Eczema shampoo for scales and itching

Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo 200ml

Find a healthy, itchy-free scalp

This unique natural shampoo is formulated without water. It thus concentrates a maximum of active ingredients.

For relieve scaly scalp conditions, and in particular the symptoms of eczema and seborrheic dermatitis, it offers a 3 in 1 action.
The clinical studies carried out have validated*:

• 90% notice relief from itching from the first application
• 100% confirm that the itching disappears completely in 4-5 days
• 100% confirm the elimination of scales and dandruff
• 95% attest that hair is respected. It brings softness, shine and suppleness
* 21 people for 21 days


-20% on the first order

48 h 

Did you know ? Generally, shampoos are made up of 80-90% water. Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo does not contain a drop. This is why its unique formula makes it an ultra-concentrated and ultra-effective shampoo. All active ingredients are natural and plant-based. They enter into 99% of the composition.

Thanks to its formula with a high content of Carapa procera oil (our exclusivity), the Dermatological Shampoo offers a very gentle and non-delipidating dosage. It promotes the disappearance of scales and redness of the scalp. It fights against dandruff conditions. This is why it can be used in case ofeczema or seborrheic dermatitis.

It does not dry out the skin or hair. On the one hand, it is enriched with vitamin E to reinforce the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect of the treatment. On the other hand, the virtues of sweet almond make it possible to respect the hair, by nourishing it. The hair thus regains a supple and shiny appearance.

The shampoo is suitable for oily hair as well as dry hair. It does not affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Sebum production remains unchanged.

The first day, the itching is soothed for 2-3 hours.
On the second day, relief lasts 5-6 hours.
After 4-5 days, they disappear completely.

Itchy scalp can be linked to different dermatological problems: eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, etc.

For the process of dander disappearance, allow around fifteen days on average.

Use Case

small amount of eczema shampoo in the palm of your hand
  • Pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand.
  • Add a little water before spreading on very wet scalp.
lather eczema shampoo
  • Distribute the shampoo on wet hair. It foams abundantly in the presence of water. By hand, add water if necessary.
  • the foam is obtained using circular movements of the fingers on the hair. Avoid scratching the scalp.

rinse out eczema shampoo
  • The shampoo does not require any exposure time.
  • Since it is ultra-concentrated, the shampoo rinses thoroughly.
15-day daily treatment of eczema shampoo, then maintenance
  • Effectiveness observed during a daily treatment of around two weeks.
  • When the scalp has been cleansed, the shampoo can be used for maintenance from time to time. 2 to 3 times a month.

Small +: The areas affected by eczema or seborrheic dermatitis are often the back of the ears, the nape of the neck or the top of the face (the forehead), at the edge of the hair. If the patches or redness are very localized, the application of shampoo can also be specific to these areas.

Effectiveness test results

Eliminates itching from the first application 1%

Makes itching disappear in 4-5 days 100%

Eliminates redness or scales of the scalp (after 15 days) 100%

Eliminates dandruff 90%

Gently cleanses my scalp 100%

Hydrates the hair fiber 100%

Gently cleanses hair 100%

My hair is shiny 95%

Eliminates itching from the first application                            


Makes itching disappear in 4-5 days                             


Eliminates redness or scales of the scalp (after 15 days)    


                  Eliminates dandruff 


Gently cleanses my scalp   


              Hydrates hair fiber 


Gently cleanses hair     


             My hair is shiny 95%

Shampoo effectiveness test on 21 people over 21 days. Also discover our articles on natural treatments for psoriasis, recipes and advice.
Dermatological Shampoo effectiveness test

Tips on Itching

Avoid scratching the itch

hair psoriasisScratching only irritates the skin more. However, the itching is not easy to control. To avoid scratching the scalp, it is better to use shampoo to solve the problem.

Tips and tricks to soothe the irrepressible itch

brewer's yeast for hair healthIn addition to our shampoo, there are a few tips that can help you calm itchy eczema:
• Run your head under cold water to soothe the itching.
• Gently rub the pads of the fingers or the palm of the hand with a cloth glove. The aggression will be limited. Avoid scratching with your nails at all costs.
• Blow cold air, with a fan or hair dryer.

Tips for taking care of your hair

Eczema, seborrheic dermatitis: brush hair gently

Make sure the hairbrush has soft, round-tipped bristles. Same goes for aggressive combs. Avoid them or choose them wisely. The attack on the scalp has the effect of stimulating an outbreak of eczema. Caution is required.

Knots in the hair should be untied from the ends. Go back to the root as you unravel. This will avoid pulling out hair unnecessarily.

For long hair: hold it firmly in your hand, then brush the ends. This avoids pulling on the roots.

