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Psoriasis: simple reminder

Psoriasis and daily quality of life

Psoriasis more or less considerably reduces the quality of life of affected patients. This is due to our frequent complex of having to come out into the open. Expose yourself to preconceived ideas about psoriasis or even discriminations is also a daily challenge for many patients. Psoriasis can lead to significant life disruptions, even having repercussions on patients' sex lives.

Psoriasis and discomfort

The physical pain in cases of arthritic psoriasis, the discomfort linked to the itching of psoriasis and its appearance and the difficulty in coping with the emotional burden can cause real difficulty living with this disease. In the most severe cases, psoriasis can lead to depression. Calmly facing possible stigmatization due to psoriasis is not given to everyone. This is why psoriasis forums abound on the Internet and allow you to express your discomfort anonymously, without fear of being judged. Sharing experiences with people experiencing the same fate is often a relief.

Thus, the daily life of a psoriatic person can be a real ordeal, filled with itching, pain, bleeding and cracks (especially in the case of palmar-plantar psoriasis). As a result, getting dressed, sleeping or sitting down can become a real daily obstacle course!


What to do in case of psoriasis?

Living daily with psoriasis requires patience and serenity on the one hand, and combativeness on the other. No question of giving up. There are solutions to relieve psoriasis, whiten the marks and soothe the itching.

Beyond that, on a daily basis, it is important to know how to live with this psoriasis. Learn to better combat stress by practicing meditation for example, or by relieving one's moods with a specialist. Thus, the practice of a passion can also be saving, and allow you to escape through thought, relieving your mind. See our article Art and painting. Sport is also a good way to release inner pressure.

To help you, also read our 10 commandments for dealing with psoriasis.

No question of taking refuge in junk food. This loophole is one of the enemies of psoriasis.


A daily natural treatment against psoriasis

Above all, do not give up in the face of possible failures in the search for a treatment for psoriasis. This disease cannot be cured but its symptoms can be relieved, that is, psoriasis can be cleared.

Psoriasis and dermatologists

Dermatologists generally prescribe corticosteroid treatments. Even if they are effective, the dangers of the habituation effect cause many patients to give up, discouraged to see their results diminish over time, and their plaques or drops of psoriasis spread.

Psoriasis and naturopaths

naturopathy for psoriasisNaturopaths direct patients towards natural treatments, which are less harmful to health in terms of side effects. These treatments are sometimes effective. However, they generally require great patience to see the beneficial effects of the treatment over several months.

Many naturopaths, however, now advise Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, our treatment, a medical device with proven effectiveness on mild to moderate psoriasis of up to 94%.

This treatment is simple and practical to use. It comes in the form of a foaming paste that should be applied to the lesions by massaging, using a natural fiber sponge provided (the loofah).

This is why it is important to understand that we must act accordingly and be patient with this illness. Therefore, it is better to prefer natural solutions, acting over time. In order to cleanse the skin, natural treatment solutions for psoriasis, such as the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, are undoubtedly preferred.


Psoriasis daily tips and tricks

  • On the one hand, absolutely avoid irritating your skin by rubbing clothes that are too tight or too fitted. Read Choosing clothes for psoriasis.
  • On the other hand, with regard to scratches, abrasions... the wounds can cause a new psoriasis lesion. You must therefore protect your skin by covering it when walking in thickets, forests or other environments that can cause scratches.
  • And also: consult your doctor in the event of ENT infections (angina, pharyngitis) and before taking medication and mention that you suffer from psoriasis so that he or she avoids prescribing treatment with potentially harmful side effects on psoriasis.
  • Attention: expose yourself to the sun with caution. So, remember to always have protective sunscreens followed by the application of moisturizers.
  • Finally, be aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes, avoid smoky places and also keep your alcohol consumption very reasonable.



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