Psoriasis, dry skin, hydration/regeneration cream

Rich Restructuring Cream 200ml

Psoriasis cream for scaly, itchy skin

  • For the natural treatment for psoriasis, cream as a cosmetic complement to the Pso Natura Complex
  • Helps smooth flakes from dry or flaky skin
  • Helps to soothe itching lastingly
  • Cream rich in fatty active ingredients while leaving the skin satiny, without sticking


-20% on the first order

48 h 

The benefits on redness, scales and itching

Whether you suffer from psoriasis or more generally cutaneous dryness, rash, dander or itching, Pso Natura Cream is a dermatological treatment with exceptional virtues:

Moisturizing and nourishing action of Pso Natura Rich Cream against psoriasis

Moisturizing and nourishing cream

Any suffering skin presents symptoms of cutaneous dryness. The epidermis is thirsty and hungry. For thirst, the Cream offers both water intake. For hunger, oil intake helps to feed the epidermis in depth and over time, in an exceptional way.

Anti-inflammatory action of Pso Natura Rich Cream against psoriasis

Anti-inflammatory cream

Carapa procera oil (our exclusivity) is at the heart of the cream formula, for its soothing virtues. This dermatological cream relieves itching that affects irritated and dry skin. The presence of'Aloe vera and D'Alpha bisabolol natural substances contribute to soothe et restructure the epidermis. They fight effectively against itching and injury skin. The fire in the skin is soothed.

Emollient action of Pso Natura Rich Cream for psoriasis and dry skin

Emollient cream

The association of oils of Carapa procera, Marula, de apricot kernel and beurre de karité helps to melt skin imperfections and restructure it for to fix. In addition to the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, it helps to eliminate flakes and scales from the epidermis.

Restorative action of Pso Natura Rich Cream for psoriasis and dry skin

Restorative cream

The cream promotes healing of the skin and reconstruction of the epidermis.

Results of clinical studies​

Skin hydration rate

Long-lasting hydration

After 1 hour: 91%

After 2 hours: 69%

After 4 hours: 43%

Results of the clinical efficacy study on hydrating power of the cream. Scientists describe the results as “exceptional”. Test on 10 women. Average age 54 years. Skin type: dry to very dry.

Psoriasis face, eyes, eyelids and body, real comfort of use

Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream penetrates quickly and let her healthier, more even, smoother skin. Day after day, the skin regains its balance, the epidermis is soothed. In addition, as it spreads easily, it is therefore economical since little is needed. The feat of our laboratories is to have developed a cream, lighter than a ointment, rich in fats, while leaving the skin satiny and non-sticky. 

Results of clinical studies of Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream

Use Case

Use Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream
  • Pour a dab of treatment into your hand
  • The cream spreads well, no need for a large quantity
Use Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream
  • Apply to dry skin on targeted areas
  • Massage gently to penetrate.
Use Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream
  • The cream penetrates quickly
  • It leaves the skin satiny, without sticking
use 2 times a day psoriasis cream
  • Use twice daily as part of a treatment course is recommended.
  • Also effective between two treatments, to help keep skin problems at bay.

Who is it for? This particularly gentle cream for the epidermis is suitable for very young children. See the article on infant psoriasis.

It can be used by both men and women. This cream contains a minimal quantity of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, so, as a precaution, we do not recommend it for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

On which parts of the body? This treatment cream can be used on all parts of the body or only on skin lesions or red patches, especially on hands and feet suffering from cracks.

If you use the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, the hydration stage takes place after.


Treatment of psoriasis: hydration, a necessity

The virtues of a good psoriasis cream allow you to:

  • Regulate the keratinization and flaking, emollient effect.
  • Maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and avoid new lesions.
  • Better control dermal inflammatory manifestations.
  • Fight against dryness caused by specific treatments.
  • Provide essential nutrients to the skin.
  • Fight against skin aging.

For irritated or sensitive and irritable areas, hydration will allow d'soothe the skin and cleanse it.

