LM Natura psoriasis natural treatment

Treat psoriasis


Regenerative Complex 100ml or 200ml

Helps naturally relieve psoriasis and problem skin

  •  100% natural foaming treatment
  •  94% proven effectiveness on Psoriasis by clinical studies
  •  The only natural treatment on the market, recognized as a medical device for psoriasis
  •  Results in 1 month on average to help disappear redness, scales and itching

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smiling woman thanks to psoriasis complex

Testimonials on psoriasis


“I have had psoriasis for over 30 years. After 1 month of using the Complex, the results are spectacular!

Since then, I have continued to use this treatment and the cream for maintenance. One pot a year is enough for me, it’s just in case of crisis.” 


“I have searched for over 60 years, I have never found such an effective product. All over the body and at the elbows, the results are spectacular”

Examples before and after Pso Natura

Which plant to treat psoriasis?
Carapa Procera oil

Our exclusivity

Against psoriasis, carapa procera oil, our exclusive

At the origin of this natural anti-psoriasis treatment

The Complex is the first treatment developed by Sylvie Méliet, the founder of LM Natura, inspired by an ancestral recipe from Guinea.See Testimony from the founder.
Chance or destiny, it was thanks to a trip to Africa that Sylvie Méliet discovered the incredible properties of Carapa procera oil.

A natural treatment based on Carapa procera oil

The properties of this oil are multiple, including anti-inflammatory and healing properties and it is certified that it can treat psoriasis. (see information on this disease) from which she has suffered since adolescence.

Skeptical after many years of testing all kinds of products and without great results, she tests it all the same. In one month, to his great surprise, all his traces disappear, the change in life begins.

She decided to make this ancestral remedy from Africa known to as many people as possible, assimilated to the family of grandmother's remedies to help as many people as possible suffering from psoriasis and skin problems.

First steps towards this natural anti-redness treatment

She went to the village in Guinea that held the original recipe and founded an association there with the women of the village. Today, this recognized NGO (non-governmental organization) association operates on the principles of fair trade and works for the organized planting of Carapa procera.

Since 2017, Sylvie Méliet, with the NGO, has started to plant the first eco-forest in the world of Carapa procera, on site in Guinea, because this until now wild species, endangered, deserves to be saved and know the notoriety


Depending on body parts

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