Natural treatment for psoriasis, redness, scales


Regenerative Complex 100ml or 200ml

Helps naturally relieve psoriasis and problem skin

  •  100% natural foaming treatment
  •  94% proven effectiveness on Psoriasis by clinical studies
  •  The only natural treatment on the market, recognized as a medical device for psoriasis
  •  Results in 1 month on average to help disappear redness, scales and itching

59,90  - 99,90 

-20% on the first order

48 h 

A natural solution for the treatment of psoriasis and redness

Day 1

complex sporiasis treatment, after 10 days the traces whiten​

From the first days

  • The skin flakes begin to fade.
  • The skin becomes pinker.This is linked to the stimulation of the micro-circulation of blood vessels by massage.

Day 10

complex psoriasis treatment, after 30 days, the skin is cleansed​

After 10 days, the marks whiten

  • Care continues to help skin feel smoother and softer.
  • La Reduction of traces takes place from the outside to the inside. The pinkish tint of the skin becomes lighter.

Day 30

complex treatment of psoriasis from the first days

After 30 days, the skin is cleansed

  • She regains her feelings touch.
  • The treatment acts to help continue to eliminate traces.
  • Continue the treatment a few days after total disappearance to better prolong the remission period.

Results in 1 month

In an average of one month of use, the Regenerative Complex helps treat psoriasis and remove traces of psoriasis and inflammatory reactions.

Depending on the person, the type of psoriasis, and its intensity, the first visible results can be obtained after just one week. But also sometimes in a little longer than a month (learn more at our clinical studies).

100% NATURAL formula, presents no risk of addiction for the skin.

Complete the treatment with Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream, to hydrate and nourish the skin. The cream is formulated with Carapa procera oil and is enriched with aloe vera and shea butter.

Efficacy test, mild to moderate psoriasis

the itching is soothed 100%

The skin feels less tight 100%

Traces smoothed, to sight and touch 97%

Visibly healthier skin 94%

I regain my natural pigmentation 94%

Overall effectiveness noted by the dermatologist 94%

The itching is soothed  


               The skin feels less tight           


Smoothed marks, to sight and touch


Visibly healthier skin   


I find my natural pigmentation


Overall effectiveness noted by the dermatologist


Additional clinical study carried out on 32 patients, all suffering from skin lesions such as redness and scales, at a mild to moderate stage, over 4 weeks in May-June 2011.

Use Case

loofah sponge passed under water, pso natura psoriasis complex
  • Run the loofah sponge provided under water for 20 seconds
  • Place a dab of treatment on the sponge
  • Go back under water


Massage and white foam formation, pso natura complex
  • Massage/tap to form a white foam
  • Then massage the targeted areas for 10-20 seconds. Firmly, but without aggression...
rinsing and drying the pso natura complex
  • Without exposure time, rinse
  • Pat your skin dry with a towel
  • Complete the treatment by nourishing the skin with Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream
application of the complex for psoriasis 2 times a day
  • Apply twice a day for 2 month for optimal effectiveness.
  • Maintenance: in the event of a resurgence of plaques or scales, resume treatment for a few days
  • Avoid immediate sun exposure, as the skin has been lightly exfoliated

Use of the Regenerative Complex in video

The little +:  This treatment does not smell, it does not stain and it leaves the skin clean. To save time, this treatment can be carried out directly in the shower, to integrate very naturally into your daily routine. So, this treatment is simple but also quick to use.

Precautions of use : It is not recommended for the treatment of open wounds. In fact, this treatment is bactericidal and would tingle too much. It is therefore also contraindicated on the mucous membranes (genital psoriasis for example).

Testimonial on psoriasis after 1 month of using the complex

Testimonials on psoriasis


“I have had psoriasis for over 30 years. After 1 month of using the Complex, the results are spectacular!

Since then, I have continued to use this treatment and the cream for maintenance. One pot a year is enough for me, it’s just in case of crisis.” 


“I have searched for over 60 years, I have never found such an effective product. All over the body and at the elbows, the results are spectacular”

Examples before and after Pso Natura

Naturally treat the symptoms of psoriasis, face, neck, back, body

Whatever the skin condition, the Pso Natura Regenerating Complex helps to restore healthy skin, without redness or possible scales. It is composed of 100% natural ingredients, helping to treat itching.

How to treat / cure psoriasis? Act on the causes of psoriasis

Mediafixer detox and zen capsules Pso Natura allows you to fight from the inside the causes of the occurrence of skin disorders. On the one hand, they act on digestive disorders thanks to plants with depurative properties; on the other hand, they help to soothe stress and the nervous system, notably burdock, lavender and wild pansy.

