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In order to limit the spread of Covid-19, a very significant part of the population finds itself confined for some time to come. This is a radical change for many of us: the transition from a form of over-demand to near-solitude. The prospect of spending another month in these conditions, it is true, does not particularly enchant us. Find all our advices

But yet, this period of confinement can have great benefits: refocusing on yourself, taking time to do those things you never have time for, taking care of your interior... Today we decipher the advantages and disadvantages of this period of confinement in cases of psoriasis or eczema. Furthermore, we invite you to carefully read the advice provided by the France Psoriasis association. Their objective is to indicate the attitude to adopt during this crisis situation in order to avoid giving in to panic. Psoriasis and eczema are big enemies of stress, anxiety and loneliness.

As a reminder, psoriasis has several origins, such as hereditary factors, but also environmental factors including: emotional shock, trauma or stress. It is therefore appropriate to take charge of this period in order to overcome gloom and suffering.

Be careful though, it's up to you to decide how you want to look at things. Here is a good illustration from Seneca: “Life is not about waiting for storms to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the rain.” » Everything is therefore a question of point of view and positive psychology.


Some known disadvantages of confinement

The French have been confined to their homes for a month. It is a sudden change in life that leaves marks on our body and our skin.

Confinement: lack of ventilation of the skin

In order to break the chain of illness, the French government is encouraging us to stay confined at home. It therefore becomes complicated to go out further than a reasonable distance from our home. For people living in the city, it can even be difficult to find a ventilated space close enough to their home.

We are called to stay indoors. But if our interior has too much humidity, this contributes to the birth of mold, mites and fungi. And in these cases, the situation can become a real pain for people with allergic eczema. We strongly recommend that you ventilate your home daily to renew the air in your living space. Ventilation for at least 10 minutes is ideal.

Always with a view to well-being and protecting your health, this period encourages us to do a deep clean at home. It is true that this virus requires us to remain on our guard and adopt impeccable hygiene measures.


Cleaning your interior during confinement

To avoid any poisoning during your sessions to keep your home clean, here is a small list of basic household products that are not harmful to your health:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Black soap
  • Marseille's soap

Many recipes for household products are available on the internet which offer a selection of ecological and economical recipes for home maintenance.


Blue light and skin aging

We talk about blue light as the scourge of our century. Our body is subjected to this artificial light given off by the screens of electronic devices for an almost incalculable number of hours. Excessive exposure to this blue light has an impact on our eyesight but also on our skin. This is linked to the pro-oxidant effects it contains. It appears that the self-repair mechanism of skin cells is altered by exposure to screens. As a result, the skin has more difficulty protecting itself from other attacks it suffers such as UV rays, stress or even pollution.

In this period of confinement, screens reach out to us to entertain us. Our exposure to blue light therefore increases. To protect yourself as much as possible from the effects of blue light, Marie-Estelle Roux, dermatologist, advises:

– to use anti-oxidants to be taken orally,
– apply vitamin C serums,
– or to use a sunscreen.


Dry skin from soaps

Among the barrier gestures recommended by the government, you must wash your hands several times during the day. And proper hand washing requires rubbing the fingers, palm, back of the hand and under the nails for 20 to 30 seconds. The washing time should be equivalent to a double cover of the Happy Birthday song. Not only must washing be carried out rigorously; but at the same time, we are reminded to wash our hands repeatedly. Before and after meals, after coughing or sneezing, after blowing your nose, after touching animals, etc.

These washes, you notice, dry out your hands. Soap is, in fact, a drying and wasteful product. Its objective is to eliminate the natural film that we have on the surface of the skin and which protects it. But it is this natural film, thanks to its fatty layer, which helps maintain a good level of skin hydration. In cases of eczema and palmoplantar psoriasis, washing your hands so regularly represents a virtual attack on the skin. It becomes even drier, it stings, and can even burn sometimes.

Psoriasis cream and dry skin

In order to soften inflammations in your skin, Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream relieves itching. The presence of natural Aloe Vera and Alpha-Bisabolol helps soothe itching and restructure the epidermis, which promotes healing.


Moisturize the skin with Pso Natura Rich Cream in case of psoriasis

Cream penetrates quickly and leaves the skin healthier, more even, smoother. Very quickly, the skin regains its balance, the epidermis is soothed. By applying the cream, morning and evening, to your hands or any other part of your body, make small circular massages.


Learn to dance during confinement

Lift the foot

One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is to have fun and relax. Not so easy is it? Finally, after a month of confinement we realize that, sometimes, to keep smiling, it only takes a little! What a pleasure to discover or rediscover films or series that make us dream and laugh. Nothing better than a podcast or a playlist that gets you going! Or, immerse yourself in a novel that makes us leave our environment to conquer new imaginary lands.

De-stress during confinement

Be careful though, taking your foot off the gas does not mean letting go. We strongly recommend that families or isolated individuals adopt a certain rigor in the organization of the day. To do this, it is advisable to take meals at fixed times, to determine a work area in the home, to dress with the right materials and to demonstrate tolerance (see our advice for living better with psoriasis) towards other members of the family.

Even after a day at the home office, the lack of travel time to return home can be a factor in food. What's better than cooking healthy dishes during this period of crisis? Great cooks and chefs from around the world share their recipes on social media. This is to help amateurs to cook in a more varied way than usual and to free themselves from the dictates of industrial products. Be careful, however, to keep a physical activity regularly in order to do not store kilos. In a previous article we highlighted the benefits of meditation on psoriasis and eczema, maybe it's time to try?

Take the time to do your treatment

But for LM Natura, relaxation also means taking the time to take care of yourself. And your body will thank you for it.

For the care of your skin, we recommend the use of Regenerative Complex

In an article, we explained the power of art on psoriasis. Perhaps this period of confinement is the right time to take up painting or poetry to express your feelings? The time spent in these activities helps relieve pain through intense concentration on another subject.

Psoriasis and confinement: commitment to others

There's not much worse than feeling alone when you both have psoriasis and are confined. So if you are in this situation, don't hesitate to spend time on the phone with your loved ones or communicate on the internet. On certain forums for people prone to psoriasis, there is very strong mutual support which allows them to exchange tips and advice and to relieve themselves of possible discriminations.

Furthermore, if you yourself know someone who is alone and suffering, don't abandon them! Encourage video calls in order to see your interlocutor through the screens. Take the opportunity to exchange lists of readings, films, podcasts... And when someone close to you is isolated during this period, don't forget that a whole bunch of companies continue to deliver. So don’t hesitate to send them a little chocolate treat for example. See our article on tattoos and psoriasis.

Psoriasis and confinement: your loved ones

For people with few or no relatives, there are associations which provide telephone or chat support to also allow you to communicate with others. This is the case of Astrée, which has been fighting for more than 30 years against the isolation of people, or of the SOS Amitié network which brings together 44 regional associations.

But here is our biggest advice: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, take advantage of these moments to FIGHT even harder AGAINST YOUR PSORIASIS OR ECZEMA. Do not hesitate to consult our 10 tips against psoriasis.

Know that we are always there for you, by phone or email. We continue to deliver, even if it is difficult for us to guarantee a delivery time of 48 hours flat by Colissimo.



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