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Psoriasis best creams

Psoriasis and its problems

Le Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease. It affects 2 to 5% of the world's population. It is not contagious. The disease causes an overproduction of epidermal cells. They stack up and form dander. The skin is also dry, even very dry. She covers herself with red, scaly patches or drops.

This chronic disease is linked to both a genetic predisposition and often to a stress attack, or to a reaction following the taking of certain medications which results in what is called a “flare-up”.

Whatever the form and type of psoriasis, the first reflex is to nourish your skin in depth. The objective?

  • Nourish and protect the skin,
  • relieve itching and tightness,
  • et blend psoriasis lesions into the skin.

Hydration must most often be renewed several times a day. It is therefore essential to find the cream adapted to your skin and your psoriasis. Its effectiveness and comfort of use are two distinct criteria to take into account.




Psoriasis creams, how to treat psoriasis? 7 tips

Choosing a moisturizer

If we refer to humans, to hydrate themselves they DRINK, to nourish themselves they EAT. For the skin, a moisturizer provides it with water. Dry skin is skin that feels tight and most of the time has redness. The body is made of water and so is the skin. This water is provided by drinks, fruits, vegetables but also by a moisturizing cream. It will also have the role of limiting its evaporation.


For psoriasis, the cream must be also nourishing

To return to the analogy with the human body, suffering skin must eat. A nourishing cream provides fat and lipids.

The nourishing cream comes into action when the skin is very dry. It no longer produces enough sebum to protect itself from external aggressions. Sebum is fat produced by the secretion of lipids. By providing a fatty substance (i.e. lipids) to the skin, the skin protection barrier is reinforced. The skin is well hydrated and softened. She is softer. We then talk about emollient cream.

Suffering skin, by receiving a supply of fatty active ingredients, will have a less dry appearance. A psoriasis cream must have the merit of helping to melt dry patches into the skin and to limit aesthetic suffering. Creams are generally insufficient to eliminate psoriasis lesions. However, they have an essential role in fighting psoriasis. Even if they do not completely eliminate marks, they improve their appearance.

Some creams also have anti-inflammatory properties. They thus contribute to soothe itching. On this subject, scratching your itch with your nails is a reflex that should be avoided. Nails attack the skin. It then defends itself by overproducing epidermal cells. Thus, scratching promotes the appearance of scales.

The role of sebum

Sebum should therefore not be considered as an enemy. It is the excess of sebum and the total lack of sebum that are. Combination to oily skin produces enough sebum, or even too much. She will therefore only need a moisturizing cream to prevent and prevent them from drying out.

Dry skin, for its part, will need a nourishing cream to provide it with more oil. They will restore suppleness and comfort to the epidermis. Thus, psoriatic skin will not be satisfied with a moisturizing cream. It will need to be deeply nourished and repaired to better regenerate. Finally, a nourishing cream is ideal to combat the drying action of water limescale.


Keratolytic cream

To help melt the traces in the skin, a cream must help to thin it. It therefore has a slightly exfoliating power. We then talk about keratolytic cream. The keratolytic power of a treatment is generally ensured by the presence of salicylic acid. Except in medicinal creams, this keratolytic function is very rare. The prescription of such medicated creams is the responsibility of dermatologists or treating physicians.


An easy to apply, well penetrating cream

choose your eczema cream

Psoriasis is a disease that causes many constraints. Certain treatments amplify them, by proposing a laborious application. A cream that takes time to penetrate, a cream that stains, sticks, or even gives off a strong odor, etc.

The ideal cream must have good moisturizing and nourishing power. It helps to regenerate the epidermis. In addition, it should also reduce dander. However, its application must also be pleasant.

Moisturizing your psoriatic skin is a priority, it is a regular action, to be repeated more often than for normal skin.


A cream without exposure time

Some treatments or creams require a long exposure time for them to be effective. Immobilization of the patient is sometimes required. Or more simply, some creams are so greasy that it takes a while to penetrate before you can get dressed.

It's time to take. You have to organize yourself and very often you stain your clothes and/or sheets. It is for these reasons that the rapid penetration of a cream allows the application to be repeated many times during the day without this being an additional constraint.