How to treat psoriasis naturally, in case of damaged skin, wounds

The Complex is a natural alternative to treat psoriasis. This treatment is bactericidal. It tingles on sores, whether psoriasis plaques or drops. In this case, to help restore damaged skin, it will be better to start with a nourishing treatment, such as Pso Natura Rich Cream, to help replenish and heal the tissues.

After a few days, when the skin has healed, use the Complex to reduce redness, red patches or scales. In this second phase, after using the Complex and drying the skin, use the Rich Cream.

Natural treatment of psoriasis on the body or face

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease. Its symptoms most often appear in the form of plaques or drops. The nervous system is a trigger for psoriasis flare-ups in cases of stress.

This treatment can be used, in local application, on all the body, with the exception of mucous membranes, potentially too sensitive to this bactericidal and exfoliating treatment.

Therefore it is not indicated in the event of genital psoriasis. Instead, favor cream.

If you have eyelid psoriasis, the Regenerative Complex is not recommended. For this area, it is Creme Riche which is recommended.

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and also treatment of plaque psoriasis

Natural treatment of psoriasis on the body or face

Scalp psoriasis

Le Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo is dedicated to scaly conditions of the scalp. It effectively treats redness, itching and scales, whether psoriasis or any other problem presenting these symptoms. Its gentle formula respects the quality of the hair.

For bald people, since there are no hair quality requirements, use either the Complex or the Shampoo.

Scalp psoriasis

Treating nail psoriasis with plants

Nails are permeable. The active ingredients of the Complex can thus act. The treatment must be carried out over time, since it is also necessary to take into account the time it takes for the nail to grow back to obtain a real result.

See also: nail psoriasis and its treatment

Treating nail psoriasis with plants

Treat psoriasis of the feet and hands with plants

The Regenerative Complex is completely suitable. However, it requires a specific care protocol: in the event of the presence of lesions or cracks, use cream first over a few days to absorb them. Then use the Complex, when the risk of tingling linked to the bactericidal side of the treatment has been eliminated.

+ info on the psoriasis of the hands and feet.

Treat palmoplantar psoriasis

Facial psoriasis

Facial psoriasis

For the face, whether it is redness or scales due to psoriasis or other skin conditions, it is recommended to use the loofah by tapping so as not to attack the skin. A massage that is too firm and aggressive would be compared to scratching. It could lead to an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

This foaming treatment with antibacterial properties can sting the eyes, so you should avoid this area or act with discernment. If the foam reaches the eyes, simply rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water.

Discover 10 treatment tips for facial psoriasis.

skin conditions

Which plant to treat psoriasis? Carapa Procera oil

Our exclusivity

carapa procera oil, our exclusivity

At the origin of this natural anti-psoriasis treatment

The Complex is the first treatment developed by Sylvie Méliet, the founder of LM Natura, inspired by an ancestral recipe from Guinea.See Testimony from the founder.
Chance or destiny, it was thanks to a trip to Africa that Sylvie Méliet discovered the incredible properties of Carapa procera oil.

A natural treatment based on Carapa procera oil

The properties of this oil are multiple, including anti-inflammatory and healing properties and it is certified that it can treat psoriasis. (see information on this disease) from which she has suffered since adolescence.

Skeptical after many years of testing all kinds of products and without great results, she tests it all the same. In one month, to his great surprise, all his traces disappear, the change in life begins.

She decided to make this ancestral remedy from Africa known to as many people as possible, assimilated to the family of grandmother's remedies to help as many people as possible suffering from psoriasis and skin problems.

First steps towards this natural anti-redness treatment

She went to the village in Guinea that held the original recipe and founded an association there with the women of the village. Today, this recognized NGO (non-governmental organization) association operates on the principles of fair trade and works for the organized planting of Carapa procera.

Since 2017, Sylvie Méliet, with the NGO, has started to plant the first eco-forest in the world of Carapa procera, on site in Guinea, because this until now wild species, endangered, deserves to be saved and know the notoriety

List of ingredients of the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex

The Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is an effective treatment against psoriasis and skin problems. It is formulated without water, to favor the concentration of active ingredients.

It is 100% natural plant-based. In addition, it is formulated without preservatives, parabens, EDTA, perfume or synthetic coloring, to minimize the risk of allergy to skin that is already fragile when it is suffering. Also find all our advice, natural recipes against psoriasis.

Carapa procera against eczema

Carapa procera oil

Our laboratories are the first and only to have rediscovered and used Carapa procera oil, although it has long been identified by the ethno-pharmacopoeia for its multiple virtues. This oil helps treat suffering skin and inflammatory skin diseases, thanks to the synergy of its active ingredients which combine qualities to help the restructuring, healing and regeneration of the skin.

