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Le plaque psoriasis or drops is a chronic skin disease, often linked to genetic predispositions. It affects a significant part of the French population. Are you one of the 2,4 million patients suffering from psoriasis in France (1)? Do you suffer from the gaze of others and feel prejudiced (some wrongly think that the disease is contagious) weigh on you on a daily basis? Know that you are not alone. 76% of people affected by the disease are embarrassed by their appearance and by the unsightly aspect of this more or less inflammatory disease. And a third are ashamed to show themselves (2).

Some patients, more precisely 7 people out of 10, are discouraged by this benign skin disease (3) which can affect all parts of the body: hands and feet, upper and lower back, arms, legs, elbows, knees, scalp. We have exceptional care for you, the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, with an exceptional efficiency rate of 94%. In this article we detail how to treat your psoriatic skin with this effective treatment.


Our effective treatment against psoriasis

The Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is the flagship treatment of LM Natura, which is committed to natural products. It is with this care that our founder Sylvie Méliet was able to get rid of her plaques and her itching linked to psoriasis.

An independent clinical study was conducted on 32 patients over 4 weeks. All had mild to moderate psoriasis and presented skin lesions, redness, scaling, pruritus and/or itching. These studies revealed 94% effectiveness. The scientists described these results as exceptional for a cosmetic treatment and not a drug.

Results on psoriasis

  • The itching is soothed 100%
  • The skin feels less tight 100%
  • Traces smoothed, to sight and touch 97%
  • Visibly healthier skin 94%
  • I regain my natural pigmentation 98%
  • Overall effectiveness noted by the dermatologist 94%

Thanks to these studies and the results, the Regenerative Complex is now classified as medical device class 1. It is still not a medicine but it is an effective cosmetic treatment treating a specific disease, in this case psoriasis.

However, the Complex is not only recommended for psoriasis, it is on the large family of scales, redness, itching that the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is effective. If psoriasis affects 2.5 million people in France, the problems of redness, itching and scales more widely concern more than 10 million people.


An effective natural treatment for psoriasis

A 100% natural formula

A pure, 100% natural formula with a high concentration of Carapa oil for maximum effectiveness on scaly skin. The Regenerative Complex is preservative-free, paraben-free, does not contain any synthetic fragrance or coloring and does not contain any petroleum-derived ingredients. Only two ingredients which are Carapa procera oil and vegetable potassium. The risks of allergies are therefore minimized and skin already suffering is protected from additional attacks.

The Complex is positioned as a natural alternative to medicinal treatments such as corticosteroids. Treatments based on corticosteroids are likely to worsen psoriasis if stopped suddenly. Its effectiveness rate is close to that of cortisone but you will not have the side effects or the addiction effect with this natural treatment.


Carapa procera nutAt the heart of the formula: Carapa procera oil

Carapa procera oil is at the heart of the formulation of the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex. Thanks to its exceptional active ingredients, it can treat scaly, dry to very dry skin, with roughness, and/or prone to spots. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, rich in antioxidants, concentrated in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, among others, it contributes to the regeneration of the skin. But also, to its restructuring and healing.

This oil has been used in ethno-pharmacopoeia for a very long time but it was not used in cosmetics outside of Africa. Thus, to use it in products intended to be marketed, LM Natura laboratories had to register Carapa procera oil as a cosmetic ingredient on the INCI and CAS lists, international nomenclatures for cosmetic ingredients.




Natural complex against skin problems medical deviceA unique natural treatment for psoriasis

Using the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is different from other treatments that you may have already used during your psoriatic life. This natural local treatment for psoriasis is a foaming treatment that is used with a loofah sponge made from plant fibers, supplied with it. The mechanical action produced by the circular movements made with the sponge, associated with the product which has become foam, allows light exfoliation of psoriasis. And this, without attacking it, while allowing the active ingredients of Carapa procera oil to penetrate.

Psoriasis natural care

This natural solution helps cleanse the skin while treating it. The skin gets rid of its scales and is smoothed over the days.


How does this treatment work to treat psoriasis?

Beforehand, if the dough is too hard, add two tablespoons of mineral water to the pot and leave to soak for a few hours. The dough will be much more malleable and easier to use.

Thoroughly moisten the loofah sponge, made of plant fibers, supplied with it. With the measuring spoon, apply a little of the foaming paste to the sponge. Run under water again, if necessary.

First of all, apply a lather locally to areas affected by psoriasis. To do this, tap the sponge on the skin then make circular movements. Once you have obtained a nice white foam, make circular movements for around fifteen seconds per area. The Regenerating Complex should be applied with gentle, light massages so as not to be irritating. Do not strip the skin.

Rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Apply immediately after a moisturizing, soothing, healing cream. The Rich Cream is ideal for nourishing, hydrating your skin and providing comfort. The Pso Natura Rich Cream also contains Carapa procera oil, ideal for dry skin, so you continue the treatment while taking care of the skin.

Precautions for using this natural treatment

Avoid the eye area and mucous membranes

In these conditions, if you feel that the fibrous side is too aggressive for your skin, then start with the white, cotton side. For the face, we recommend using the white side initially or only with the fingertips for ultra-sensitive skin.


Usage protocol to eliminate your dander

The foaming treatment, the Pso Natura Regenerating Complex, is used twice a day for an average of one month. Results after 3 days

The first results of this natural treatment are already visible on the traces of psoriasis. First, the scales become less thick. The skin may be a little red at this stage. It is the transition between the disappearance of the scales and the new skin underneath which is restructured.
Itching is soothed, the complex has a calming effect.


Psoriasis before and afterResults after 10 days

Then the skin becomes smoother and softer. The scales have given way to pinkish skin.
Thanks to this natural remedy, the itching has disappeared.

Results after 20 days

The marks continue to fade, they blend with the neighboring healthy skin. The skin regains its sensations when touched. It is less and less pink, and tends more towards the color of a normal skin tone, beige.

Results after 30 days

The skin is visibly healthier. Thanks to this natural treatment, the skin is completely smoothed and its color is close or even identical to the skin which had no scales before the treatment.


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(1) the French Society of Dermatology, Objectif Peau survey

(3) According to a Ipsos survey produced for the France Psoriasis Association

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