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Have I cured psoriasis?

I cured psoriasis

“I cured psoriasis!” ". This is what many brands promise and what a few people claim. In reality, it is necessary to qualify this statement. Indeed, for the moment, it is unfortunately not possible to cure the Psoriasis. This is true as well for the mild to moderate psoriasis, especially for severe psoriasis.

Although symptoms may disappear and never return for a lucky few, the disease is still a part of the person. It never disappears completely. In the event of significant stress, for example, it may reappear. However, it is indeed possible to relieve psoriasis and limit flare-ups. Let's find out by what means.


What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease. More than 2 million people in France are affected by this disease.

Psoriasis is characterized by abnormally accelerated skin renewal. Skin cells renew themselves in 3 to 6 days instead of the usual 30 days. The overproduction of skin cells then causes a thickening of the skin (the appearance of scales) and an inflammatory reaction.

Psoriasis is non-contagious and it can appear all over the body (scalp, ears, elbows, knees, etc.). It can also spread to the face, nails or even the genitals. In addition, it is a difficult illness to live with due to its visible nature. The gaze of others is often not easy to bear when it is already difficult for us to accept the illness and this body that we no longer recognize and which makes us suffer.

Furthermore, psoriasis is a chronic disease. This means that it is punctuated between flare-up phases and remission phases. Their durations vary depending on the patient.

There are different forms of psoriasis. The most common are the plaque psoriasis, which represents approximately 80% of cases, and the guttate psoriasis.

Other types of psoriasis are:

  • nail psoriasis (which affects the nails),
  • palmar-plantar psoriasis (which affects the feet and hands),
  • the inverted one of the folds (which is located on the folds of the arm and the leg as in the armpits for example),
  • pustular psoriasis,
  • le erythrodermic psoriasis,
  • or even arthritic psoriasis.


What are the symptoms on the skin and hair?

elbow psoriasisThe symptoms Psoriasis on the body varies between people, the type of psoriasis and its location. However, the most common are:

  • The presence of red patches.
  • Thick white/silver scales and dead skin.
  • Severe itching.
  • Very dry or even cracked skin which may be accompanied by bleeding.
  • Pain in the lesions, a burning sensation.


Scalp psoriasisLe scalp psoriasis is characterized by:

– intense itching,

- of the scaly skin lesions (presence of white crusts and dead skin on the scalp),

– and the presence of red patches.

It can also cause more or less significant hair loss.



What are the causes ?

The causes of psoriasis remain poorly understood. Indeed, they can be multiple and vary from one person to another.

First, the hereditary factor is usually raised. In fact, a person whose one parent has psoriasis is more likely to develop it in turn. Genetic predisposition concerns approximately 30% of cases.

Furthermore, psoriasis can occur following taking certain medications, following a disease infectious (angina, otitis, etc.) or after a skin trauma such as a vaccine, a shot or a recurring friction (linked to a position, clothing, etc.) for example.

On the other hand, psoriasis flare-ups may be linked toenvironment (pollution, cold, sun, etc.) or even to poor lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, food).

Finally, a emotional shockstress, fatigue or againanxiety can also be triggers for psoriasis.


What makes psoriasis worse? What actions should you avoid?

Psoriasis can be triggered and exacerbated by various factors. This is why to prevent crises and limit their intensity, daily habits can be adopted.

The stress

Coping with stress is not always easy, and yet it plays an important role in the appearance of new outbreaks of psoriasis. It is therefore wise to learn how to manage your stress. To do this, several methods can be used: hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, acupuncture, etc. Food supplements like Detox and Zen capsules can also allow you to be more relaxed thanks to the action of plants with relaxing properties. See also the Dead Sea cures to relieve psoriasis and which allow you to be less stressed by releasing the pressure of everyday life.


It is well known that diet has a direct link on our body. Indeed, what we eat has an impact on our mood, our skin, our health, etc. Have a Healthy eating, varied and balanced is therefore the best option. However, this does not mean depriving yourself. You just need to avoid overindulging in junk food and ultra-processed and industrial products. But a deviation from time to time is not contraindicated.

Tobacco and alcohol

Consumed regularly, alcohol and tobacco have a harmful effect not only on our health but also on our skin. In case of psoriasis it is obviously not recommended to consume one or the other, or only for rare occasions. More generally, excesses of all kinds should be banned.

hygienePoor hygiene and/or unsuitable care

Psoriasis requires you to take care of your lifestyle. It is therefore necessary to wash the skin daily to avoid an accumulation of bacteria in psoriasis lesions.

However, remember to wash with lukewarm or cold water, never too hot as this is even more damaging to the skin. Once you get out of the shower, don't scrub your skin. Remember to always dab it with the towel to dry it.

Products used for the body and for facial care in particular must meet certain criteria. Choose gentle products with neutral pH, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin. In fact, unsuitable care can promote psoriasis flare-ups by being too aggressive on the skin. Ban products with chemical compounds (shower gel, facial cleanser, etc.).

Finally, hydrating the skin well is a crucial step in cases of psoriasis. Do not hesitate to use a moisturizing and nourishing cream and apply it several times a day to prevent dry skin.


