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Loofah sponge, gentle exfoliation of psoriasis

loofah to exfoliate psoriasis gently and naturally


With Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, we provide loofah sponge. Note that this treatment is a Medical Device for psoriasis. To apply the treatment, lather it and then exfoliate the skin.

The loofah is an ancestral and famous sponge. If you have questions about the treatment of the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, find our section Psoriasis questions.


The loofah, sponge of the Pharaohs

The loofah or even Luffa or Loofa is a species of the Cucurbitaceae family. It is a vegetable halfway between cucumber and zucchini. It only grows in tropical and subtropical areas. It needs warmth to flourish.

Traditionally, the loofah sponge is handcrafted in Egypt, it is in this country that it was born. The vegetable is called loofah. When we talk about a loofah sponge, we say, THE loofah. It is used particularly in Africa and Asia. Its action is exfoliating thanks to its fibrous appearance. When you cut a loofah, the flesh of the vegetable is very fibrous. However, the implantation of the fibers is quite random. So, when it dries, the fibers stand out, insulate and harden. The result is a slightly rough sponge (1).


Loofah for psoriasis

The resulting sponge is used to scrub the skin and exfoliate it. It can also simply be used to cleanse the skin. We apply the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex formulated based onCarapa procera oil. By massaging, a foam forms. So, the loofah sponge is used a bit like a washcloth.

The difference, however, is significant. While we neglect it for shower flowers and gloves, the loofah sponge has many other uses than just cleaning. It refines the skin texture by ridding it of dead cells (exfoliating action). It stimulates blood circulation. In addition, orange peel is also combated. The sponge therefore helps to scrub the skin, exfoliate psoriasis and restore its radiance and a smooth and healthy appearance.


Exfoliating psoriasis and other uses of loofah

different types of loofah useful for psoriasisThe loofah sponge often comes in an oval shape with an elastic band on the back for more hand support. It is advisable to moisten the sponge before using it because the fibers are very rough and the exfoliation could be too aggressive for the skin for regular use. Unmoistened, it is similar to a horsehair glove and an energetic and therefore punctual exfoliation. The loofah, once moistened, swells and softens for gentle exfoliation.

Then apply your shower gel or soap (if you use a bar of soap, remember to run everything under water to soften the paste), tap to create a lather and begin to clean yourself using circular movements (2) . It is these movements that will exfoliate the psoriasis.

For facial care, proceed with very gentle and very light massages so as not to damage your skin.

Be gentle with the sponge but still firm to exfoliate the psoriasis. A scrub that is too gentle will not eliminate dead cells, but a scrub that is too strong will sensitize your skin and could dry it out. How do you know you are applying the right pressure with the loofah? You should feel the fibers scratching your skin, but if, on the other hand, you feel like you're being scratched, it's too much!

Don't forget: after each exfoliation, remember to moisturize your skin well. Exfoliation can ultimately cause dryness of the skin. In case of psoriasis oreczema, you can moisturize your skin with our Rich Restructuring Cream which, thanks to its soothing and restorative action, calms itching and reduces scales. Also find the testimonials from our customers about our Pso Natura treatments.


Maintaining your psoriasis loofah

Maintaining a loofah spongeThe duration of a loofah sponge is quite random as is always the case when dealing with a natural element. Its lifespan will depend on your use: if it is occasional or regular, targeted or all over the body, if the pressure applied is significant or gentle.

The second factor that comes into play is the maintenance you give it. After each use, remember to rinse it thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Then let it dry; if the sponge remains damp, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Once a week boil it in a pot of hot water to disinfect it.

For those in a hurry, you can put it in the washing machine but it will get damaged more quickly. You feel that the loofah sponge is no longer doing its job properly when you have to exert more pressure to feel the scrub or the fibers start to separate from the sponge, it is at the end of its life and it needs to be changed.


Loofah to exfoliate psoriasis and our laboratories

Sylvie Meliet, founder of LM Natura and suffering from psoriasis, wishes to work with small producers in Mauritius who cultivate loofah (pipengaille in Creole), without pesticides or other chemical products, in a preserved place, to provide you with the best of qualities.

The sponges are then made by hand, in a completely artisanal manner, by a community of women from the town of Grand Baie located in the north of Mauritius.

Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, ultra soft and non-abrasive, the loofah sponge does not cause any allergic reactions. 100% natural, biodegradable, your loofah sponge respects the integrity of your skin and its balance and also respects the laws of nature and the environment. Discover our article grandmother's natural remedies for psoriasis.

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