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Carapa oil: for psoriasis and eczema

Virtues of Carapa procera oil


You will find Carapa procera oil in all our topical treatments. Carapa Procera oil constitutes the main element of our treatment. Pso Natura Regenerative Complex.

We discovered this oil in the Republic of Guinea. Known from the ethno-pharmacopoeia, it had never been used before for the formulation of cosmetic or pharmaceutical treatments.

Carapa procera oil has important skin care properties. Its active ingredients repair the epidermis and help to remove lesions on the skin, including those relating to psoriasis, eczema and imperfections in general.


It is  quoi Carapa Procera oil?

The Carapa is a tree of the Meliaceae family. It is a precious natural product with multiple benefits.

Carapa Procera oil is rich in essential fatty acids. We can cite linoleic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid. But we also find vitamins and antioxidants. Thanks to this nutritional composition, it offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing properties. It is often used to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Where to find Carapa oil will proceed ?

It is extracted from the seeds of the Carapa Procera, a tree native to West Africa and South America. This oil has remarkable properties for health and beauty. It is traditionally used in these regions for its therapeutic virtues.

It is mainly found in Africa, where there are 16 different species under the Carapa procera family. It is also found in South America with 11 species under the name Carapa guianensis. This type of tree flourishes fully in tropical areas.

The presence of the same species in two very distant places might seem surprising. It is only the result of the separation of continents several million years ago.

Carapa guianensis is found in Brazil and Guyana. That is to say near the places of the fracture of the continents.

La Carapa procera, for its part, is “just opposite” in the areas of the old divide.

This fruit that interests us here is split into numerous subspecies. The qualities of the oil vary depending on the biotope, that is to say the quality of the soil.

In summary, Carapa Procera oil is a natural treasure from the seeds of an exotic tree. It has many therapeutic properties. This oil is appreciated for its beneficial effects on the skin. Its use continues to grow in popularity in health care and beauty. It offers a natural and effective alternative to chemical products.


Studies on Carapa procera oil

After several studies, Carapa procera oil appears to be of better quality than oil from other Carapa varieties, such as Carapa guianensis. It is an oil with incredible medicinal properties, used in ethnopharmacology for multiple uses both internally and externally. Indeed, Carapa procera is used by men, women and children to treat different skin problems. Find natural treatments, grandma's remedies and advice available to you in case of psoriasis. It is also very effective on the scalp, inflammations, but it has also proven to be effective in cases of scab, dandruff conditions and ulcers. It also protects against insect bites.

Carapa oil comes from LM Natura laboratories

The Carapa procera oil that our laboratories use comes from southern Guinea. It grows in a place close to iron mines which clearly give the oil specific properties, which are not necessarily found in other Carapa procera oils found elsewhere in Guinea, or even in Senegal or Mali.

For the record, know that Carapa guianensis was used by tribes in the Amazon to help… reduce heads.


Properties and uses of Carapa procera oil

Carapa procera oil is rich in fiber, glycerins, minerals, fats and fatty acids. It is recognized by the ethnopharmacopeia to have anti-inflammatory, but also bactericidal and antiseptic properties. It helps restructure the epidermis thanks to its healing properties. In addition, it is renowned for its power to repair skin lesions.

Thanks to its many virtues, there are multiple uses:

Cosmetic use: the benefits on the body, face and hair

Thanks to its invigorating, emollient and nourishing properties, Carapa procera oil has numerous benefits for inflamed, very dry, tired or dull skin. Carapa procera oil is our flagship ingredient, present in the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, and this is what makes this treatment effective.

The hair, too, can benefit from the virtues of this oil with its soothing properties. You can massage the scalp to cleanse it or apply it to the ends to protect or repair them. It is used pure or it can be used in homemade care compositions. To do this, simply add a few drops to the formula: in a moisturizing cream if you have a sunburn for example.

