Psoriasis, scales, dandruff, itching, an effective shampoo

Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo 200ml

Dermatological shampoo
psoriasis, scales, dandruff, itchy scalp

Economical and effective because it is ultra-concentrated and formulated without water, this shampoo relieves scaly conditions of the scalp, with its 3 in 1 action, validated by clinical studies*:

  • it helps soothe itching from the first application: 90%
  • the itching is completely eliminated in 4-5 days: 100%
  • it helps to eliminate dander and dandruff effectively: 100%
  • it respects the hair and gives it softness, shine and suppleness: 95%

This shampoo is part of the natural fight against redness and scales.

* 21 people for 21 days


-20% on the first order

48 h 

While the majority of shampoos are composed of 80 to 90% water, Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo is formulated without water, for maximum effectiveness against scales and redness of the scalp by favoring the strong presence of natural plant active ingredients.

  • From the first application, the relief from itching lasts 2-3 hours.
  • The second day, the itching is relieved for 5-6 hours, and so on over the days.
  • In 4-5 days, the itching of psoriasis will probably have completely disappeared, while the scales will be eliminated step by step, allow around fifteen days on average.

Dandruff or psoriasis?

In any case, the form very gentle galenic et non-delipidating  of this Dermatological Shampoo promotes the effectiveness of the active ingredients of Carapa procera oil (our exclusive innovation) on the scales and redness of the scalp and dandruff conditions.

Using shampoo helps quickly cleanse the scalp suffering from irritation or inflammation or having dry patches. Dermatological Shampoo effectively promotes the elimination of dandruff and scales to make them disappear, without drying out the epidermis, while respecting the hair. Enriched with vitamin E (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and sweet almond, the formula leaves hair nourished, supple and shiny.

In cases of hair loss, linked to too frequent scratching of the scalp, shampoo, by soothing the tingling, helps to limit hair loss.

This shampoo is suitable for oily hair, like dry hair, its action does not affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands, at the origin of the production of sebum.

Dermatological Shampoo effectiveness test

  • Eliminates itching from the first application: 90%
  • Makes itching disappear in 4-5 days: 100%
  • The product eliminates redness or scales of the scalp (after 15 days): 100%
  • The product eliminates dandruff: 90%
  • The product gently cleanses my scalp: 100%
  • The product hydrates the hair fiber: 100%
  • The product gently cleanses my hair: 100%
  • My hair is shiny: 95%

Other results of the clinical efficacy study. 21 people over 21 days

Dermatological Shampoo effectiveness test

Use of shampoo

This hair treatment is used as a daily treatment for around two weeks to help soothe scalp inflammation. This shampoo contributes to activate the elimination of crusts and scales of psoriasis. It works to relieve even severe flaky conditions.

For maintenance, it is used occasionally to prevent the appearance of dandruff or scales. It should also be used in the event of a resurgence of itching. They are the warning signs of a psoriasis attack. 

As this practical shampoo is formulated without water, you should use the right amount, without excess. The presence of geranium and eucalyptus extracts, in the form of essential oil, delicately perfumes the hair.

pour pso natura shampoo into the palm of your hand, psoriasis
  • Pour a small dose of shampoo into the palm of your hand.
  • Add a little water before spreading on the already abundantly wet scalp.
lather psor natura shampoo, psoriasis
  • Distribute the shampoo over the scalp then lather.
  • Use slow, firm circular movements, without attacking or scratching.

Rinse well pso natura shampoo, psoriasis
  • Rinse, without any exposure time being necessary.
  • The shampoo is ultra-concentrated, be sure to rinse it well.
daily treatment over 15 days of pso natura then maintenance
  • Daily treatment, over a fortnight 
  • Then in maintenance from time to time 
The little extra for long hair, psoriasis shampoo

The little extra for long hair

For finished, long or mid-length hair, a conditioner will make brushing easier.

