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Psoriasis, adopt an organic diet?

eating organic to improve psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease resulting from a dysfunction of the immune system. It is characterized by either patches or drops in different places on the body. Elbows, knees, scalp are the areas most often affected.

Psoriasis and diet are, according to more and more scientists, closely linked. Indeed, with a specific diet it would be possible to reduce the symptoms linked to psoriasis. Here are their major recommendations:

  • Adopt a gluten-free diet to reduce intestinal permeability.
  • Consume antioxidant foods.
  • Increase Omega consumption.
  • Make sure you have a good selenium intake, avoid bad fats.

Benjamin Jérôme, journalist for Today in France, tested a 100% organic week from food to clothing to outings. Let us point out that he is an organic beginner. So, will he be able to meet this challenge? Let’s analyze his article and scrutinize the BIO (1).


What is organic?

ORGANIC components are subject to global European regulations. It is supplemented by specifications specific to each country. France is one of the most demanding countries in terms of organic. There are three main categories of organic (agriculture, livestock and cosmetics). Now it is appropriate to add the household products and textile sectors.


Organic FarmingBiological agriculture

In agriculture we speak of ORGANIC when no pesticides or GMOs are used. Neither in the treatment of the soil, nor to feed the plant. The soil, basically, must be pure of any synthetic addition. It will therefore take several harvests respecting the ORGANIC process before it can be stamped ORGANIC.

Everything surrounding the seeds, the growth, the fertilization, must be natural and devoid of chemical elements. These include weedkillers, potting soil and even manure. Likewise, consuming ORGANIC means respecting the season for the production of fruits and vegetables.


Organic animal breedingorganic piglet breeding

How is the ORGANIC label obtained? First of all, all grazing must be covered by the organic charter. A so-called organic beef should not be mixed with a non-organic animal. The field or plot in which the animal lives must be outdoors. It must be sufficiently extensive. In addition, it must comply with organic farming standards.

The diet is also strict. It must be 100% ORGANIC if the animal is herbivorous. 95% if the animal is monogastric (stomach in a single pouch like horses). The best in terms of power supply is for the loop to be as internal as possible, or failing that local in order to limit pollution.

The animal's health is checked, as are its prescriptions.

Finally, consuming ORGANIC also means reducing animal suffering by banning certain mistreatment techniques. For example, foie gras cannot obtain a label. Force-feeding geese or ducks is unacceptable.


Psoriasis and organic: organic cosmetics

vegan cosmeticsVegan cosmetics, a solution for the skin?

Cosmetics also have their own regulations and their own label. Ecocert's Cosmébio label is the best known and most widespread in Europe.

To obtain this label, the cosmetic product concerned must be composed of at least 95% natural ingredients or of natural origin. It must also contain 95% of the plant ingredients which must come from organic farming and 10% of all the ingredients must also come from organic farming (2).


Pso Natura Complex, 100% natural

Pso Natura line for the natural treatment of psoriasisOur Pso Natura treatments against psoriasis do not carry an organic label, by choice on our part. Let’s take the example of our star treatment, the Regenerative Complex which is a medical device: this treatment only has two ingredients. We even meet the criteria of slow cosmetics. In addition, the clinical tests carried out provided a result of 94% effectiveness on the mild to moderate psoriasis.

Carapa procera oil, our exclusive, comes from a tree that grows wild, on land that has never been cultivated by man. This is also the case for the ingredients of our vegetable potassium, it comes from wild plants. Suffice to say that neither the plants nor the earth have ever known fertilizer or chemical substances. It is in fact 100% organic. However, we do not want to equate ourselves with so-called “organic” brands which only have 10% organic ingredients. This is why we have chosen until now not to attach ourselves to a label, even the most demanding. We are more organic than organic.

For the treatment of nail psoriasis, you can use our treatment, and also supplement the treatment with brewer's yeast (to be ingested), known for its virtues for nail health.

To relieve psoriasis, some may choose to do thermal cures or at the Dead Sea. We use the plural “cures” here because you should know that since psoriasis is a disease for which no definitive curative treatment exists, traces of psoriasis can return. Read our article: the psoriasis primer and psoriasis in photos.