Sticky cream formulas

Balms and butters are textures that contain very little water. Their penetration time into the epidermis is often slow. They even leave an oily film on the surface of the skin. Since creams contain water, they are more fluid and more penetrating. The patient thus gains comfort of application and use.


A long-lasting cream

The hydrating power of a psoriasis cream must be powerful over time. The skin is naturally covered by a hydrolipidic film which retains body water. It prevents water from evaporating, like armor. The protective film of the skin must be maintained. This shield helps protect against free radicals and other daily attacks. This is the role of a long-lasting cream.

For many creams, this shield is reinforced during application. But its effect wears off after an hour or two. The hydrating effect diminishes considerably and quickly. Accordingly, it is then recommended to apply the cream several times a day. The constraint is therefore strong. It is therefore better to favor creams indicating long-lasting protection. Ideally, the manufacturer will report hydration test results.


Which cream for psoriasis face?

psoriasis face creamThe skin of the face, like that of the neck, is thin skin. It will absorb the cream more quickly and capture the moisturizing effects. A cream for the face is often lighter than for other parts of the body. Facial creams often have water as the main ingredient, this is called an oil-in-water emulsion.

That for the rest of the body must contain more fatty substances, we speak of a water-in-oil emulsion (2). However, when it comes to facial psoriasis, the need for hydration and nourishment of the skin is such that a body cream may also be suitable.


Ingredients to avoid

  • Denatured alcohol. Used as a preservative, it nevertheless dries the skin considerably.
  • Silicone. It is used to coat and add shine, you have the feeling that your skin is beautiful and well hydrated whereas it is a non-hydrating film that suffocates your skin.
  • Personalized parabens. These preservatives have antibacterial and antifungal properties, but they are also endocrine disruptors.


How to treat psoriasis, one of the best creams

Which cream for psoriasis?

creme psoriasis ultra hydratante
Nourish psoriatic skin

La Rich moisturizing and anti-itch cream is the ideal ally in cases of psoriasis.

A good moisturizer for psoriasis

By consulting the list of ingredients of the Pso Natura Rich Cream water is the first ingredient on the INCI list. The law requires that ingredients be listed in descending order of presence. The first ingredient will therefore be the highest in quantity. Water is often the first ingredient in creams. This is the case for Crème Riche. It therefore indicates the moisturizing power.

A nourishing cream

Second and third on the ingredient list are two vegetable oils.

  • Carapa oil procera, our exclusivity. This oil is rich in fatty acids. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Then comes apricot kernel oil. It helps in particular to soften and soften the skin. In addition, this vegetable oil has strong penetrating power. It is thanks to this that this cream leaves the skin satiny and non-sticky. She is therefore easy and pleasant to use.
  • Le Shea Butter is also present in the cream to nourish the skin.

Soothing virtues

This cream helps disappearance of itching.

Long-lasting hydration

Dermatological tests show a long-lasting hydration particularly remarkable. After one hour, the hydration level is maintained at 91%.
After 4 hours, the rate is 42%, while many other creams fall below 20%.

A natural formulation

The formulation of the Cream is 99% natural. It is free of paraben, silicone, EDTA or synthetic perfume. It is a vegan treatment, without ingredients of animal origin. It has also not been tested on animals.



What is the most effective natural treatment for psoriasis?


Pso Natura Care
Pso Natura line for psoriasis or eczema

Since a cream is not enough for the effective treatment of psoriasis, it is appropriate to turn to treatment treatments. They help to truly eliminate psoriasis symptoms and lesions. Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream is a complementary cream as part of a treatment against psoriasis. Clearly, it is not sufficient for the disappearance of traces.

A natural treatment with proven effectiveness

The only 100% natural treatment against psoriasis and labeled Medical Device on the market is the Pso Natura Foaming Regenerative Complex. Concentrated in Carapa procera oil, exclusive to LM Natura, this treatment has proven its targeted effectiveness on psoriasis.

The clinical study displays an overall score of 94%. This study was carried out by independent dermatologists on 32 people over 28 days and shows clear results.