The best method is to apply it from the ends. Avoid the scalp, so as not to damage or grease it. The conditioner will facilitate detangling, reinforce the shine of the hair, while nourishing the ends. It is better to choose a product that is as natural as possible.

Daily use of pso natura shampoo

And on a daily basis?

Ce mild shampoo peut be used daily.  This 99% natural product respects the hair. See our tips for fighting scalp psoriasis.

It can be used as a topical treatment in certain special cases including seborrheic dermatitis. It is also indicated for targeted dry areas that are clearly identified, such as the back of the ears or the top of the neck.

Psoriasis treatment without prescription, our additional advice

  • To dry hair, wrap hair in a towel and hold it for a few moments. Do not rub vigorously. The scalp suffering from psoriasis could then interpret vigorous rubbing as an attack.
  • After washing, dry yourself thoroughly behind the ears and gently. This location is in fact often affected by psoriasis. Act by tapping.
  • Avoid any scratching itches, which would only worsen the health of the skin, or even cause a flare-up of psoriasis.
Our additional advice for scalp psoriasis

Tips for Delicate Scalp Suffering from Dandruff or Psoriasis


Natural coloring for scalp psoriasisThese tips are particularly useful for people suffering from psoriasis, dry skin, sensitive skin or even victims of dandruff conditions. It also offers relief for seborrheic dermatitis. 

  • Choosing a gentle shampoo is obviously essential. Natural products are recommended, they will respect the cells of the epidermis.
  • Water that is too hot is the enemy of psoriatic, eczematous, irritated or delicate scalps. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  • From experience, conditioners, styling mousses, gels, hairsprays can often cause reactions on sensitive or psoriatic scalps.
    Avoid them or choose them carefully.

Psoriasis: how to scratch your scalp without damaging it?

liceThe itching linked to psoriasis or eczema can be unbearable and the only solution is to scratch to soothe it. However, it must be avoided otherwise you will see the opposite effect with worsening accompanied by bleeding and sores.

To reconcile these two seemingly irreconcilable actions, here is our advice in case of psoriasis itching :

The itching linked to psoriasis or eczema can be unbearable and the only solution is to scratch to soothe it. This is why Pso Nature Dermatological Shampoo is recommended, thanks to the action of its intense soothing agents. Whatever happens, you should avoid scratching the itch otherwise you will see the opposite effect with worsening accompanied by bleeding and sores.

  • Soothe the skin by running it under cold water.
  • Use a cloth glove to limit aggression in the event of scratching.
  • Blowing cold air can also soothe the itching sensation (fan, hair dryer, blowing, wind).
  • Cut and file nails.
  • Rather than scratching with your nails, act by rubbing the irritated areas with the palm of the hand or the pads of the fingers.

Shampoo against psoriasis and scales, gentle on the hair

Psoriasis: how to take care of your hair?

treat scalp psoriasis

When a shampoo is recommended for scales and itching, it is then necessarily indicated in cases of psoriasis. 

Know that many shampoos for psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, anti-dander and redness dry out the hair.

Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo, on the other hand, is formulated with oils that protect and nourish the hair (sweet almond oil) while contributing to soothe itching et eliminate scaly conditions (Carapa procera oil).

NB: it is better to dry your hair with a hairdryer, rather than in the open air, to avoid dehydration.

Tips to limit hair loss and take care of your hair


How to wash your hair when you have psoriasis?

Distribute the shampoo so as not to attack the scalp

To avoid damaging the scalp and thus promoting hair loss, the shampoo should first be distributed over 4-5 different areas of the scalp, then lathered. If you spread from the top of the head, this area will be too attacked by the quantity of shampoo.

How to wash your hair when you have psoriasis?

How to stop scalp psoriasis? Which shampoo for scabs?

Scalp psoriasis is unsightly because of the flaking that resembles dandruff. It creates some discomfort because of the itching which can be unbearable. Not to mention the unsightly appearance of dandruff (dander) that falls on the shoulders.

