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Acne, vegan diets, flexitarians

don't eat animals when you have acne


Characteristics of these lifestyles

Acne and diets: Vegan mode

This could be news acne tip...Veganism also called veganism, is a way of life. It consists of not consuming products of animal origin or products leading to animal exploitation. Do not consume “dead” animals, therefore no meat, no fish flesh. In addition, dairy products, eggs, etc. are banned. Being vegan also means not wearing fur or leather for shoes, bags or jackets.

In France, some mark the difference between veganism and veganism. Unlike a vegan person, a vegan could wear leather or fur. However, the term “vegan” comes from the word vegan in English. The difference therefore has no reason to exist.

Veganism mainly comes from an important and strong ethic. Not eating animals means not causing suffering to these living beings. This also means not exploiting them to consume what they produce. See it vegan cosmetics. Another argument is put forward by some. Non-vegan foods can cause skin problems, such as acne.


Acne and diets: the vegetarian way

Vegetarianism excludes the consumption of animal flesh, whether beef, poultry or other game and even fish. A vegetarian who eats fish would therefore not be a “real” vegetarian. On the other hand, the dairy products and skin treatment are accepted in this lifestyle.

Vegetarianism comes from the ethic of not eating animals. Some people have also adopted this diet for health reasons only. They consider meat to be harmful. See also our article take care of your figure while continuing to fight against acne.
Vegetarians are often fans of herbal teas and infusions. There are some that are particularly good for the skin. Discover one of our Sobacha recipes


Acne and diets: becoming a Flexitarian?

Flexitarianism, a new term in the family of dietary lifestyles, comes from the word “flexible”. A flexitarian person is not completely vegetarian. However, she considerably reduced her meat consumption. She can also alternate periods without/with meat. A flexitarian indulges in animal products from time to time for their nutritional values ​​and for taste pleasure.

Thus, flexitarianism is more nuanced than vegetarianism. The two major concerns of the flexitarian are, on the one hand, ethics and, on the other hand, health. We feel the flexitarian is concerned by the animal cause. However, he does not want to completely stop his meat consumption. On the way to a radical change of life or in disagreement with the overly radical side of veganism, there are multiple profiles.


Animal exploitation

Animal exploitation"Animals do not belong to us. We do not have the right to dispose of it, whether for our food, our clothing, our leisure activities or our scientific experiments.” PETA Association

Today, we exploit animals in various ways in order to satisfy ourselves, Man. Whether it is breeding for food, clothing, heating or testing various products.

It is true that humans have always eaten meat or fish, since the prehistoric era. However, small and even large nuances have developed over the centuries and the evolution of Man. During prehistoric times, humans hunted wild animals, sometimes risking their lives. Subsequently, he learned breeding. With modernization came abusive breeding.

Between 100 and 130 billion animals per year are raised and then killed to be eaten by humans (2). It's too much, we don't need consumption like this. In addition, the statistical data on waste in certain developed countries is food for thought. And all the more so if we consider the famine in poor countries. The level of pollution generated by this excessive meat consumption is also a cause for concern.


The vegan lifestyle excludes everything that comes from animals and not just meat. Thus, foods that are considered basic elements of food are not used. Goodbye eggs, butter, cream, milk. We must therefore reinvent our mothers' cooking. Make a cake without eggs and without butter. Know how to concoct a creamy sauce without cream or even a gratin without milk.


A healthy diet to detoxify the body

Coconut oil

The alternatives are numerous and varied, you just have to learn to work with them in a country like ours. France has a strong and proud gastronomic culture. However, it is evolving rapidly. Coconut oil, for example, is perfect for cooking. It can also replace butter in cakes.


Vegan mango butter

Here is a recipe that made our mouths water on Saveurs Végétales: mango butter for your toast in the morning! Our mango butter recipe: mix 200g of mango flesh, 100g of coconut oil, 1 level spoon of vanilla powder.

Unlike stereotypes, adopting a vegan diet is not necessarily the path to nutritional deficiencies. Obviously, if you stop all animal sources without compensating with other foods, you will have deficiencies. The right balance lies in the contribution of other foods and in the synergy between them. For example, to get a good dose of protein, respect the trio of vegetables, cereals and legumes in a dish. Be careful, however, not to fall into the danger of industrial food products causing many skin problems.


Animals at the service of fashion

use of animal leather in fashionCertain animals are a source of creation for designers. Thus, they are inspiring as much for their colors and patterns as for their leather. However, leather comes from animal exploitation.

The leather, just like thefurry, can reveal significant aberrations. Animals can be killed for more than just their meat. The animal can be raised for its skin (hide) or its fur only. Meat is not always exploited. For fur, the animal can experience excruciating suffering since it may be skinned alive. Thanks to this process, the fur would be of better quality because it is “fresher” and therefore more beautiful.

Alternatives to leather

However, alternative materials are easy to find for bags. Fabric is used a lot and some imitation leathers are well imitated.

For shoes, you have to find a replacement material that is aesthetically pleasing, robust and waterproof. There is! The proof with the designer Amélie Pichard (3). It makes shoes and bags in polyurethane, jeans or nylon. Vegetable leather also makes an appearance. The Pinatex brand and its pineapple leather are a good example. See the brand's Instagram.


Pso Natura and Akno Natura, environmentally friendly treatments

natural product for acne
Acne and pimples treatment

Many cosmetic tests are often carried out on animals. In addition, they can include animal substances in their composition, such as mink oil in nail products or lanolin which comes from sheep ooze and which serves as a fatty substance. Whale blubber has also long been used in lipsticks. We even find pork fat to lather certain soaps! Be careful when choosing your products to lean towards compositions non-comedogenic.

Nature offers enough resources to avoid using animals! In cosmetics everything can be replaced by natural ingredients. Fortunately, animals tend to disappear from our beauty bags.

Our treatments do not contain animal substances. They are also not tested on small animals. #crueltyfree. To learn more about the Akno Natura line or about acne, visit our page Acne questions. Also see our articles on homemade anti-acne masks. See also our selection of anti-acne moisturizers some of which are vegan.




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