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Psoriasis and party attire

Dressing for a party


Among the many tips, tricks and tips that we suggest for dealing with psoriasis on a daily basis, here is an exceptional circumstance for which you will also need, ladies and gentlemen, to make yourself look beautiful: on party nights.


Psoriasis and outfits: the dilemma of showing your psoriasis

On holiday or New Year's Eve, the question arises: do I dare to leave my psoriasis exposed? Often this fear of discrimination is at the heart of the issue.

We will tell you yes! If for your 31st or any other occasion, you want to wear a short skirt when you have psoriasis on your knees or a strappy top when you have patches on your elbows, go for it! But we also know that it is easier said than done, because preconceived ideas about psoriasis are tenacious.

As for the arms, the question is a little less delicate, long sleeves are compatible with psoriasis and rhyme with pretty clothing. As for bottoms, in winter, we don't recommend tights or skinny, slim jeans that are too tight. These clothes will rub against your scales and psoriasis is sensitive to friction.


One of the first apparent signs: nail psoriasis

Ladies, in case of nail psoriasis, also called nail psoriasis, the camouflage is simple, just paint your nails with a varnish for the occasion and that's it. Note that there are varnish bases that can fill in the furrows on the nails to make them appear smoother.

Men or women, you can also improve the health of your nails with brewer's yeast, see our article on the subject:  nail psoriasis and brewer's yeast.


The right outfit to limit irritation

psoriasis fluid hold to avoid friction of the fabricPsoriasis and parties: outfits to hide the plaques

We choose an outfit that is the most fluid possible, because the tighter it is, the more it will irritate your psoriasis and cause flare-ups. We are moving towards lightness, a vaporous, supple and airy hold! The goal is to always live better with psoriasis.

The choice of materials is also very important. Natural materials will be better tolerated by your skin than synthetic materials which prevent the skin from breathing normally. This is also why you sweat more with polyester clothing than with cotton clothing, for example. Silk could well be the star of your New Year's Eve. The only natural material to exclude: leather, which in no way lets the skin breathe!

Whatever outfit you choose, remember to hydrate your psoriasis well. Our Rich Restructuring Cream is the first treatment to apply daily to regain supple skin and protect against external aggressions and friction from clothing.


psoriasis dressing to hide the marksWhat will be your party outfits in case of psoriasis?

To determine the outfit in which you will be comfortable, in case of psoriasis, all evening and all night, you have several options which must be adapted according to your tastes, your morphology, your psoriasis and the complexes linked to his appearances.

Option 1: The long dress

The long dress is the classy outfit par excellence. New Year's Eve is the opportunity not to be missed to wear this kind of dress. Little extra: it saves you from wearing tights, which can catch dander and allows you to hide your legs if they are responsible for a complex.

Who is it for? The long dress is suitable for several types of body types, it all depends on its cut. A dress with an elasticated waist will suit silhouettes with a pronounced waist, an elasticated one at the hips will be perfect for an H shape and an empire waist will enhance figure 8s and triangles.

Avoid if : On the other hand, we avoid certain models if we are small, otherwise we risk being crowded.

In case of a tattoo on the legs, it is also a good way to either hide it or subtly reveal it with a slit dress.

skater skirt
Option 2: The skater skirt

Fluid, flying and short, it highlights the legs! We always prefer that you avoid wearing tights if you have dander as it risks irritating you. If it's really a complex choose the long dress. Otherwise, dare to show yourself as you are!

For the top, a little top that is flowing and a little loose (but not too loose! It should hover over your body) will complete the silhouette. These outfits are ideal for psoriasis.

Who is it for? This outfit is perfect for figure 8, X and triangle shapes.

Avoid if : if you have psoriasis around the waist (risk of chafing).


3 option:elegant wide pants Wide pants

Wide dress to hide psoriasis

What an elegant look flattered by wide pants and enhanced with high heels. Choose it high waisted for even more effect! A silk pussy-bow collar shirt tucked inside will finish off the look.

Who is it for? If you are tall or of average height, in a figure 8, X or inverted triangle, this outfit is made for you!

Avoid if : if you are short, if you have psoriasis on the waist and stomach.


Dress idea to hide psoriasisOption 4: The straight dress

A wardrobe classic that suits all seasons and all occasions. Here are outfits that work for psoriasis. The fabric or pattern will determine the theme. It floats on the skin, for a psoriatic person it is ideal, to see afterwards if you dare to show your legs! Come on, it’s the 31st, anything goes!

Who is it for? Almost all body types!

Avoid if: Be careful with generous breasts which can quickly be compressed in this type of dress. Square collars will then be perfectly suited.


Outfits for men with psoriasismen's tuxedo evening outfit

Not much choice for you, gentlemen, whether you have psoriasis or not! It is on the materials and cuts of the suit that you will be able to make the difference for your comfort! Prefer a cotton shirt, it is a very soft material which allows the skin to breathe. In terms of cuts, the most suitable is the straight cut, the slim and skinny cuts being too fitted.


For style and psoriasis

Avoid smoking, especially since psoriasis and tobacco its often linked.


Good night !


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