Plant Potassium Psoriasis

Plant potassium

This 100% wild plant-based potassium allows us to saponify our formula for comfortable use of the Regenerating Complex thanks to the foaming power of the Complex.

INCI: Carapa procera seed oil, potassium

Product severity classification

The severity of psoriasis has nothing to do with the level of difficulty in treating it. It only classifies the extent of psoriasis.

  • Un psoriasis is described as “mild” when it covers less than 3% of the body surface.
  • It is said " moderate » when the affected areas affect between 3% and 10% of the epidermis.
  • Psoriasis is considered " severe " when more than 10% of the body is affected.

This means that whatever the extent of your psoriasis, Pso Natura natural treatments can help you fight psoriasis and redness, alone or in addition to another treatment for the most severe cases.

Advice for people with severe psoriasis

One of the advantages of the Pso Natura Complex is that it is simple, easy and quick to use, since you just need to lather and massage the areas to be treated for around ten seconds, then rinse. However, this tremendous advantage of the treatment fades when it comes to applying it to the entire body; the treatment then quickly becomes restrictive, because it is too long: approximately 10-15 minutes. This is why we recommend, in the case of severe psoriasis, and therefore very extensive, proceed in stages.

Firstly, prioritize treatment of the most visible areas or which bother you the most, so as to limit the application time. After approximately 1 month, when you have obtained results on these areas, you can then move on to other parts of the body, while being very motivated since you will have already seen the effectiveness of the treatment. This will certainly take you 2 or 3 months in total, but at least you will not be discouraged by the complexity of the treatment.

Natural psoriasis treatment for everyone

Psoriasis affects all types of people, regardless of their skin color, age, or socio-professional category. Some stars are also affected, view article.

Natural remedy to cure psoriasis?

No treatment can cure psoriasis, because the causes of this disease are multiple and difficult to control. Psoriasis is one of the chronic diseases where flare-ups alternate with phases of remission. They are part of both a genetic heritage which predisposes to the development of psoriasis and any crisis is activated by psychological shocks or an attack of stress causing a flare-up. Remedies, whether natural or not, focus on relieve the symptoms of pathology, that is to say the plates ou psoriasis drops and their white films, also called dander.
To remedy the causes of psoriasis, it is however possible to act on the level of stress and the nervous system, whether through a soothing treatment, such as our Detox and Zen capsules, or through relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga for example. Many skin diseases worsen due to stress, this is the case for psoriasis, but also for eczema.

Thus, a complete treatment for psoriasis is ideally composed of both topical treatments applied to the skin and internal treatment against stress. For obvious health reasons, it is always preferable to use a natural treatment, to avoid any side effects or addiction effects. 

This advice also applies to drug treatments for psoriasis, whether based on corticosteroids, vitamin D or salicylic acid. Precise medical monitoring must be undertaken. 

Furthermore, for skin care in general, it is always better to favor natural ingredients. For the shower, for example, choose a natural soap to better protect the skin's hydrolipidic film. Certain plants are frequently cited for their benefits for psoriasis. Examples include turmeric or certain essential oils. However, the virtues of a plant should not be equated with a complete treatment that would completely eliminate psoriasis.

Psoriasis and diet

We frequently find dietary advice regarding psoriasis. This disease, common in the French and global population, requires taking care of your digestive system and stress. Thus, dairy products sometimes cause intolerances… and skin reactions. 

Wheat germ tends to restore the intestinal flora, just like oatmeal. Milk thistle, laurel berries and nettle are also recommended, particularly for making herbal teas with purifying properties. Dilute them in a few liters of water, using several tablespoons of plants, to prepare a decoction for several days. To see any effect, it is recommended to ingest several cups per day. Nettle, bay laurel and milk thistle can be combined or used alone. The pitfall of these herbal teas with purifying properties is undoubtedly… the taste. 

Note also that nettle is particularly recommended in cases of psoriatic arthritis. It acts on the joints and has an anti-inflammatory action. Mixed with green clay and applied as a poultice to affected areas, it can provide relief from pain. 

Anti-psoriasis cures

Certain cures can be considered to fight psoriasis. At the Dead Sea for example due to mud rich in potassium and the very particular obliqueness of the sun's rays in this area located below sea level. The constraint, however, is having to repeat a cure very regularly. An expensive and somewhat tedious natural alternative for some. 

* Natural anti-psoriasis remedy, effective in 1 month on average according to the clinical study carried out.

Also discover other tips to perhaps apply, alongside treatment with the Regenerating Complex.

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