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Eczema and tele-dermatology, why?

eczema remote consultation

Eczema and teledermatology, a real solution?

Causes severe itching, eczema is a common skin condition. Original allergic, acute or chronic, its symptoms and treatments vary depending on its form. Eczema and tele-dermatology go well together, why?

For patients with eczema, managing their disease involves many constraints. The delays for an appointment with the dermatologist often reach months. Tele-dermatology can be a response to this problem. It boils down to remote medical consultation. Thus, it also reduces patient trips to medical offices, in addition to reducing waiting times.


Goodbye to waiting rooms, thanks to the “eczema teledermatology” duo

Practicing dermatology remotely is now possible thanks to teledermatology! How it works ? It's simple, just send photos by phone or computer. We are talking here about telemedicine, a solution that can suit more than one person.

What is teledermatology used for?

Tele-dermatology makes it possible to determine the degree of urgency of a situation. It also makes it possible to quickly direct the patient towards the best treatment. Practiced in real time, it is carried out by a telephone call and most often by videoconference with the doctor. Tele-dermatology can be practiced offline: the patient transmits their photos and information in advance to their doctor. Then, the remote meeting takes place.

This technique has already demonstrated its value in the diagnosis and monitoring of various dermatological conditions. Thus tele-dermatology was first used for the elderly. In addition, it allows a diagnosis to be made. It is also useful for the treatment of tumors or skin ulcers. Increasingly, tele-dermatology is an alternative to help treat acute skin allergy problems. Treating chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema is also easy.

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Eczema and teledermatology, an effectiveness study

teledermatology for eczema remotely“Tele-dermatology could help improve eczema symptoms”. Here's what a study by Jama Dermatology reveals.

156 patients, children and adults, took part in this research. On the one hand, half received classic follow-up: a visit to the dermatologist's office. On the other hand, patients carried out remote consultations. In both cases, 6 visits were organized. Each visit was spaced two months apart.

When the meeting takes place face to face, the dermatologist takes photos of the skin lesions. When the consultation is carried out online, it is up to the patient to take the photos. This way, the doctor can analyze the images. He can issue treatment recommendations. The photos also make it possible to objectively measure the progress of eczema.


Eczema and teledermatology, the results

The study authors called the results “conclusive.” First, “Patients in both groups showed significant improvements. Clearly, the severity of their atopic dermatitis was reduced.” However, we will note the slightly better result of physical consultations. 44% saw their symptoms significantly decrease (over one year). For remote consultations, the rate is 38%.

This is why Dr. April Armstrong, interviewed by JAMA Dermatology, is convinced. Since the results are close enough, then we can establish that tele-dermatology has a future.

Thus, online consultation could represent an effective alternative to the physical visit... And it also presents a real advantage in times of multiplication of medical desert areas!


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