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Hydration of psoriasis: a necessity, pso natura shampoo

Cream for redness, scales, itching

Redness of the skin, in patches, drops or in the form of pimples, indicates poor skin health. Pso Natura Cream, notably thanks to the exceptional virtues anti-inflammatory Carapa procera oil helps restore healthy skin.

La cutaneous dryness indicates an imbalance of the epidermis. The association of Carapa procera oil, Marula oils and apricot kernel and beurre de karité constitutes the heart of the formula of this emollient cream which helps, like an ointment, to nourish and eliminate dander and scales from the epidermis. This restorative eye cream also has a healing action.

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Treat psoriasis and dry skin

When la skin is fragile, thinner, thinned, it is dry or even very dry. Moreover, it most often follows itching. Psoriasis itself is source of skin dehydration.

A study carried out on 70 South Korean patients(1) shows that the degree of dryness of psoriatic lesions appears to be correlated with the overall severity of the disease.

Psoriasis and dry skin

Psoriatic skin abnormalities

Skin abnormalities in psoriatic patients present many similarities with what is observed in hydration disorders:

  • Thickened stratum corneum
  • Reduced granular layer
  • Disruption of the transformation of profilaggrin to filaggrin
  • Thickened Malpighian mucous body
  • Inflammatory infiltration of the dermis

Additionally, some specific psoriasis treatments also dry out the skin.

Psoriasis arms and specialized cream

Psoriasis, weakened, thinner skin

The best psoriasis moisturizers and ointments 

The best creams must hydrate and nourish, without ever altering the quality of the skin.

Psoriasis medications, cortisone creams

Certain treatments can weaken the skin. This is particularly the case for long-term topical corticosteroid medications. A shock, too much friction and the skin starts to bleed. This is why the use of a natural cream is particularly recommended to avoid this thinning of the skin and on the contrary to strengthen the epidermis. 

psoriasis and weakened skin

The prerequisites for a good anti-psoriasis cream

Hydrating properly every day can reduce superficial aging of the skin by 50%. To do this, you must first think about moisturize your skin once or twice a day using an appropriate cream:

- The barrier against external aggression will be renewed.

– The skin will regain some of its elasticity and flexibility.

When exposed to the sun, post-exposure hydration is an absolute necessity to avoid skin problems.

The prerequisites for a good psoriasis cream for body and face

Ingredients of Pso Natura Rich Cream

La Crème Riche contains only 1% synthetic ingredients. Quite simply because we couldn't avoid it. However, rest assured, the Cream is formulated without paraben, EDTA, perfume or synthetic coloring.
89% are natural ingredients and 10% of natural origin.

With this cream, tested under dermatological control, you will be sure to offer your skin a concentrate of naturalness and a great ally against redness, scales and itching.

List in order of decreasing capacity:


Made in FranceMade in France

Ingredient Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura Carapa procera

Carapa procera oil

This oil, a treasure of the ethno-pharmacopoeia, is used exclusively by our laboratories. It brings together a combination of particularly rare active ingredients to both fight against inflammation of the skin but also to better regenerate it.

Ingredient Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

The reputation of Aloe vera is well established. These plant extracts act on inflammation of the epidermis, better hydrate it, and soothe itching.

Ingredient Pso Natura Marula Rich Restructuring Cream


Marula oil is known for dry skin thanks to its hydrating and emollient properties.

Ingredient Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura Natural Bisabolol

Natural Bisabolol

Derived from chamomile, Bisabolol is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Ingredient Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil

In addition to its effectiveness in helping lesions heal. This geranium essential oil gives the Cream a discreet floral and natural scent.

Ingredient Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura Shea Butter

Shea Butter

The virtues of beurre de karité are numerous for the skin. Known and recognized for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, shea butter is an excellent vegetable oil. Thanks to the presence of vitamins A, E and F and latex, it has a strong nourishing power which will deeply hydrate the epidermis, even the driest skin.

What makes psoriasis worse? Cold

Cold is one of the environmental factors that can worsen psoriasis. With the cold the skin becomes fragile, it becomes thinner. However, avoid woolen clothing if the skin is very fragile; they can be irritating to the skin because they are source of friction , which is particularly not recommended in cases of psoriasis.