  • 100% of itching is soothed
  • 98% of the traces have disappeared.


A treatment to apply with the loofah sponge provided or a washcloth

This foaming treatment comes with a fibrous sponge, the loofah. It can also be applied to a washcloth. It is used as part of a course of approximately one month, or occasionally in the event of the appearance of plaques or psoriasis marks. For sensitive areas such as the genitals, application with a washcloth is mandatory. The loofah should not be used on such sensitive areas.

On the other hand, this treatment needs to be supplemented by the action of a cream to ensure good hydration of the skin. Of course, the Rich Restructuring Cream is a first-rate ally. It is also formulated with Carapa procera oil. Thus, it nourishes the skin. In addition, it helps soothe itching. It ideally complements the action of the Regenerative Complex.

The Complex + Pso Natura Cream combination is the guarantee of a treatment that is both suitable and natural, without the risk of side effects.


Drug treatment of psoriasis

How to hydrate psoriasis? Medicated creams and ointments

An effective treatment for psoriasis is one that eliminates the symptoms of psoriasis, traces, drops or plaques of psoriasis. For this, the treatment(s) must have anti-inflammatory, restorative and healing properties in particular. He must also have power keratolytic. A keratolytic treatment helps eliminate excess keratin from the skin. Thus, it helps the skin to get rid of scales.


Topical corticosteroids

Topical corticosteroids are the medications most frequently prescribed by health professionals. Like all topical treatments, they act on the symptoms of the disease only. These cortisone creams do not remedy the problem of a compromised immune system. They act on the inflammatory reaction of the skin.

They can be applied to different areas of the body. Treatment depends on the frequency of flare-ups.

Taking this type of medication should be guided by a specialist. The potential side effects of taking cortisone are numerous. Let us first mention the phenomenon of habituation, but also the progressive refinement of the skin over time, and therefore its weakening.

Also worth mentioning in cases of abusive or inappropriate use of topical corticosteroids is “red skin syndrome”, which is also called “burning skin syndrome” or “skin on fire”.
It still remains controversial and little recognized in France due to a lack of in-depth scientific studies. However, more and more patients are reporting this syndrome.

It mainly affects patients who have used topical corticosteroids for several months of daily use, most of the time in women. It is never observed during treatment but can be observed when topical corticosteroids are suddenly stopped.

This syndrome may present one or more of the following symptoms: redness in all cases, acne-like pimples, burning or tingling sensation, oozing, swelling, itching, scales, pain. Sometimes disfigured, these effects represent real suffering for the patients concerned. For more information a victims association was created.

Topical corticosteroids also exist in liquid form for the treatment of the scalp.


Vitamin D analogues

In addition to cortisone, vitamin D derivatives are also frequently prescribed. These are a synthetic form of vitamin D3. This care comes in the form of ointment. Let us mention here Calcipotriol and Calcitriol applied twice a day. They fight against the abnormal multiplication of skin cells. However, there may be potential serious side effects such as swelling of the face or even the hands or feet.

Medication treatments are therefore often effective. However, their side effects can be dissuasive. This is why natural care is increasingly favored.


In summary, our advice for choosing the right psoriasis cream

It is therefore better to understand and analyze the needs of your skin to choose the appropriate cream. Psoriatic skin needs hydration but above all lipids to regenerate it.

Trusting nature rather than chemistry or animal fats is recommended. Nothing will nourish your skin better and healthier than natural ingredients. Indeed, for example, to take full advantage of vitamin D, consider exposing yourself to the sun (with caution) rather than using chemical food supplements.

Make sure that moisturizing and nourishing ingredients are at the beginning of the INCI list. When ranking ingredients in order of importance, the first represents the highest concentration while the last will often be just a trace, less than 1%.

A good cream should not only nourish suffering skin but also treat plaques, scales and your itching. Its composition must contain one or more ingredients with treating properties.

Rapid penetration and pleasant use will be assets when choosing your cream. Butters generally take longer to penetrate the skin, unlike a cream which is made up of water.

Good care!


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