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Presentation of our NGO and our project

We have been using Carapa procera oil for more than 10 years now to develop our natural treatments. It comes from a tree from West Africa. It grows particularly in Forest Guinea. It takes us hours to drive from Conakry, capital of Guinea, to reach the village where we get our supplies. It's a real expedition.

Carapa procera trees do not grow exclusively in this small village in Guinea. It is also possible to find this variety in Senegal or the Republic of Sierra Leone. In the same way that an apricot from Roussillon is better than any other apricot, the oil extracted from Carapa procera nuts from this Guinean village has very specific properties and benefits against skin problems and diseases. This oil is the main ingredient of Pso Natura Regenerative Complex.


The discovery of Carapa procera oil

Carapa procera nutTHECarapa procera oil constitutes the starting point of LM Natura. A few years ago, one of Sylvie Méliet's friends, originally from Guinea, suggested that she try a treatment passed down from mother to daughter in West Africa based on Carapa procera oil.

The latter would have the virtues of relieving skin problems. Sylvie doesn't fail to try it and what does she discover after a few weeks! The marks on her elbows and legs had faded and then disappeared and left room for clean, smooth skin. Testimony from the founder

Stunned by the positive effects that this treatment had on her psoriasis, she followed in the footsteps of this ancestral recipe. Accompanied by her friend, she goes to Guinea. It seems that in West Africa, this treatment is commonly used. Bad luck, his skin no longer reacted to it...

But Sylvie persists and after several applications, she ends up understanding why certain treatments lack effectiveness: the recipes. and oil differ depending on the region. Indeed, an oil is defined by the species of tree but also its biotope. After several attempts, Sylvie finally found the famous recipe and the famous village!


2017: The Gnon Kany project: an NGO serving the environment

The valorization of the Carapa procera tree

harvest of Carapa procera

A few years later, Sylvie founded the Gnon Kany association. The name, which means “let us love one another” was given by the village Imam. Consequently, this association will obtain from the Guinean government the status of an NGO whose missions and objectives are multiple and varied.

NGO Gnon Kany

In partnership with the inhabitants of the village, the NGO and the University of N'Zérékoré, the LM Natura laboratories are gradually building a development project which is presented under two complementary poles: botanical and scientific.
From a botanical point of view, the forest region of Guinea suffers from deforestation. This is why, in 2005, according to the Ministry for the Protection of Water and Forests, Carapa procera trees were on the list of endangered species.

In short, the goal is to preserve this species which currently only grows in the wild at a rate of a few trees per hectare. Sylvie went to Guinea to study the feasibility of planting in a greenhouse.

Wildlings (sprouted seeds) and young plants found in the forest adjacent to the village were replanted on a plot offered to us at the beginning by the village. The University of N'Zérékoré and its botanical team are currently making requests to the Ministry of the Environment in order to obtain 100 additional hectares.

The scientific center aims to study the Carapa procera oil that we use in the development of our treatments, in order to understand the reason for its effectiveness and to scientifically demonstrate the virtues. But still to demonstrate the specific benefits of this oil.


A responsible and ethical NGO that contributes to the development of Guinea.

Consequently, the Gnon Kany project contributes to the development of Guinea:

  • Develop and support the marketing and export sectors for agricultural products and mainly Carapa procera oil;
  • Diversify the region's economic activities by supporting and supervising youth and women's organizations in the design, development and execution of socio-economic development projects and programs promoting the creation of income and jobs;
  • Promote activities in favor of women by highlighting the work carried out in gathering nuts and then pressing oil and by initiating assistance and integration programs for women (and children) in this situation. difficult;
  • Prepare and implement community development programs;
  • Identify the species of Carapa procera in the areas of production and development of these species;
  • Preserve the environment and revalorize the Carapa tree by raising awareness among the population of the value of the oil and limiting deforestation.

Thus, each purchase made within LM Natura contributes to the improvement and development of our project.


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