Does psoriasis go away?

As we mentioned above, psoriasis cannot be cured. However, you can treat it and thus limit flare-ups and significantly reduce symptoms. There are several possibilities for this. In case of mild to moderate psoriasis, following a natural treatment is recommended. This is often enough to eliminate traces and prevent further outbreaks. In cases of severe psoriasis, natural treatment may, depending on the person, not be enough. It is then recommended to combine natural treatment with medicinal treatment such as taking corticosteroids.

Concretely, even if we can never be 100% sure that our psoriasis will not re-trigger in a few months or several years, it is nevertheless possible to try to control it. Obviously, certain factors, such as psychological shock, remain beyond our control. But it is possible to act on other factors. Namely: learn to manage your stress, improve your digestive system (the Detox and Zen capsules are the ideal ally in this case), pay attention to your diet, etc. There naturopathy can also help you better manage your psoriasis.


How to treat it naturally? What is the most effective treatment for psoriasis?

Above all, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist or a specialist who will be able to best diagnose your psoriasis and advise you on the use of suitable products or treatments.

Pso Natura regenerative complex treatment for psoriasisHow to treat and relieve your psoriasis on the body?

It is often complicated to find a treatment that really works for psoriasis. However, fortunately this is not impossible!

Le Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is a good example. Clinical studies have been carried out on this treatment: it displays a 94% efficiency and is recognized Medical device. Furthermore, this foaming treatment is 100% natural, formulated with Carapa procera oil and vegetable potassium.

The Regenerative Complex helps eliminate traces of psoriasis and scales. It also helps to remove redness and itching and to cleanse the skin.

Using this treatment is very simple. Simply take a little product and apply it to the loofah sponge (pre-moistened) provided with the treatment. Then, tap onto your skin until foam appears. It is the latter which releases the active ingredients. Once the foam appears, massage for about fifteen seconds on your psoriasis areas. Then simply rinse and gently dry your skin. Our foaming treatment does not require any exposure time. And it is used twice a day for a course of 2 month.

The Regenerative Complex is used on the body, except the mucous membranes and sensitive areas, such as the eye area, since it is bactericidal.

The particularity of this treatment lies in the fact that it does not cause no addiction effect or side effects.


psoriasis natural cream scales rednessWhat cream or ointment to use on psoriasis plaques?

Once the Regenerating Complex has been used, it is necessary to moisturize your skin. Indeed, psoriatic skin is suffering skin which requires hydration and nourishment intensely and daily. Furthermore, dry skin is more sensitive to irritation, therefore more likely to trigger a new outbreak of psoriasis.

La Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream is the ideal ally. Indeed, this Cream, formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin and made in France, has many advantages.

First of all, it deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin throughout the day. It also contributes to soothe itching, to smooth scales and restore the skin barrier thanks to its healing action.

Furthermore, it is very pleasant to use since it does not stick or stain. It therefore perfectly complements the use of the Regenerative Complex.


pso natura dermatological shampoo, can we cure psoriasisWhat treatment for scalp psoriasis?

For scalp psoriasis, the treatment is different. The latter relies more on shampoos and lotions.

We recommend the Pso Natura dermatological shampoo, 99% natural. It is a shampoo based on Carapa procera oil and it is very concentrated since it is formulated without water.

Pso Natura Shampoo helps to effectively relieve itching and this from the first application. It also helps eliminate inflammation, cleanse the scalp and make scales disappear. Its effectiveness and economical format make it a renowned and recommended product.

Furthermore, it is respectful of the hair since it gives it softness, shine and suppleness.

This shampoo is used for a fortnight's treatment then as maintenance to keep new outbreaks of psoriasis at bay.


Furthermore, other natural solutions can be considered. Some essential oils or plants, such as calendula, can soothe psoriasis. The CBD is also increasingly highlighted for its benefits on itching.

The testimony of Sylvie Méliet, founder of Laboratoires LM Natura.

A miracle cure to fight psoriasis?

Sylvie Méliet has had psoriasis since she was 15. She has long tested numerous products to try to relieve your psoriasis present on his scalp, his joints and on the rest of his body. But in vain…

It was thanks to a friend who told her about an ancestral treatment from Guinea formulated with Carapa procera oil that her life took a turn. Initially skeptical due to her numerous disappointments, she decided to test this treatment anyway. What was her surprise when she noticed an improvement from the first days and that in one month all her traces had disappeared! It's a relief for her. No more fearing the gaze of others or trying to hide your tracks.

She then decides to go to the village in Guinea where this treatment is made. The oil used by the women of this village is known in the ethno-pharmacopoeia but is currently unknown in Europe. Sylvie Méliet will also note that Carapa procera oil not only has benefits on psoriasis but also on eczema, redness, scales, itching and even acne.

This is how LM Natura was born, with the desire to share the virtues of this oil with as many people as possible.



Psoriasis is a complex disease that alters the quality of life of patients on a physical and moral level. Although psoriasis cannot be cured at the moment, there are still treatments, particularly natural, that can relieve psoriasis and keep it at bay as much as possible.


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