Best shampoo for psoriasis

Whatever the shampoo, it must be as natural as possible and above all guarantee real respect for the hair... See our advice on plaques on the scalp.

Ingredients to absolutely avoid are alcohol denat., SLS and ALS (sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate) and silicones (ingredients whose names end in -icone / -iconol / -siloxane). In quantity, they can be harmful for scalp psoriasis. They risk irritating the scalp, thus encouraging outbreaks of psoriasis and therefore itching.

A gentle, moisturizing shampoo may be enough when the scalp is a little itchy. The more serious and disturbing the condition, the more the shampoo should be treating and particularly adapted to the disease. Psoriasis, 10 shampoos decrypted.

Scalp psoriasis: the importance of gentle brushing

To style your hair, it is best to use a brush with soft bristles and a round tip. Aggressive brushing would be akin to scratching or rubbing the scalp. It would be perceived as an attack by the cells of the epidermis. Such brushing could promote an attack, an outbreak of psoriasis and the appearance of scales. Scratching for 10 minutes a day extends the life of the plaques by several weeks.

In case of knots in the hair, proceed with brushing starting with untie the ends. Go back gently towards the roots, so as not to pull out hair unnecessarily. For people with long enough hair, take the hair in your hand and hold firmly to brush the ends. This way, brushing does not pull on the roots or tear out the hair.

What shampoos to use for scalp psoriasis? What shampoos to avoid? 

Any product likely to irritate the scalp - and therefore the cells of the epidermis - should be avoided such as hairspray, styling gel, mousses, etc.

These products generally contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol denat and butane. Additionally, they are not volatile. They stay on the scalp and prevent the skin from breathing.

Hair coloring in case of psoriasis

Coloring should not be avoided on a psoriatic scalp. However, it is better to do a test beforehand. Apply a little of the product behind the ear then wait 48 hours to see the reaction.

More and more natural colorings are appearing in hairdressers or on supermarket shelves. The composition is more respectful of health and hair.

Don't hesitate to take your Pso Natura Shampoo with you to a hairdresser appointment. We invite you to read our article on good tips for a successful hairdresser appointment.

Our psoriasis and scales shampoo in pharmacies

Our treatments are mainly distributed online, but also in some pharmacies in France. Check out our list of pharmacies, and be sure to call the pharmacy first to make sure the product is in stock. It is often simpler and ultimately more economical to order online. You then receive your treatment directly at your home within 48 hours, without travel or parking costs. 

Ingredients of Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo

This shampoo is 99% natural or of natural origin. Only 1% are synthetic ingredients.

It is guaranteed without paraben, EDTA, perfume or synthetic coloring, to respect our commitment: to offer effective and natural treatments.

The shampoo has of course been tested by a dermatologist, without testing on animals.

Directions for use: for pleasant use, it is scented with eucalyptus essential oil. Even if it contains a minimal quantity of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, as a precaution we do not recommend it for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

List by decreasing capacity:


Made in FranceMade in France

carapa procera, ingredient in pso natura shampoo

Carapa procera

The multiple components of Carapa procera oil make it a natural treasure to help fight inflammation and regenerate the skin. Triterpene vitamins A and Omega 6 help revitalize the skin. The combination of limonoids and essential fatty acids nourish and repair the epidermis.

Prunus Amygdalus​, ingredient in pso natura shampoo

Prunus Amygdalus

It provides gentle care to the hair. Shine and silkiness of the hair are respected.

eucalyptus oil, ingredient for pso natura shampoo

Eucalyptus essential oil

It delicately and naturally perfumes the shampoo while working to purify the scalp. Certain essential oils have a strong moisturizing and nourishing power in cases of scalp psoriasis.

geranium essential oil, ingredient for pso natura shampoo

Geranium essential oil

It combines with Eucalyptus essential oil to give the shampoo a touch of flowery fragrance, while helping to soothe itchy scalp.

vitamin E, ingredient for pso natura shampoo

Vitamin E

Strengthens the action of Carapa procera oil, particularly through its anti-inflammatory properties. Fight against skin oxidation.

