LM Natura psoriasis natural treatment

Psoriasis capsules

Detox & Zen capsules

2 in 1 capsules
Help fight the causes of skin disorders from within

  • Detox action: help to cleanse the digestive system, the dysfunction of which is often the cause of skin problems.
  • Zen action: help to soothe the stress often causing outbreaks of psoriasis or eczema.

Detox & Zen capsules are a additional natural asset to fight against skin problems, in addition to our Pso Natura topical treatments.

100% natural capsules. The capsule is also plant-based.



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Psoriasis and intestinal transit

Digestive and intestinal disorders are often the cause of skin problems. Sometimes overloaded or tired, the digestive system and the liver are no longer able to carry out their work correctly and toxins that they fail to eliminate can appear directly on the epidermis.

Absolute scientific proof of the link between a deficient or disturbed digestive system and psoriasis has not, to our knowledge, been formally established, but suspicions are strong and more and more scientific studies are pointing in this direction. (source: Dr E.Delporte)

This is why it is essential to help the body restore the intestinal flora, ideally through natural food supplements, non-aggressive.

Some advice on food supplements for psoriasis. Also read our special report: good eating habits in case of psoriasis.

Our Laboratories offer a short range of treatments, because we want to get to the essentials. However, be aware that certain other food supplements may be interesting, in addition to Detox & Zen Capsules. Here are some so-called favorable ingredients in the fight against psoriasis:

Trace elements, zinc

Some studies suggest that zinc may reduce inflammation in skin lesions.

Evening primrose oil

Rich in fatty acids, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin D

Here again, for allergy sufferers, vitamin D plays an important role for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Carapa oil is at the heart of the formulation of our topical treatments and contains Omega 6. Eat fish regularly, this may be enough to provide you with an Omega 3 supplement.

“Good in your body, good in your head”, this motto underlies the research in our laboratories. These food supplements help to better cope with weather problems, at the same time as they act on stress and the digestive system.

Our Detox & Zen Capsules should preferably be consumed before the end of July 2023. This is an Optimal Use By Date (DLUO), recognizable by the words “preferably consumed before the end”. Consumption of a product after exceeding the shelf life does not in any way constitute a health risk, and the virtues of our Capsules are not altered.

Psoriasis and stress

Even if it is not the only one responsible for triggering the psoriasis and flare-ups,  stress is recognized as an aggravating factor of the disease. Reduce the stress does not eliminate traces of psoriasis, but a calm body will then be more able to fight against psoriasis alongside appropriate treatment. This is why we carry out a inner peace is beneficial for health and mental health and therefore beneficial against psoriasis.

See Information on psoriasis.

So why would stress be a trigger factor or aggravating? It is a mechanical effect of the brain:

  • Every anxiety, small or large, creates neurotransmitters.
  • These molecules encourage theinflammation of the skin.
  • Who says inflammation says aggression identified by the skin, the cells then begin to multiply.

In the case of a person with psoriasis, the cell renewal is much faster and larger than normal. This is why, in some cases, stress will cause psoriasis flare-ups. The link between stress and psoriasis is unmistakable and unanimously recognized by numerous study centers, researchers, doctors and naturopaths.

Stress is ultimately only a crisis activator. This is why it is essential to relieve stress in order to limit a psoriasis flare-up.

Limiting stress helps limit flare-ups, but does not help reduce plaques or drops already present on the skin. This is why it is important to treat psoriasis with topical treatments (skin care) adapted.

An anti-stress treatment or treatment will therefore be considered as a comfort treatment and an additional contribution within the framework of the fight against psoriasis.