around fifty varieties which can be distinguished by their size in particular (between 20 and 40 cm). In addition, the differentiation takes place by its color, its leaves, its taste or even its origin. We find it mainly in South Asia or Central Africa. The basil we know in Europe was imported more than 4000 years ago from Egypt to Rome.

This plant has gone through many histories and religions. It is said, for example, that basil grew around the tomb of Christ. Or that it was cut with golden scissors only by the sovereign, so as not to modify its scent. In certain regions of Africa, basil even has the power to ward off bad luck. The list is long. Each variety has particular properties against skin problems. As a result, each subspecies of basil has its own uses.


Acne and basil against the causes of imperfections

Basil, we know it above all in our country for its use in cooking, it's a delight! But it also has multiple virtues against skin problems such as acne.


The virtues of basil against stress

Basil acts on the causes of acneAcne spots and blemishes can sometimes be linked to stress and certain states of anxiety. In infusion, basil has soothing properties acting mainly on the nervous system.

One or two drops of tropical basil essential oil (Ocimum Basilicum) mixed with a vegetable oil massaged on the solar plexus would help soothe stress and states of anxiety (1). Be careful though, essential oils must be used with caution. In fact, these are composed of active ingredients which increase their therapeutic force. Always perform a test on the crook of the arm or behind the ear to limit the risk of an allergic reaction. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, essential oils can also help fight against imperfections.

Skin problems such as acne can also impact self-confidence. Diffusing or inhaling holy basil essential oil will allow you to reduce tension and regain self-confidence. Holy basil is also the flagship plant in Ayurvedic medicine to help fight stress. This plant is also known for its purifying action, directly helping to fight against blemishes and acne spots (2). Just like basil, honey is an effective nutraceutical against acne.


Soothe digestive problems

A rapid and unbalanced diet promotes an accumulation of toxins which disrupt the body and lead to skin disorders.

Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, basil, if consumed regularly and in sufficient quantity, would have the ability to reduce digestive problems and is known for its anti-spasmodic properties: cramps, constipation or the feeling of being bloated are attenuated.

Basil also facilitates the digestion of fats, thanks to its cleansing action on the liver but also on the digestive system. To take full advantage of its benefits, infuse a few basil leaves in hot water, preferably consumed after a meal to help digestion. You can also mix a few drops of its essential oil with olive oil and a little honey and put the mixture on the tongue. Do not swallow immediately, leave for a few moments on the tongue.


Basil to combat visible imperfections

Rich in vitamins A and C, basil also contains magnesium and its contribution of beta carotene, even minimal, has an essential role for the beauty of the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, but also antioxidant properties, basil acts directly on blemishes and acne spots.

Excess sebum makes the skin oilier and is one of the causes of pimples. Basil will play the role of regulator and will clean and purify the pores.

• When cleansing: crush several basil leaves to release the oil and active ingredients, spread on the skin and leave for a few minutes. Remove with clean water using light circular movements to exfoliate. Also find our article on High-Tech skin cleansing.
• As a mask: add a tablespoon of organic yogurt to the previous mixture and leave for longer, around ¼ hour.
• As a lotion: for clogged pores, basil water could solve your problem: add two glasses of boiling water to around thirty crushed leaves. Once the water has cooled, filter and use a cotton ball to pass over previously cleansed skin.



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