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The beautiful season is finally arriving after a long and cold winter. This winter your body has stored fats and toxins because, like everyone else, you indulged a little on chocolate and sweets. Result ? You feel tired, your complexion is dull and imperfections have surfaced on your face. Do not panic ! We have the solution to make you feel good again and find skin without blemishes or spots. First through food, then some advices additional.


Acne detox treatment: how to go about it?

There are several possibilities to drain your body and release toxins as part of the treatment of acne. We recommend rebalancing your diet and detoxifying the body using plants.


Some examples of plants to treat acne

Plants are very good allies for purifying the body in the treatment of acne.

Burdock, a depurative and anti-oxidant plant which stimulates the emunctory organs and prevents acne.
Stinging nettle, which is known for its draining action, is used to treat skin problems such as acne.
Vitamins B2, C and E: which allow you to have beautiful, luminous skin and fight against free radicals.
Zinc, not manufactured by the body, this nutrient is essential to limit the appearance of pimples and help the skin to heal. Zinc is an essential nutrient for treating acne-prone skin (1).

Together, this synergy of plants gently purifies the body without adverse effects.

Depurative plants such as burdock or stinging nettle can also be consumed as an infusion. Be careful, burdock used alone as an infusion can have a strong detoxifying power, sometimes even too strong which causes the opposite effect of the desired effect (pimple breakouts). Burdock is also considered a mild laxative so be gentle on its consumption... We advise you to opt for gentler plants if you wish to make infusions such as stinging nettle, blackcurrant leaf or wild pansies (2) .

For an effective treatment against acne, we recommend using a 100% natural local treatment such as Akno Natura Foaming Regulatory Complex which helps cleanse the skin and stimulate healing. You can also consult our questions about acne to find there advices and information on acne.


Acne detox treatment: adapt your diet to prevent imperfections

detox treatment for acneAccording to dermatologist Catherine McCuiag at Ste-Justine Hospital and Professor at the University of Montreal, there is more and more scientific evidence that diet plays a role in the appearance and development of acne (3).

Sugar remains our number one enemy when it comes to acne and it's hard to avoid. It is indeed very present in our western food (pastries, sweetened cereals, white bread, pasta, cakes, sweetened drinks). Why is sugar so bad for our skin? Because its consumption increases the production of insulin (hormone present in the body).

When insulin levels are high, the body reacts with a high production of sebum which will cause pimples or aggravate existing acne. However, we must put things into perspective, this is not a problem if you consume sugary products from time to time. On the other hand, regular and frequent consumption of products with a high glycemic index can really harm the health of your skin (we will not talk about other health problems that this can cause, such as diabetes).

In addition, excessive consumption of sugary products can create digestive disorders and stomach inflammation, which are themselves responsible for acne.

Therefore, we advise you to opt for a balanced diet. Avoid processed and sugary foods, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and choose wholemeal flours. In addition, it is good to consume vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids (choose them organic, cold pressed to guarantee their nutritional quality) such as walnut, hazelnut, pumpkin seed and sunflower oil. You can also drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices (preferably organic) to stock up on vitamins and good nutrients.


Healthy detox recipes to fight acne

Our fluid intake should be at least 1,5 liters per day. Water is excellent, but you can also vary the pleasures and improve drainage:

Green tea : full of antioxidants, tea will be your ally against acne.

Vegetable herbal teas : based on herbs or plants. In infusion, the plants are immersed in boiling water for 5-10 minutes to infuse. In Decoction, the plants are immersed and kept in boiling water, max. 3 minutes.

Fresh juice : To facilitate intestinal transit, think of apple, pineapple, cucumber and the essential spinach. For a more radiant complexion, think about tomatoes, carrots, and oranges of course and their vitamin C. As long as you drink them within 10 minutes to preserve the vitamins.

smoothie : richer because thicker if you add yogurt, coconut or almond milk, here is another way to provide your body with its vitamin and nutrient needs, and to consume all or part of the 5 fruits and vegetables per day recommended.

Flavor your mineral water : if you want to vary the pleasures of your drinks, flavoring your water is a good idea, provided you avoid overly sweet syrups. Think about chopped fresh fruit and aromatic herbs. Vitamins and minerals will thus complete your daily diet.


Acne detox treatment to treat my skin

What is acne?

Acne is a very common skin disease, particularly among adolescents (70%) but also among adults (20%). It concerns the majority of consultations with dermatologists (4). Acne appears when the pores of the skin are blocked. The epidermis then overproduces sebum and stores dead skin. This phenomenon thus leads to different types of more or less inflammatory lesions on the face, back and bust (blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, papules, pustules).

Although the primary cause of acne is hormonal, there are several factors that can trigger acne breakouts. We see that during the winter season the body accumulates toxins. The latter are due to excess food (sweet products, cold meats, alcohol consumed during holiday periods, to compensate for the cold) and a lack of sporting activity. Following this unbalanced lifestyle, the body becomes clogged, explaining the appearance of spots and chronic fatigue.


Detoxify the body to stop acne breakouts

Acne detox treatment to fight against pimples

The body constantly evacuates the waste accumulated in the body via the so-called “emonctory” organs which are: the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin… As explained previously, during the winter season the body has accumulated a lot of waste related to:

  • a diet high in sugar, bad fat and processed foods, junk food,
  • consumption of alcohol and tobacco,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • la Pollution of the environment,
  • stress that disrupts the functioning of our body.

The emunctory organisms are therefore saturated and it is very often the skin which does the work by evacuating bad toxins, which explains the appearance of imperfections and comedones on the face. Added to this is a gray complexion, digestion problems... signs that our cleansing organs need to be cleaned in turn to function better.


The link between acne and toxins

Liver activity is linked to that of the sebaceous glands. Indeed, the sebaceous glands are responsible for acne through the production of sebum. As explained previously, excessive sebum production gives rise to acne spots on the face. So, when the liver functions poorly and does not evacuate accumulated waste well, it is the sebaceous glands that take over to help the liver evacuate toxins... So when you want to cure acne, it is important to boost liver functions and drain the body.


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