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Eczema capsules

Detox & Zen capsules

Fight against stress and digestive disorders

These 2 in 1 food supplements combine their action to fight against the causes of the occurrence of skin disorders. They are 100% natural. Even their capsule is plant-based.

  • Detox action: they help to cleanse the digestive system. Science has proven the relationship between digestive dysfunction and the appearance of skin disorders.
  • Zen action: they help to act on the stress level. An overactive nervous system is often the cause of eczema flare-ups.

Thus, Detox and Zen capsules constitute an additional natural asset to combat skin problems such as eczema. They act on the causes and must therefore be supplemented by Pso Natura topical treatments. Only these treatments can help eliminate redness and scales.


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Eczema and intestinal transit

eczema and intestinal transit

Poor intestinal transit often leads to skin problems. If they are tired or overloaded with toxins, the digestive system and liver no longer work correctly. The help of dietary supplements helps solve the problem.

An eczema attack, in the case of contact eczema, is linked to an allergy. In addition to finding the source of the allergy, natural food supplements, non-aggressive, help restore the intestinal flora.

Eczema and stress

Stress tends to stimulate attacks of atopic eczema. This is why it is essential to act as part of anti-eczema treatment. Stress impacts brain functioning:

  • In cases of stress and anxiety, the production of neurotransmitter molecules is created. They promote theinflammation of the skin.. Inflammation is therefore stimulated by the brain in response to stress.
  • The link between stress and eczema has been identified by many researchers. Stress is clearly a triggering factor for eczema attacks.

Combating stress and digestive disorders is essential to treating eczema. But it is not enough.

Skin problems should be addressed by topical care to reduce the marks. An anti-stress treatment is therefore a comfort treatment. It is a complementary contribution for the fight against eczema.


Detox action

blackcurrant flower, ingredient in eczema capsules

Blackcurrant flower

Known for its detoxifying action, it stimulates the elimination of waste. It is also full of vitamin C. It thus helps to remineralize the body.

turmeric, ingredient in eczema capsules


It is an effective stimulant of digestive activity. It acts in particular on the production of bile.

artichoke, eczema capsules ingredient


Known for its purifying properties, the artichoke also acts on bile.

black radish, eczema capsules ingredient

Black radish

This root is particularly effective in detoxifying the digestive system. It helps eliminate toxins.

Zen action

linden, eczema capsules ingredient

Lime Tree

Linden leaves are rich in trace elements and vitamins. They help to act on stress. They also promote calming for falling asleep. In addition, lime tree has depurative and diuretic properties. It therefore fits perfectly into the logic of Detox and Zen capsules.

Escholtzia, eczema capsules ingredient


The escholtzia flower belongs to the poppy family. It is known to help combat stress.

mixed race, eczema capsule ingredients


In the “Zen” part of the capsules, lemon balm has been selected for its soothing and relaxing action. Additionally, lemon balm is known to help resolve digestive issues. A double-effect ingredient for enhanced overall effectiveness.

Rhodiola Rosea​, ingredient in eczema capsules

Rhodiola Rosea

This plant acts on reducing the level of cortisol. Cortisol is a naturally produced hormone. It stimulates stress.