Why eat ORGANIC in case of psoriasis?

organic carrotsEating organic could help against psoriasis

In 2015, 65% of French people consumed ORGANIC food at least once a month (3), this is much more than in 2012, when the proportion was 43%. This progression is probably linked to the multiplication of food and health scandals such as horse meat instead of beef or Monsanto.


Organic food and psoriasis: We have less and less trust in manufacturers, in the “big guys” of this world who try to make more and more money by making us eat anything and everything. The latest pinning of the food industry is that of muesli, 15 packets from conventional agriculture were tested, all contained pesticides and no less than 131 different ones, while the 5 organic packets analyzed did not contain any. .

Eating healthy and ORGANIC also means preserving as much as possible the virtues of our food in terms of vitamins, antioxidants, and all the good things present in our fruits and vegetables!

Organic brings together complementary broad lines constituting an ethic, including the desire to eat locally. However, it is not uncommon to come across organic foods from another region or even another country in the stalls.

Down with distant origins

This is what Benjamin Jérôme calls the dilemma of the Egyptian potato: what to choose? Potatoes from Egypt and ORGANIC or non-ORGANIC French potatoes? Regarding the carbon footprint, Florent Guhl, director of the BIO Agency, explains that studies have shown that it is better to take the Egyptian potato because, even if it travels by plane or boat, the carbon footprint carbon is lower than that of all chemicals used in non-organic agriculture.

Organic food and psoriasis

The consumer is free to choose between made in France or ORGANIC... The ideal, of course, is to consume ORGANIC and French, and fortunately that is entirely possible! 76% of organic products consumed in France come from France.

“It reassures me to know what I am swallowing” indeed that it is enjoyable to eat while being sure not to swallow several pesticides which could be the cause of one or more future cancers! Fruits and vegetables that have experienced a normal growth cycle and not boosted by pesticides. Or chemical or other fertilizers will have much more taste, will be much better, than those which have not seen the sun.

La naturopathy frequently recommends an organic diet, as well as organic treatments, particularly for psoriasis, but not only. When choosing your essential oils, some of which can be ingested, you can favor organic EOs.

The contradictions

Organic is becoming more and more popular around us. Be careful not to fall into overbidding because overbidding also means excesses and contradictions. After the Egyptian potato dilemma, Benjamin Jérôme came up against the organic clothing market and in particular at H&M where organic cotton t-shirts are sold.

The problem with cotton is that it takes a lot of water to produce it (organic or not) so it is not very ecological. In addition, the treatment of the fabric remains the same with the same chemical additions to treat it or to color it. “If you buy organic clothing to protect your skin from chemicals, it’s a failure.”

Large brands, to avoid contamination of their organic fruits and vegetables by non-organic ones, often resort to overpackaging. Very little bulk on the shelves for too much plastic.


“Do I want to continue my 100% organic farming diet? » to this important question at the end of the journalist's 100% organic test week, his answer will be: "I would like" but he prefers a non-organic French potato to an organic potato from Egypt, he must has difficulty giving up his Coca Cola, and has not found a satisfactory equivalent, and “if you want to keep your friends, it is better to have a specialized store nearby or to know some addresses of good restaurants”.


The ethics puzzle

Many behaviors arise from the “biological mentality” and are difficult to separate from each other.

The progression of organic is linked to that of short circuits to limit greenhouse gases and encourage our producers and our economy: Eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.

Consume objects and clothing made in France and no longer buy products from major fast-fashion brands (mass consumption).

Respect and be in harmony with nature and small animals

Wear clothes that are more respectful of the environment and the people who make them: consume “natural” products and ban synthetic, chemical or modified products.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan: The ORGANIC movement is closely linked to the vegan and ecological movements.

What if, for a better world and to live in symbiosis with the Earth, our family, our friends or our other relationships, we drew on everything that is good? What if we returned to the basics of our needs and the basics of the Earth by limiting our consumption of meat and fish before the madness of men prevails over common sense?

Will we be able to calm the purchasing ardor imposed by the consumer society? And if we felt concerned about our plate: do you find it normal to eat thickeners, preservatives or other acidity correctors in beef bourguignon in the prepared meals section? Did your grandmother put it in hers?

The LM Natura and organic laboratories may be coming soon!


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(2) Cosmebius, The guarantees of the Cosmebio label
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