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Psoriasis in photos

understand psoriasis in photosPsoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, manifesting in various forms, each with its unique characteristics.

To better understand this skin disease, we chose to combine  informations and images illustrating the different manifestations of psoriasis on the body.

We also help you understand its distinction from eczema.
Finally, you will also find before and after treatment photos of Pso Natura treatments for psoriasis.









How do you know if it's psoriasis? The different types of psoriasis in photos on the body

There are different cases of psoriasis light, moderate or severe shown below in images.

Plaque/scaly psoriasis

Most common form, characterized by thick, red, scaly patches, often on the knees, elbows and scalp.




guttate psoriasis in photoGuttate psoriasis

This type of psoriasis presents with small, teardrop-shaped lesions, often triggered by an infection, spreading across the torso, arms and legs.




inverted fold psoriasis in photoInverted or folded psoriasis

Affects folded areas of the body like the armpits and groin, with smooth, red lesions.




pustular psoriasis in photoPustular psoriasis

One of the forms of severe psoriasis, it presents white/yellow pustules which will coalesce. They are often located on the hands or feet.




Erythrodermic psoriasis in photosErythrodermic psoriasis

The most severe form of psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, causing widespread redness and peeling over most of the body, often accompanied by itching or pain.



Arthritic psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis in photosArthritic psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis combines joint inflammation and skin psoriasis, often affecting the hips, knees and spine.





Photos of psoriasis of the body: feet, hands, hair, elbows, face…

psoriasis of the hands and feet in photosPalmoplantar psoriasis hands and feet

This variation specifically targets the palms and soles, causing thick patches, painful cracks and noticeable flaking, strongly impacting mobility and dexterity.



nail psoriasis in photoNail psoriasis

Affecting fingernails and toenails, this type manifests as thickening, subungual discolorations, punctate spots, or detachment of the nail from the nail bed, impairing the aesthetics and function of the nails.



psoriasis in the hair in photoScalp psoriasis

Characterized by dense, scaly patches that can extend beyond the hairline, scalp psoriasis is often accompanied by itching and can be confused with severe dandruff.



psoriasis in the eyebrows on the face in photoFacial psoriasis

More delicate to treat because the facial skin is very thin. It is particularly placed on areas rich in sebaceous glands (Zone T). It can also be found on the eyelids, or hairy areas (beard, eyebrows) or even in the ears.



psoriasis on the elbow in photoElbow psoriasis

Often exposed and resistant, psoriasis at the elbows forms thick and scaly, persistent plaques, which can crack and bleed, impacting aesthetics and daily comfort.



genital psoriasis in photoGenital psoriasis

Can be internal or external. In women, the genital psoriasis is rather located at the level of the vulva and scrotum. In men it is found in the penis, glans and scrotum.




What skin disease is similar to psoriasis? Eczema or psoriasis in photos

Common points between psoriasis and eczema

eczema and psoriasis: common points in photos1- These are both skin diseases relatively common although more common in the case of eczema, and affecting all types of populations.
2- They alternate periods of flare-ups and remissions which vary from one person to another.
3- They are not neither one nor the other contagious disease.
4- They have genetic origins and their triggering is favored by environmental factors. She doesn't heal not but we can limit the effects in the long term. In the case of allergic or contact eczema, identifying the source will help stop the symptoms.
5-They frequently generate itching, consequences of dry skins. The treatments offered are often medicinal and based on cortisone in the form of creams.
6- Often benign, they can nevertheless in certain cases become severe and truly be a source of suffering in the daily lives of those affected.



What distinguishes psoriasis from eczema

psoriasis and eczema the differences in location in photosThe localisation

Psoriasis is more common on the legs, back and elbows, feet and hands, while eczema appears more in the folded areas (behind the knees or inside the arms). Eczema is often an allergenic reaction, and certain areas are spared compared to psoriasis such as the nails or mucous membranes.



psoriasis and eczema the differences in appearance in photosThe appearance of skin plaques

In the case of psoriasis they are generally well defined (drops or plaques), raised and covered with scales. While eczema patches are less raised and less well defined.
If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or dermatologist to make a more precise diagnosis and determine whether it is psoriasis or another disease such as eczema.



Before and after photos of Pso Natura treatment of people suffering from psoriasis

natural psoriasis treatment pso natura range in photo

Discover the action of the Pso Natura treatment formulated with Carapa procera oil on psoriasis, illustrating the effectiveness of our natural solutions, through photos before and after treatment.

 Le Foaming Regenerating Complex pso natura is a 100% natural treatment while being recognized as a Medical Device. It has proven its effectiveness in clinical studies against psoriasis up to 94% and helps eliminate stubborn plaques, scales, rash and itching.

La Rich Restructuring Cream complements the action of the Complex to rehydrate and sustainably nourish dry and suffering skin and thus helps to soothe itching.


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everything you need to know about psoriasis in photos

Psoriasis in photos

Understand psoriasis, the different types and parts of the body affected in images. See what distinguishes it from eczema and discover photo testimonials of pso natura treatment.

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