Psoriasis advice, 10 tips

10 psoriasis tipsThis article is at the heart of our advices, tips and tricks, dealing with psoriasis. A good attitude produces good results. Here are the 10 psoriasis tips to fight essential in the fight against psoriasis.


1. Your psoriasis treatment, you will scrupulously follow it

Whether medical or otherwise, it always takes a little time before you see the first results of treatment for psoriasis. Patience is required but it is worth it. A temporary regularity for a treatment that works? We say yes, of course! So take courage! Be careful to respect the dosage and frequency of applications to reduce psoriasis on a daily basis.


2. Your psoriasis every day you will hydrate

When you have psoriasis, it is essential to hydrate your skin well (1). Choose rich (oily) hydration to give a more even appearance to the skin and calm itching. Our Rich Restructuring Cream from the Pso Natura range is ideal for psoriasis because it provides an effective and natural response to the problems of redness, scaling and itching.

It hydrates, nourishes and repairs the epidermis. The duration of hydration proven by clinical test remains 42% after 8 hours. The advantage of Pso Natura Rich Cream is undoubtedly the fact that it does not stick, it leaves the skin smooth and satiny, it is possible to get dressed immediately after application.

However, you can also use shea butter or coconut oil. These very rich products will deeply nourish your skin and your psoriasis plaques. The important thing is the fat content.

Also remember to avoid all sources of dehydration of the skin, such as ingesting alcohol in excessive quantities. A good diet, the elimination of foods that may be harmful in cases of psoriasis, is also essential. See our advice against psoriasis by adapting your diet.


3. A lukewarm shower, for your skin you will prefer

Too hot water is the enemy of psoriasis. It is also the enemy of all skin types. Whether oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, scaly, the skin prefers lukewarm water. Water that is too hot can also be harmful to blood circulation.

As for psoriatic skin, it is already very reactive and fragile, do not attack it further. Make sure to dry your skin thoroughly after showering. Leaving water on the skin tends to dry it out.

Since we are in a “bathroom” point, also choose a hair removal method suitable for psoriasis.


4. Your clothes you will select

Goodbye too tight clothes. Alert for possibly irritating underwear (lace). An itchy label, an itchy thread? Get your scissors! And for the material, avoid synthetic materials which do not allow your skin to breathe and increase sweating. Orient yourself towards soft, non-rough natural materials, such as cotton.

If you have psoriasis around the navel: your body is alerting you, a button on your pants is probably attacking you. You can consider putting a tape on the back of the button to avoid aggressive rubbing.


5. Your psoriasis will be exposed to the sun

psoriasis advice: expose yourself to the sunWe repeat it to you here, psoriatic skin loves the sun (2) and its very expensive UV rays. They have a very beneficial effect on plaques which soften upon contact. But be careful, we also know the harmful effects of UV rays, so remember that applying sunscreen is not an option. Some may even go as far as treatment with phototherapy or puvatherapy.

Know how to overcome the possible discrimination in the face of psoriasis and courageously face opinions. You will come out stronger.


6. You will avoid scratching yourself: You will leave your scabs or scales in peace

Avoid scratching psoriasis itchPsoriasis is an autoimmune disease, which develops when the skin feels attacked, even if only by repeated friction. This is why psoriasis often develops in the joints and especially the elbows, areas of friction par excellence. This skin is already fragile, we must not attack it further.

Rest assured: scratching will only make your psoriasis worse. If you feel itchy, apply moisturizer first and if the temptation is too strong, use cotton gloves and rub/massage. Little tip, keep your nails short.


7. Analyze your life you will have to

When a flare-up occurs, try to identify a possible triggering factor (change in habits, fatigue, stress, infection, medication) and adapt your lifestyle.

A little stress? Why not take a yoga class or think about meditation ?

Feeling tired? Put your foot on the brake and rest, your health is more important than your job.

A poor diet ? We develop good habits when cooking, stop eating junk food!

You can also opt for natural food supplements to soothe your nervous system. Think about Pso Natura Detox & Zen capsules. They will help to calm stress and will also have a detox action on the digestive system, often the cause of skin disorders, notably psoriasis, in cases of favorable genetic background.


8. Your psoriasis will never discourage you

Among our 10 essential tips on psoriasis, never forget this one! Most psoriatics have already tried tons of methods to control and make their psoriasis go away. We must continue to look for YOUR solution.

Our experience proves that most people using Pso Natura seriously obtain results, and for the few exceptions, you must continue to look for another route, even if this often requires powerful or chemical medications such as topical corticosteroids.

Developing your resistance, knowing how to deal with illness, can be achieved through practicing a sport, which will help you fight against stress, refine your figure, and generally feel better about yourself.


9. Share about your psoriasis and you will know

It is not often possible to really be able to talk to those around you about your psoriasis. Only a psoriatic person can truly understand the frustrations, the little moments of discouragement to overcome, our blog is there for that. There are also forums, associations, guides. It is often comforting not to feel alone. Do not hesitate to contact these organizations.


10. You will have to de-stress yourself

La practice of a sports activity, yoga, abdominal breathing will help you. Stress is directly linked to psoriasis flare-ups. Decathlon gives you advice and small breathing exercises to do every day: here. You will see, it works wonders!

Stress can also be combated by practice of an art, whether painting, dancing or any other activity that allows you to escape.

Don't get stuck in your skin problem, this could lead to depression. On the contrary, dress up and go out!



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