Pso Natura Complex for psoriasis
Medicinal use of Carapa procera oil

Long used in traditional pharmacopoeia, this oil is anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, analgesic (against rheumatism, muscle pain). Relaxing, it is used as a massage oil. It is also used to treat skin diseases (skin lesions, psoriasis, eczema) and is healing. Finally, it is effective against cellulite.

The Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is today a Medical Device and has revealed 94% effective on psoriasis, when subjected to clinical studies. This treatment is to be used with a loofah sponge (free with the purchase of your treatment) which will allow you to gently exfoliate the skin. Questions about the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex? Check out our answers to your questions.


Food use

Carapa procera oil is edible. Drinking a tablespoon a day would keep muscle pain away. However, it is very bitter which makes it difficult to consume. You can also make a decoction with its bark to strengthen the immune system or reduce a fever.

Domestic use

This oil is recommended against lice: a massage with a few drops of Carapa procera oil has a repellent effect on the little creatures. It is true that if you have insect bites, it will soothe your itching. To prevent mosquito bites, you can rub your skin with a little oil.

Various uses of Carapa procera oil

The wood of this tree is also used in carpentry for its resistance and because insects do not attack it.

Certainly, it should be noted that the Carapa procera tree is often called the “king tree”, because no animal attacks it or lands there except red ants. Monkeys pick leaves to make their litter and, thus, limit the presence of insects and parasites.


Multiple Carapa procera oils, different virtues

Not all Carapa procera oils are created equal. Yes, there are several species of Carapa. The LM Natura team also realized that even Carapa Procera does not produce the same oil depending on the land of exploitation. So the virtues are not the same, it is an important issue to find the right base of Carapa procera and the right soil for the effectiveness of our treatments!

Until now, the Carapa procera tree only grew in the wild, at a rate of a few trees per hectare. This species is endangered, since the oil is very little harvested and the quality of the wood has made it a target for carpenters.

Since 2017, our laboratories, in partnership with local authorities and long that we created, planted for the first time an experimental eco-forest in Guinea.

Now our goal today is to take it to the next level and plant the world's first large Carapa procera forest.

Our exclusivity

The oil we use comes from Guinea. How did we know that it was this one and not another that would work on your skin problems? Sylvie Méliet, the founder of LM Natura suffering from psoriasis since the age of 15, has tested them all for you!

In 2005, she discovered an ancestral treatment from the region, which allowed her to treat her psoriasis. This is how she decided to create LM Natura to make this treatment available to everyone. See as well testimonials from our customers on their psoriasis.


NGO Gnon Kany founded by Lm-Natura width=An NGO in Guinea for the manufacture of Carapa procera oil

The recipe for ancestral and natural treatment was transmitted to Sylvie Méliet by the women of the village whom she met there, so that she could reproduce and distribute it. The objective of LM Natura is twofold: on the one hand to raise awareness of this treatment and help people suffering from skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema. But also to help as much as possible the women of the village and their families to live better thanks to the harvest and manufacture of Carapa procera oil. To help them, LM Natura is now working on planting an eco-forest.

Sylvie Méliet therefore founded an association, Gnon Kany (which means “let us love each other” in Malenké, after brainstorming with the village Imam). This association is recognized by the Guinean State, which gives it the status of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Objective of the NGO

The objective of the NGO is to contribute to the economic development of the village and its region thanks to Carapa procera. And therefore, to help transform the village economy, currently centered on food crops, to move it towards the production of Carapa procera oil on a larger scale.

This is why LM Natura Laboratories planted their eco-forest near the village. Fair trade rules are respected and the long-term objective is to be able to contribute to better living comfort in the village. And this, in part, thanks to the oil trade. This village today has neither running water nor electricity, not even a real road to connect it to the nearest town.

Today, at the end of 2018, the project for a major plantation of Carapa procera is underway. We will keep you posted. Furthermore, scientific studies on the qualities of the oil are also financed by LM Natura.

To contribute to the development of this initiative to revalorize the Carapa Procera and help the NGO, do not hesitate, test our treatments and help us make ourselves known.


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