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Light therapy to treat acne

The usual chemical treatments for acne are corticosteroid creams, but they can be habit-forming. However, there are alternatives! We invite you to visit our section Akno Natura Regulatory Complex to learn more about natural acne treatments.

Light therapy and acne, definition

In France, acne affects 6 million people. Many of them use light therapy (or phototherapy) to treat their acne. Whether from those around you or from a doctor, you have probably already heard of this technique. But do you know how to define it?
Phototherapy is a general term whose etymology means “to treat with radiation”. It brings together all therapies that use various light sources (in terms of intensity and/or colors), such as:

  • Light therapy consists of exposing oneself to artificial white light (most often a lamp) which is similar to natural sunlight.
  • Chromotherapy which consists of exposing oneself to targeted colors (laser is the most frequently used technology).

In reality, we use the term phototherapy as well as light therapy to talk about all the techniques using light sources.


Light therapy for acne, but also for depression

Light therapy and its positive effects on depressionWhen we talk about light therapy, we generally think of its positive effects in treating seasonal depression. Indeed, by stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine in our body, phototherapy allows us to regain morale and energy. Powerful white light thus helps prevent depressive disorders, provided you are exposed to it daily. This technique poses no risk to the skin since the white light reproduces sunlight, but without emitting UVA or UVB, which are harmful to the epidermis.

Although widely recognized for its antidepressant actions, white light is not the only one to have many benefits for our skin!

LED lamps (light-emitting diodes) emit light rays of different colors and intensity and are therefore widely used. LEDs are therefore experiencing growing success because they have multiple beneficial effects for the skin.


How to treat acne with light therapy?

How to explain the massive use of LED rays? Popular in aesthetics by a growing number of patients concerned about the appearance of their skin, LEDs are fantastic tools. Indeed, LEDs have anti-aging, immune, healing and antibacterial properties. But above all, light therapy proves to be an excellent asset for treating acne and relieve itching or psoriasis.


Each color has its benefits for the skin


In order to treat skin pathologies such as acne, psoriasis or eczema, red rays are sometimes used in addition to blue light. As they accelerate healing, they cause an anti-inflammatory action.



Yellow lasers have an action capable of remodeling connective tissue. In addition, they boost the ability of our epidermis cells to produce elastin and collagen. However, specialists have known the properties of these two proteins for a long time. They allow our skin tissues to maintain their elasticity and thus make our skin supple and toned.



Blue light has several strings to its bow. Frequently used to facilitate and accelerate the healing of the skin, it helps reduce brown spots appearing with old age. Furthermore, it has also proven itself to erase all kinds of imperfections such as stretch marks, spider veins or even fine lines.

But it is to treat acne, psoriasis and eczema that light therapy is widely used. In reality, blue rays have an antiseptic action favoring the treatment of infected wounds. Moreover, a team of researchers from Boston University in the United States discovered that certain bacteria usually resistant to most common antibiotics became sensitive to classic antiseptics once exposed to blue light. (1)

As you will have understood, light therapy has multiple benefits for acne and our skin pathologies, but only on condition that it is used correctly.


Light therapy for acne: don't let blue light get to your skin!

Blue light and its harmful effects on the skinDespite the undeniable benefits of blue light, it is frequently criticized and its harmful effects have been highlighted several times. Indeed, it is not without risks for the human body as a whole. Your eyes and brain can suffer from its harmful effects.

It has visible negative effects if you exceed the duration of 30 minutes per day in front of a screen. However, on average, we spend 6 hours daily in front of our television screens, tablets and smartphones.

On the one hand, it is disastrous for our retina because it promotes the early onset of AMD and eye fatigue. (2)
But above all, blue light is also toxic for our skin. (3) Unfortunately, blue light is the third leading agent of skin aging after UV and pollution.


The harmful effects of blue light on our skin, on acne

Blue light is all the more insidious because, unlike the effects of UVA and UVB which burn our skin, it is perfectly painless. However, blue light has a longer wavelength than UVA and UVB. Unfortunately, a high wavelength causes very pernicious damage because it penetrates the epidermis more easily and more deeply.

Moreover, slowing down the healing and self-repair processes leads to premature skin aging. Your epidermal cells undergo intense oxidative stress, which will damage your cell membranes and eventually cause wrinkles to appear on your skin.

However, blue rays are present in our screens and in almost all LED lamps. SO, what are the alternatives to treat acne ?


Faced with skin pathologies, favor natural solutions

Despite its healing and antiseptic properties, light therapy is not a panacea. Don't panic, there are natural solutions to protect yourself from blue light!

Zinc is renowned for its beneficial effects on the skin. This trace element protects the cells of our epidermis from oxidative stress due to blue lights. Make sure to include this antioxidant in your plate! Eat foods rich in zinc such as oysters, egg yolks, wholemeal bread or lentils. On the other hand, avoid junk food which is too rich in bad sugar, bad fat and bad salt. It provides few nutrients to the body and promotes the appearance of dermatological problems.

Urban artist vitamin A intake, C and E should not be neglected. You can eat kiwis and citrus fruits for their vitamin C. As for vitamin E, prefer hazelnuts and almonds. Moreover, to implement a dietary rebalancing and detoxify your body, we recommend a spring detox cure, which will help you regain healthy, acne-free skin.


Natural treatments to treat acne naturally


In this regard, we recommend using food supplements rich in zinc and vitamins. Thus, your body will benefit from a complete detoxifying, purifying and stimulating action. They significantly improve digestive functions and contribute to skin protection, as demonstrated in our article oneffectiveness of plants on acne. See also our article on different natural solutions against acne.


Examples of anti-acne plants

Chamomile soothes stress. Stinging nettle and burdock are plants rich in trace elements and mineral salts. Zinc gluconate and vitamins B2, C and E are antioxidants that help detoxify and purify the body. These food supplements allow you to naturally treat your skin problems like acne, because they fight your stress from the inside.

On the other hand, our Akno Natura Regulating Complex helps eliminate bacteria that cause skin imperfections. It eliminates redness and spots and evens out skin texture. This 100% natural treatment fades scars thanks to two ingredients: vegetable potassium andCarapa Procera oil. The latter is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

There is no doubt that your skin will be grateful to you for preferring these effective natural solutions to chemical treatments that can lead to addiction.


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