Complete formula of Dermatological Shampoo

Laureth-4, MIPA-Laureth sulphate, Carapa procera oil, Cocoamide DEA, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Citrus medica limonum extract, Eucalyptus globulus extract, Pelargonium graveolens oil, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Propylen glycol, Limonene, Citronellol, 5- Bromo 5-nitro dioxane, Geraniol, Linanool, Citral, Isoeugenol. Made in France  Made in France

Scalp psoriasis, special psoriasis shampoo

Le scalp psoriasis is a chronic disease. For half of the cases of people suffering from psoriasis, the scalp is affected (on the skull). This represents nearly 2 million people in France. According to some statistics, it affects up to 80% of psoriatic patients. Psoriasis affects the world's population to the same extent.

Note, however, that psoriasis can affect all parts of the body. It can appear on the joints, forearms, or even the lower back.

Psoriasis generally occurs in flare-ups, followed by periods of remission of varying lengths.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. Thus, the skin protects itself by overproducing skin cells. The phenomenon essentially occurs when the skin feels an attack. During repeated friction, or even during a sunburn. Red patches then appear, then scales.

Skin flakes or scales on the face?

Scalp psoriasis is often compared to facial psoriasis. It is in fact frequently located at the edge of the hair and forehead. When it is only localized in this particular location, it is scalp psoriasis. Against scales and itching, Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo is an effective ally.

Definition of skin scales

Psoriasis manifests itself in the form of redness and often scales. These are small whitish dead skin cells which gradually fall on the shoulders. This makes them look like dandruff.

How to cure scalp scales?

Our shampoo is undoubtedly the most effective natural answer. However, when it comes to psoriasis, no total cure is possible. Indeed, the genetic origin of psoriasis cannot be modified. We can therefore only expect an improvement in psoriasis. Our shampoo, like our other treatments, is only intended to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Itchy scalp

Scalp psoriasis is accompanied in the majority of cases by itching, which get worse since they often signal a  psoriasis flare-up or attack. This itching leads to scratching of psoriasis plaques or drops, which aggravates the phenomenon. Psoriasis is stimulated by excessive friction, both on the scalp and on the body. Many people talk about scratching themselves until they bleed at night. See our psoriasis information section.

Psoriasis is the result of a genetic factor, the particular arrangement of a bouquet of genes that makes one susceptible to developing the disease. It is then activated particularly during particular stress or in cases of digestive weakness.

To the extent that it is not possible to act on the genetic causes, topical treatments (on the skin) focus on treat psoriasis symptoms, while it is also possible to act on the triggering factors of psoriasis by helping to relieve stress or even cleanse the digestive system. THE Detox & Zen Capsules Pso Natura are natural food supplements that act on stress levels and help regulate digestive weaknesses.

See also the section tips for psoriasis.

Remedies for itching: a good psoriasis cream

Scratching the itchy psoriasis may initially provide relief, but it only makes the situation worse.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease; the skin interprets any friction as an attack, and “protects itself” by overproducing skin cells. Instead of classic cell renewal every 28 days, the skin regenerates much faster, every 4-5 days on average. Scales then appear, proof of this multiplication and ultimately of a “piling up” of cells.

Scratching your psoriasis therefore amounts to attacking the skin and stimulating cellular overproduction and psoriasis. To soothe this itching, the best method to use, for the skin (but not the scalp), is to regularly apply a psoriasis cream with soothing properties. We recommend our Rich restructuring cream.

On the other hand, itchy scalp can be useful! They reveal the appearance of a psoriasis attack. If itching appears, interpret it as an alert and act immediately: treat your scalp to counteract the rebound of the disease and stop it.

It’s a vicious circle, so the equation is not easy to solve.

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