Tips for relieving psoriasis

Tips and tricks on psoriasis

Facial psoriasis, body psoriasis: top psoriasis tips

Psoriasis, a skin disease that affects nearly 3 million people in France and around 3% of the world population. 

It is possible to act on its causes (stress, friction, weakness of the digestive system) as well as on the symptoms of psoriasis. Of the natural treatments exist. 

Let's take a look at a whole series of wise tips that can help relieve psoriasis naturally.

Certain precautions should be taken to avoid stimulating a psoriasis flare-up, which we discuss below.

In addition, you should never become discouraged and never give up in the face of psoriasis. This disease cannot be cured, so we must face it. How ? We give you some advice and ideas to follow. Also discover our tips and tricks against psoriasis.

Basic precautions for psoriasis

Psoriasis often appears in the joints. See information about psoriasis.
The explanation is simple. Psoriasis is activated by friction. So observe your behavior:

Choosing your underwear 

Certain textures of underwear are aggressive to the skin and can cause psoriatic inflammation as well as redness. Pay particular attention to bras and their support elastics. Change if necessary. Briefs and panties: observe if you react to certain materials. Lace can sometimes be itchy. 

Moisturize psoriasis

Be careful always hydrate well your skin for psoriasis whether you have dry, very dry or even seborrheic !

First of all, we suggest you discover our 10 tips to deal with psoriasis. These are in fact the 10 basic commandments not to forget in the daily management of psoriasis.

Psoriasis and chafing

Feel free to have a ring adjusted. If it is too large it could cause inappropriate friction and trigger red patches.

Actions to avoid

Knees and back of calves : crossed legs too often can cause the appearance of psoriasis plaques.

Avoid putting your elbows on the table.

Review the actions of your hands.

psoriasis advice in the face of discouragement

Psoriasis tips so as not to get discouraged

If you suffer from a severe psoriasis, that is to say it covers more than 10% of your body, your treatment whatever it is risks being discouraging, because it risks taking up too much of your daily time, if you are subjected to a local treatment.

You can fight effectively, naturally and… intelligently against this psoriasis by favoring natural solutions. Take action and treat psoriasis by area. You will undoubtedly choose the most embarrassing parts of the body, because they are the most exposed to view. Treatment for psoriasis requires daily or even twice-daily application (as with our Pso Natura Regenerative Complex). Beyond 3 minutes, once or twice a day, the treatment is generally perceived as very restrictive. This is why we suggest treat the body in several stages. For 1 month, choose one area, then another, so that the first results encourage you to continue.

The disappearance of psoriasis will take longer, but also more assured, because the treatment will not be burdensome.

Furthermore, it is important to always maintain morale. Some patients become depressed because of psoriasis. We suggest a series of articles that challenge preconceived ideas and will undoubtedly allow you to better react to issues such as: Psoriasis and discrimination

Psoriasis tips against itching

A psoriasis flare-up usually causes significant itching and irritation. It is obviously advisable to never scratch psoriasis plaques or drops. This disease being autoimmune, the skin then interprets scratching as an additional attack and then activates the overproduction of scales and plaques, thus leading to a worsening of the outbreak.

If you can't avoid scratching, some tips to limit reactions

  • Apply a cool compress to the area to soothe the itch and make it “bearable”.
  • Scratching with cotton gloves (ideally organic) will prevent the attack from worsening.
  • Run the itchy area under water.
  • Apply a moisturizer such as Creme Riche moisturizing and anti-itching, several times a day if necessary.

Since itching appears especially during a psoriasis flare-up, it is recommended to immediately treat this flare-up adequately, with appropriate treatment.

For scaly scalp conditions and itching, consider Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo which helps relieve scalp psoriasis in a few applications, then cleanse the epidermis.

Know how to dry your skin

Drying the skin after a shower, if it is too vigorous, can be experienced by the skin as an attack. Better to choose to take the time to dry by taking action by tapping on the skin. This is one of the easy-to-follow psoriasis tips. They can really help you.

Avoid water that is too hot

On the body or scalp, water that is too hot can attack the skin and cause psoriasis attack. You should always shower or shampoo with lukewarm water.

Also think about dishwashing sessions which require very hot water for better degreasing. THE wearing plastic gloves thick is therefore recommended.

Knees and back of calves

Crossing your legs too often can lead to the appearance of psoriasis plaques.


Some underwear textures are harsh on the skin and can cause psoriatic inflammation and redness. Pay particular attention to bras and their support elastics. Briefs and panties: observe if you react to certain materials. Lace can sometimes be itchy. Read our article

Psoriasis and textiles

Be careful to always hydrate your skin well against psoriasis, whether you have dry, very dry or even seborrheic skin!

Psoriasis and diet

psoriasis organic diet advice

Some patients notice a improvement of their psoriasis by changing their diet. Depending on each person, certain intolerances in particular can worsen psoriasis. A few substances are designated as harmful in cases of psoriasis. The debate is open.

Being overweight or even obese is also harmful in the case of psoriasis. More information : psoriasis and obesity, what is the link?

Psoriasis and pregnancy

psoriasis advice during pregnancy

Obviously, it is possible to get pregnant and have a harmonious pregnancy while having psoriasis. However, there are some recommendations in terms of treatment during pregnancy. See Questions about psoriasis and pregnancy.

Psoriasis and hair removal

psoriasis hair removal tips

There is no question of using waxing on a psoriasis plaque. Pulling out the hair would also mean tearing off the skin and scales. Without also taking into account the Koebner phenomenon which tends to make the skin more sensitive to the slightest lesion and which will trigger an outbreak of psoriasis.


Psoriasis and sport

sports advice for psoriasis

Sport often helps relieve stress. It is therefore recommended in cases of psoriasis. Let's see together which sports are recommended: Psoriasis and sport: how to choose wisely?

Natural exfoliation for psoriasis

for eczema exfoliate your skin with sand

If you are by the sea, consider taking the opportunity to lightly exfoliate your damp skin with sand. The massage should be done gently; any presence of small corals in the sand will have been evacuated beforehand. A spa treatment can also be beneficial.

Psoriasis and the sun

sun psoriasis tips

Exposure to the sun and particularly UVB rays promotes an improvement in psoriasis in most patients. View article Sun exposure: psoriasis and eczema.

So take advantage of summer to expose areas covered in psoriasis. Obviously, using sunscreen is absolutely essential to avoid getting sunburned. No question of burning your skin.

Stress and relaxation

psoriasis tips for stress

Since the link between psoriasis and stress has been clearly established by science and stress is generally the cause of a psoriasis flare-up, it is important to limit your anxiety and stress as much as possible.

  • abdominal breathing
  • Meditation
  • Inhalation of essential oils, especially grapefruit.


Psoriasis and heredity

psoriasis is partly linked to heredity

Psoriasis can be hereditary in some cases. We recommend that you check your children's skin regularly or have them seen by a dermatologist quickly if you suffer from psoriasis. Learn more about the psoriasis and heredity.

Tattoo & psoriasis

Psoriasis tattoo tips

Tattooing is in fashion; it is difficult to tattoo an area affected by psoriasis, but elsewhere, are there risks? Discover our answer in the article Psoriasis and tattooing, are they compatible?

Psoriasis and sexuality

psoriasis sexuality advice

The subject is delicate but recurring, especially for people affected by a severe psoriasis, that is to say psoriasis which covers more than 10% of the surface of the body, not counting patients affected by psoriasis on the mucous membranes. 

Also discover our files:


In addition, any passion experienced for a particular sport or activity (read Relieve illness through painting) perhaps a good outlet for the stress generated by psoriasis. It's up to you to find your saving activity.

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