Dry your skin thoroughly before applying a psoriasis cream

Poorly dried skin, on which small drops of water remain, will tend to dry out. This is also why baths are not recommended dermatologically; the skin is exposed to air for too long while it is still damp.

How to properly treat / cure psoriasis? Dry your skin thoroughly before applying a psoriasis cream

Psoriasis is activated by friction which is interpreted by the skin as an attack and stimulates overproduction of epidermal cells. This is why it is essential to dry your skin gently, using patting motions to better respect the skin. The application of a psoriasis cream must be carried out on well-dried skin, to allow better penetration and therefore better hydration.

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Live at the right temperature at home

Be vigilant about the heat and humidity levels in your home or office. Are your mucous membranes dry in the morning? This is a sign of a need to humidify the ambient air in your home. To do this, you can choose from the least expensive to the most expensive: placing a container of water under your radiators or purchasing an air humidifier.

What is the most effective treatment for psoriasis?

Which cream against psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that affects 2 to 5% of the world's population. The disease is due to a genetic predisposition on the one hand. On the other hand, psoriasis flare-ups are activated by stress but also sometimes by taking certain medications. A psoriasis flare-up is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. It can occur all over the body, face, scalp and even reach the genital area. Regardless of the areas of the body affected or the type of psoriasis, appropriate treatment must be implemented. 

Whatever the forms of psoriasis, whether it is a gout psoriasis or plaque psoriasis, the scales, results of the presence of keratinocytes, generally cover the traces of psoriasis. Thus, these small whitish crusts result from too rapid regeneration of epidermal cells at a rate of 4 to 7 days, instead of the usual 28 days. They therefore end up piling up on the skin.
A flare-up of psoriasis is most often accompanied by itching. They are a signal of a skin disorder.
Applying a medicated or non-medicated psoriasis cream will help soothe itching and nourish the skin. On the other hand, when used alone, it will most often not be able to completely eliminate traces or plaques.

Applying a psoriasis cream will help soothe itching and nourish the skin. On the other hand, when used alone, it will most often not be able to completely eliminate traces or plaques. There are several moisturizing or emollient products available in pharmacies. If it comes to over-the-counter psoriasis creams, these products should be both moisturizing and nourishing. Dermatologists, in their prescriptions, most often favor creams based on cortisone or vitamin D or salicylic acid. Vigilance is then required to know the side effects of these products.

Note, however, that for forms of scalp psoriasis, creams are not recommended. Better to use a shampoo.

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Hydration for other cases of redness and scales

Mediafixer redness and scales are not necessarily linked to a problem of psoriasis or eczema. According to the SFD, French Society of Dermatology, in 2017 in France, nearly 1/3 of the population was affected by a skin disease, or 16 million people. This is without taking into account the various momentary imbalances of the skin, such as skin rash, which are not qualified as “skin diseases”.
In total, approximately 5 million French people suffer from psoriasis or eczema, but there are still millions of other people who are victims of different conditions. In addition to specific treatments in local application, the fact remains that the hydration gesture is always essential to provide comfort and soothing to the skin.
We recommend always favoring natural solutions for skin problems, outbreaks of psoriasis or redness, so as not to cause any addiction phenomenon or side effects.

Special recommendation for palmar-plantar psoriasis

In case of palmar-plantar psoriasis (on the hands or feet), the skin is weakened and may present injury, or even crevices. In addition to specific treatment against psoriasis, such as treatment Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, it is advisable to hydrate your skin with a very hydrating cream, rich in oil. Since the cream penetrates quickly, it can be used on the soles, palms or on the genitals.

Since psoriasis is one of the autoimmune diseases, it is essential not to scratch the epidermis, so as not to attack it. Otherwise, for these specific forms of psoriasis, the flare-ups would then be stimulated.

Since the Complex is bactericidal and it tingles unpleasantly on wounds, it is recommended, Firstly, start treating the skin to reabsorb the lesions, with a very oily cream, such as Rich Restructuring Cream.

Our treatments have been tested by independent dermatologists.

hand foot psoriasis to treat naturally

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