Natural treatment for pimples and imperfections

Akno Natura Regulatory Complex 50ml


Tired of pimples, blackheads and blemishesHere is a complete and simple to use treatment.

  • A 100% natural treatment to be used as a 1-month treatment, then occasionally for maintenance
  • Help to cleanse the skin and quickly eliminate buttons, even the scars light
  • Contribute to prevent the appearance of new imperfections
  • Visible results from the first days according to clinical studies*:

Scrubbing effect 79%
Cleansed skin 79%
Smooth skin 74%

The Akno Natura Complex is aimed at combination to oily skin prone to imperfections, redness and scars.

*20 people, men and women


-20% on the first order

48 h 

The benchmark anti-imperfection treatment

3 actions in 1, incomparable and rapid results on pimples and imperfections:


Exfoliating action, acno natura complex

It favors theelimination of dead cells which clog pores, thanks to its natural exfoliating microbeads.
The skin texture is refined and the complexion evened out.
This treatment helps to smooth or even remove scars linked to buttons.

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Scrubbing action, acno natura complex

It concentrates in structures rich in lipids, and unclogs pores as well as the sebum causing pimples.


purifying action, acno-natura complex

Antibacterial, the Regulatory Complex helps to eliminate bacteria that causes skin imperfections, inflammations, pimples, redness.
He maintains thebalance of skin flora and prevents external attacks.

First visible results in just a few days! The skin regains its purity, imperfections and spots fade day by day and disappear on average after 2 weeks of daily treatment.

Discover the testimonials.

Acne testimony


"I am very happy with the result."

before and after use acno complex

Natural exfoliation against imperfections

Cystic acne and its natural treatmentsExfoliation is a mechanical process to remove dead skin cells. Thanks to this process, the cell regeneration is facilitated and the appearance of theepidermis is healthier. The skin texture is thus smoother and more regular. These small dead cells are responsible for theclogged pores. Exfoliating allows you to clean them and thus limit the appearance of a blockage, the famous blackhead, which can potentially turn into a pimple.

Exfoliation is part of a beauty routine to adopt. Be careful, however, to choose your exfoliant carefully. It is better to forget about large grains that are too aggressive for the thin skin of the face, especially if there is redness. The grain should be fine to very fine, as in the Regulatory Complex. The skin will thus be gently exfoliated, for optimal renewal of the upper layer of the epidermis. The gentleness of the exfoliation is an important criterion for choosing treatment ; A treatment that is too abrasive would ultimately be harmful to the skin.

The Akno Natura Complex meets this requirement of respect for the skin thanks to the peeling action of the loofah. The sponge, made of natural plant fibers, has two sides for two types of exfoliation: a soft side for very sensitive areas (around the eyes, from the mouth), and a fibrous side for greater exfoliation. We recommend the use of the loofah by tapping rather than by massage to avoid any attack on the skin.

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Take care of your skin naturally

acne rosacea and adult acneThe multiplication of products does not in any way improve the treatment of imperfections. The compositions risk mixing and losing their effectiveness. In addition, skin cell renewal takes place over a 28-day cycle; visible and successful results will generally take 28 days to appear.

Whatever the treatment used, it is possible to notice the first immediate effects, but it is important to consider the effect of a treatment over time. It is sometimes possible that in the short term a treatment gives a good result, but in the medium term (28 days), very different results. This is why we recommend the use of the Complex as a treatment, over 1 month, even if the pimples disappear within 15 days, to effectively treat your pimples. To get it all, check out the article Understanding the manifestations of acne.

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Use Case

A treatment that respects the skin for gentle treatment of pimples

This simple-to-use natural treatment against skin imperfections: the treatment comes with a loofah sponge specially designed to fit the contours and roughness of the face.

loofah sponge, acno natura complex
  • Run the loofah under water to moisten it well and soften the fibers
  • Place a dab of the Complex on the loofah, then run it under water for a second
application of acno natura complex
  • Work into a lather by tapping first on your hand; the foam is white and abundant
  • Then apply by massaging / tapping on the skin
acno natura complex rinse
  • Without exposure time, rinse
  • Pat your skin dry with a towel
treatment application of the acno natura complex
  • Apply twice a day for 2 month for optimal effectiveness, even if the pimples disappear after 1 weeks.

This treatment is 100% naturall and is formulated without water. As a result, the foaming paste may appear hard when opening the jar. We recommend simply adding a few drops of mineral water directly to the pot. In a few hours, the texture will be softened and more comfortable to use. The effectiveness of the treatment on pimples will not be diluted in any way.

A 100% natural treatment

The Akno Natura Foaming Regulatory Complex helps to unclog poresfight against bacteria and contributes to fade scars linked to pimples thanks to a 100% natural formula. It is composed of only two ingredients: Carapa procera oil and vegetable Potassium made from wild plants. Carapa procera produces an oil with fabulous virtues: regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing.

Efficacy test

Scrubbing effects 79%

Cleansed skin 79%

Smooth skin 74%

Clinical study carried out on 20 people, men and women.

carapa procura oil for acno natura complex, our exclusivity

Carapa procera oil, an exclusive

Our treatment is formulated with rare Carapa procera oil. This tree, which only grew in the wild until we planted the first eco-forest in the world, produces seeds which allow the extraction of an oil rich in numerous virtues, notably anti- inflammatory and healing. The saga of the adventure of our founder, Sylvie Méliet:

Valuation of Carapa procera – Presentation of our NGO

Ingredients of Akno Natura Regulatory Complex

You are often advised to always check the ingredient list. If you are looking for a natural treatment, it is recommended that you keep the list of ingredients short. With the Akno Natura Regulating Complex, you will notice that there are only 2 ingredients.

This treatment is ultra-concentrated and contains no water, no parabens, no preservatives or perfume.

carapace procura, ingredient of the acno-natura complex

Carapa procera oil

We rediscovered the virtues of this oil, then only recognized by certain ethno-pharmacopoeia treatises. We have registered it in international nomenclatures. We have the exclusivity. Our oil comes from a very particular region of Guinea, where the biotope (the qualities of the soil and the environment) is quite exceptional and thus confers even more powerful virtues.

vegetable potassium, ingredient of the acno natura complex

Plant potassium

The vegetable potassium in this treatment is obtained exclusively from local plants, whose intrinsic acidity gives it a strong foaming power.

Various information on the natural treatment of acne

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