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Psoriasis ointment or cream? Effectiveness and recommendations

Psoriasis ointment, cream, tubeHow to treat psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic disease linked to a deficient immune system. In the event of attack on the skin or in the event of stress, an inflammatory reaction occurs following an overproduction of skin cells. The symptoms of psoriasis are therefore plaques or drops on different areas of the body.

The multiplication of epidermal cells forms scales, small white crusts. The skin becomes very dry.

Typically, a psoriasis flare-up is accompanied by itching. The problem with psoriasis symptoms is therefore threefold: itching, dry skin and scales. To these first two symptoms, the response can often come from a bonne creme. A treatment which, at the same time, will soothe the burning skin, and nourish the epidermis. This will have a smoother appearance.

However, the third objective, the elimination of scales and redness, plaques or drops of psoriasis is much more difficult. What are the solutions ?


What is psoriasis ointment?

Originally, the ointment was a cosmetic preparation made from apple pulp. The term has broadened to designate today a substance of soft consistency, intended to be applied on the skin or mucous membranes. It is made up of a fatty excipient containing one or more active ingredients.


Psoriasis treatment, ointment or cream for the skin?

Psoriasis ointment and topical corticosteroids

The ointment has a medical connotation, since it is mainly used for treat the skin, repair it. Thus, the term is more frequently found in pharmacies, for care with or without a prescription. Most often, medical ointments contain dermo-corticoids, based on cortisone..


Ointment, still a cortisone medication?

The term ointment is sometimes used for marketing reasons. Thus, certain treatments qualify as ointments. Especially to emphasize the treatment aspect of care. Thus, an ointment may contain only natural ingredients (or not). Its broad definition allows this.


What ointment to use for psoriasis? With or without a prescription

Psoriasis ointment on prescription in pharmacyThe application of an ointment must be done on the advice of a doctor or dermatologist, or even under medical supervision. Addiction to dermis-corticosteroid substances is a major risk.
Also, its use and stopping treatment must be well supervised, as with any medication. This is why the advice of a dermatologist is essential.

Some also contain vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D analogs like calcipotriol help fight cell overproduction. They have keratolytic properties. It is not vitamin D in itself that allows treatment of psoriasis, but rather its analogues, its derivatives, as health professionals will confirm.

Psoriasis ointments can be prescribed for any type of psoriasis, in patches or drops. They can be applied to all areas of the body, even the mucous membranes. Generally, this type of cream also corresponds to skin affected by eczema.

An ointment is inherently an oily substance. It therefore nourishes the skin with fatty active ingredients, such as karité for example.


One ointment and my psoriasis is cured?

Psoriasis is a disease from which there is currently no cure. Psoriasis is linked to a genetic predisposition. It is currently not possible to modify a specific bouquet of genes. Thus, any psoriasis treatment can only help eliminate the lesions. Certain treatments can help space out psoriasis flare-ups.

Psoriasis attacks are most often activated by stress in particular. However, it will be possible to act on the causes of the flare-ups. This will make the fight against psoriasis more effective. For this reason, our Laboratories have developed the Detox & Zen capsules. They help to act on stress, but also on disorders of the digestive system. In fact, digestive weakness can lead to dermatological problems.


What is keratolytic psoriasis treatment?

It helps to loosen and eliminate keratin from the skin. Psoriasis plaques or drops are covered with overproducing epidermal cells. A keratolytic treatment will therefore facilitate their elimination. The process for this type of product is chemical.

A non-medicated cosmetic cream can hardly claim keratolytic action.


How to treat psoriasis with a cream?

Psoriasis creamA cream can be both moisturizing and nourishing. Skin hydration corresponds to water intake. The epidermis actually needs water. However, suffering skin, such as psoriasis or eczema, also needs to be NOURISHED. that's why it must contain fatty active ingredients. The drying action of limescale in water is common. It can be countered by good hydration.

However, some creams are mainly moisturizing products. For the treatment of psoriasis or eczema, you must therefore be careful to choose a cream that is also rich in fat. Otherwise, the treatment of psoriasis and its lesions would be insufficient.


Psoriasis treatment consult the list of ingredients

According to regulations, the composition of any ointment or cream must appear on the product box, or even on the treatment itself. However, legally the list of ingredients must be classified in order of importance. The most present ingredient is therefore at the top of the list. We can thus quickly see the presence of fatty active ingredients in a prominent place.