Eczema shampoo

For all people using an eczema/seborrheic dermatitis shampoo, it is better to respect the following criteria:

  • Water that is too hot is the enemy of psoriatic, eczematous, irritated or delicate scalps. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  •  Avoid water that is too hot, prefer lukewarm water, so as not to harm or cause stress to the scalp.
  • Observe whether the use of hairsprays, gels, styling mousses, or even conditioners does not cause your scalp to react. This is a common phenomenon. In this case, avoid treatments that do not suit you or choose them better. Favor natural care.

Eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and dyes

The use of hair coloring is completely compatible with an eczema shampoo. However, it will be necessary to pay attention to the composition of this dye.

Avoid products that are too chemical and often aggressive. There are now many dyes with natural ingredients. Ask your hairdresser for advice.

Eczema and seborrheic dermatitis shampoo: hair care

Most Eczema shampoos tend to make hair dry. This is why it can be useful to take specific care of your hair.

This is not necessarily necessary with Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo. Hair care is provided in particular by the sweet almond oil present in the formula.

eczema shampoo tips for long hair

The little extra for long hair

In general, it is best to apply conditioner to long hair. Brushing will be easier. The scalp will be less pulled by the brush. Less attacked, he will be better off.

Apply conditioner starting from the ends. Avoid the scalp and roots.

tips for eczema shampoo on bald head

Eczema on a bald head?

Using an eczema shampoo is of course possible. On the other hand, to the extent that it is not a question of respecting the hair, it is also possible to directly use a treatment for redness and scales, such as Pso Natura Foaming Regenerative Complex.

How to choose your eczema shampoo?

Eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, with their whitish crusts on the scalp, are unsightly. These crusts are white or even yellow due to an overproduction of sebum (sebum – seborrheic).

To help get rid of those flakes, always choose an eczema shampoo that is as natural as possible. Also make sure that this eczema shampoo respects the hair. This is the most common pitfall when choosing an eczema shampoo.

A gentle, moisturizing shampoo may be enough when the scalp is a little itchy. The more serious and disturbing the condition, the more the shampoo should be treating and particularly adapted to the disease. Eczema, choose your shampoo

Ingredients of Pso Natura shampoo

This high-performance shampoo is also a 99% natural shampoo. 26% are natural ingredients and 73% are of natural origin. The remaining 1% corresponds to the need to preserve the shampoo.

Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo is formulated without paraben, EDTA, perfume or synthetic coloring. It has been dermatologically tested, without animal testing.

Ingredients by decreasing capacity:


Made in FranceMade in France

Carapa procera oil

Carapa procera oil is a natural treasure that we use exclusively. It helps fight inflammation of the scalp and cleanse it. It promotes the regeneration of the epidermis. Thanks to vitamin A triterpenes, the skin is revitalized.

It contains 7 different limonoids for a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, the omega 6 and essential fatty acids present in this oil help to nourish and repair the epidermis.

Carapa procera against eczema

Prunus Amygdalus

Coming from almonds, this oil brings softness to the hair. Respected, they remain shiny and silky.

Prunus Amygdalus​, ingredient in eczema shampoo

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus EO helps purify the scalp. It delicately and naturally perfumes the shampoo.

eucalyptus essential oil to purify the scalp

Geranium essential oil

Often recommended to relieve eczema, it is soothing. It works for the care of the scalp. Its delicate scent blends with that of eucalyptus.

Geranium essential oil with soothing properties

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties. It fights scalp oxidation. It acts in synergy with Carapa Procera oil for high-performance care.

vitamin E for hair health in cases of psoriasis

Eczema / Seborrheic Dermatitis

Scalp eczema

Also called seborrheic eczema or even seborrheic dermatitisOr seborrheic dermatitis ou atopic dermatitis. It is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis. While 30% of people affected by psoriasis are genetically inherited, for eczema this rate is, according to INSERM, around 50% to 70% and can even reach 80% if both parents are victims of psoriasis. eczema.

These two chronic illnesses are especially similar in terms of the symptoms they develop. However, the causes are very different, even if we note that stress is an aggravating factor in both cases. See our advices et informations on eczema.

Seborrheic dermatitis with or without scales

Seborrheic dermatitis can actually take the form of redness only or present scales. In both cases, Pso natura Dermatological Shampoo is indicated.

For these two skin diseases, there is no definitive curative treatment, however it is possible to help eliminate scales and redness with appropriate care.

Eczema and itchy scalp shampoo

Seborrheic eczema has two major consequences:
• Generation of scales, small yellowish films. They crumble and give a filmy appearance. As a result, this flaking often discourages the wearing of dark clothing. It causes discomfort to the patient. Their daily comfort of life is impacted.

• Appearance of severe itching. These manifest themselves in particular during crises or flare-ups.

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