Against acne, a great infusion!

sobacha infusion for acne

Infusions for acne

In order to fight against acne and to take care of your figure, today let's focus on the SOBACHA infusion.

Discovery of SOBACHA, a food against acne and hunger
Kezako? This is the Japanese word for roasted buckwheat seeds (soba) and infusion (Cha). It is therefore an infusion of roasted buckwheat seeds.

The drink generates a supply of antioxidants and helps regulate appetite; It is therefore entirely possible to fight acne by losing weight. A priori, sobacha is fashionable among stars across the Atlantic…

It would be rich in vitamins B and especially E (good for the skin, cell protection). Sobacha would act as an appetite suppressant during the day and help detoxify the body. This report is in the conditional because we have not tested it, and we are always a little wary of fashion effects. The strong argument for Sobacha being that stars use it in the United States, leaves us doubtful.


Recommendations from diet and acne experts

Diet has known effects on acne, as experts attest.
Valérie Orsoni, in her book “Bootcamp”, intended to get back in shape by detoxifying your body, recommends a large pot of tea per day. We also note that Sobacha would also have the virtue of activating blood circulation and would therefore be perfect for people suffering from heavy legs for example.

Also find our section on hydration in our article on 10 Acne Commandments.

Buckwheat also has the advantage of being gluten-free; it is recommended in particular in the very restrictive diet of Dr Seignalet. In short, this diet recommends consuming only unprocessed ingredients, ideally organic of course, and raw. Any prepared meal purchased vacuum-packed should be excluded. See our article on industrial food products responsible for acne as well as our article on vegan foods.

Find out more about questions about acne.


Overcome your acne by eating Sobacha

infusions for acne, sobacha seedsGood news about Sobacha: it seems that the taste is pleasant. Many people talk about a nutty taste. So much the better ! We readily admit to being cautious about the herbal teas sometimes recommended which certainly have virtues (see our article on the virtues of tea), but which require an enormous effort on oneself as they are bitter or have an unpleasant taste.

Some will be tempted to cut the infusion with milk, however be careful of the effects of milk on acne-prone skin. Overall, you will note that we always try to offer you palatable recipes in this blog and highlight, when necessary, the difficulty of obtaining certain ingredients or the expensiveness of some of them.

The price of Sobacha is quite high. You will find it mainly in organic stores, in bags or by weight.

Home preparation recipe: here

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