LM Natura psoriasis natural treatment

Psoriasis Shampoo

Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo 200ml

Psoriasis, scales, dandruff, itchy scalp

Economical and effective because it is ultra-concentrated and formulated without water, this shampoo relieves scaly conditions of the scalp, with its 3 in 1 action, validated by clinical studies*:

  • it helps soothe itching from the first application: 90%
  • the itching is completely eliminated in 4-5 days: 100%
  • it helps to eliminate dander and dandruff effectively: 100%
  • it respects the hair and gives it softness, shine and suppleness: 95%

This shampoo is part of the natural fight against redness and scales.

* 21 people for 21 days


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Psoriasis treatment without prescription, our additional advice

  • To dry hair, wrap hair in a towel and hold it for a few moments. Do not rub vigorously. The scalp suffering from psoriasis could then interpret vigorous rubbing as an attack.
  • After washing, dry yourself thoroughly behind the ears and gently. This location is in fact often affected by psoriasis. Act by tapping.
  • Avoid any scratching itches, which would only worsen the health of the skin, or even cause a flare-up of psoriasis.

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Our psoriasis and scales shampoo in pharmacies

Pharmacy signOur treatments are mainly distributed online, but also in some pharmacies in France. Check out our list of pharmacies, and be sure to call the pharmacy first to make sure the product is in stock. It is often simpler and ultimately more economical to order online. You then receive your treatment directly at your home within 48 hours, without travel or parking costs. 

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