Pso Natura psoriasis creamPso Natura Rich Cream

Let’s take the example of Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream. In the top 6 ingredients, we find water of course, but also 3 oils and a fatty substance (glycerin). Carapa procera oil, exclusive to LM Natura, is in 2nd position behind water for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apricot kernel oil follows immediately. This oil has antioxidant properties. This oil also allows good assimilation into the epidermis. It helps to leave the skin feeling satiny. Thus, Pso Natura Rich Cream is rich in fat content, while being pleasant to use.

Additionally, marula oil works to strengthen the skin's lipid barrier. It is therefore suitable for protecting it from external attacks. It fights against dryness, irritation and skin redness. Non-irritating, it is very well tolerated on the skin.

This cream is all the more interesting as it is 99% natural. No side effects to worry about. Its long-lasting effectiveness throughout the day is an additional argument to designate it as an ideal cream for suffering skin.


Which cream for psoriasis face?

Most creams recommended for psoriasis or very dry or even scaly skin are oily. This is certainly a guarantee of efficiency. However, for the face, they risk giving an overly shiny, shiny appearance to the skin. Pso Natura Rich Cream allows you to obtain a satiny visual result on the skin. This is why it is particularly recommended for the body and face.


What is the most effective treatment for psoriasis?

Natural psoriasis treatment
100% natural treatment, to help eliminate psoriasis on the body and face

You will have understood: a cream alone can hardly completely treat psoriasis. It can hydrate and nourish the skin. It can even, if it is of quality, help soothe itching. This is what the vast majority of creams on the market offer, with or without a prescription. Their limitation is that they cannot eliminate plaques and marks.

For this, another treatment should be added. This could be a topical corticosteroid treatment as prescribed by the vast majority of dermatologists and doctors. We will therefore find ointments. But there is a treatment that helps whiten psoriasis : the Pso Natura Foaming Regenerative Complex. This treatment is a recognized Medical Device. Clinical studies have proven 94% effective on psoriasis*.

This treatment stands out for its naturalness. It is 100% plant-based. We recommend treatment for 1 month on average, with one to two applications per day. This treatment allows the elimination of traces. It must be supplemented by good hydration with La Crème Riche Pso Natura. The combination of the two treatments allows for particularly effective psoriasis treatment. No side effects or addiction effects.

See our recommendations for infant psoriasis.


Lotions and shampoos especially for the scalp

Dermo-corticoid lotions

psoriasis-scalp-itchingPsoriasis affects the scalp in 50% of cases of psoriatic people. Here again, on prescription, topical corticosteroid lotions, such as Diprosalic, will often be prescribed. Just like cortisone-based balms and ointments, the results are there. However, the habituation effect can lead to reduced effectiveness over time. The scalp tends to become thinner and therefore more fragile if the treatment is carried out over time.

Salicylic acid lotions are also prescribed.


Shampoos for scalp psoriasis

Natural treatment for scalp psoriasisSeveral psoriasis shampoos help fight against scalp scales and itching. Without a prescription, certain shampoos address one or other of the symptoms. Rarely both.

Le Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo helps soothe the scalp and cleanse it. Complete in its action, it is also 99% natural. It is used as a daily treatment for around two weeks. This ultra-concentrated shampoo helps soothe itching from day one. Allow 2 weeks for a cleansed scalp. Subsequently, it will be used as a maintenance treatment or only in the event of a recurrence of psoriasis.


Which ointment for pustular or erythrodermic psoriasis?

This type of psoriasis is characterized by the presence of pus-filled pustules, surrounded by red, inflamed skin. It remains a complicated case to treat. Consultation with a health specialist or dermatologist is necessary in this case to obtain personalized treatment.

Conclusion on psoriasis ointments and creams

Most specific creams for psoriasis or eczema are in fact rich in fat. Clearly, they are most often made from oil.

Actually the definition of ointment is very similar to that of cream. So, the use of the term ointment in cosmetics these days is more about marketing than anything else.

Creams are essential hydration supplements in the fight against psoriasis. However, if they are cosmetic, they cannot whiten psoriasis on their own. Their action must be supplemented by more effective treatment to remove the marks of the disease.

*28-day study, 32 patients with mild to moderate psoriasis.

sources: Vidal – local treatments for psoriasis




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