Psoriasis and tattooing, are they compatible?

psoriasis and tattoos advice

Are psoriasis and tattoos compatible? Can I get a tattoo if I have psoriasis? Since psoriasis is a disease directly affecting the epidermis and the aesthetic appearance of the skin, it is entirely legitimate to wonder whether or not you can get a tattoo. To do this, discover all our advices.

Even if mentalities around tattooing are changing and this practice has become more popular, tattooing remains criticized. It is the subject, like psoriasis sometimes, of discriminations. Whether you have psoriasis or not. We often hear this type of comment:
– “Beware of allergic reactions”
– “We have it for life, you have to think carefully, you’ll get tired”
– “Impossible to remove it, it leaves marks”
– “There is a risk of infection”
- etc ...

Psoriasis, a chronic disease, causes itching, redness and scales on the skin. This disease is often linked to genetic predispositions, but it can also come from external factors such as emotional shock, stress or strong anxiety. In France, 2,4 million people suffer from psoriasis are not alone!

Do you want to get a tattoo even though you have psoriasis? You are certainly asking yourself questions and hesitating to take the plunge. So here are our answers.


Risks of tattooing when you have psoriasis

To perform a tattoo, the tattoo artist will inject ink into your skin using a needle. The presence of a foreign body in the epidermis requires impeccable hygiene: sterile, single-use equipment (ink, needle, gloves, absorbent wipes). The needle “pierces” the skin to introduce the ink, so the skin will have to heal afterwards. Ideally, it is better to have tried beforehand to reduce psoriasis in the area concerned.

It is very important to follow all the instructions given by the tattoo artist during the healing period to avoid any risk of infection which could damage your skin for life and/or deform your tattoo:

  • No swimming, bathing or prolonged showering for a month,
  • No exposure of the skin to the sun for a month,
  • Allow the tattooed skin to breathe in the open air as much as possible,
  • Clean the tattooed skin using a neutral pH cleanser,
  • Moisturize well with a healing cream several times a day,
  • Do not scratch the tattoo, nor pull on the ink discharge and avoid any friction,
  • Wear natural materials,
  • Apply sunscreen after healing if exposed.

Hydration is essential in the fight against psoriasis, don't forget it. We also recommend these tips to people prone to eczema.


Tattoo me on my psoriasis

Cara Delevingne, psoriatic and tattooedCara Delevingne, psoriatic and tattooed

Not all causes of psoriasis are known. So, even if, most of the time, we attribute flare-ups to emotional shock, stress or a genetic component, there are other more or less proven factors. Tattooing remains an attack on the skin. The needle penetrates the skin and a foreign body, ink, is injected. So, psoriasis being very reactive to any type of attack, it is possible that the tattoo triggers a flare-up of psoriasis because of the lesion that is generated.(1)

Psoriasis is a disease that can progress and take over your body. If you have a plaque on your elbow for example, nothing and no one can ensure that you won't have another plaque on your knee in a month, later, or a year, or 10 years! We know that we are not the master of our destiny with psoriasis. This is why it is important to learn how to living with psoriasis every day.

Precautions to take for a tattoo on psoriasis

psoriasis and tattoo advice– If you have a small plaque located at the level of the joints: avoid other joint areas to do your tattoo because it is in these locations that other plaques could potentially appear.

– In case of scalp psoriasis, abandon the idea of ​​getting a tattoo behind the ears or on the nape of the neck, your helmet could extend. The edge of the scalp should certainly be avoided, but you can move your project a few centimeters.

– If you have psoriasis already localized almost everywhere on the body: it’s heads or tails! Choose an area without plaque and whatever happens to the area chosen for the tattoo.

– Obviously if you have had psoriasis recently, the risk of developing plaques is greater than if your psoriasis has been present for several years.

– It is not possible to tattoo an area with psoriasis. The chosen surface must be smooth and undamaged. It is therefore impossible to hide your psoriasis with a tattoo.

Tattooing can be considered as a way to hide psoriasis, however we recommend 10 tips for managing psoriasis with peace of mind.


Your freedom, your choice to get tattooed

Your psoriasis doesn't have to stop you from doing what you want, whether it's the clothes you wear or getting a tattoo. Illness must not take over your life and must not affect your beautiful freedom. A pretty everyday or party outfit can be an opportunity to display your tattoo or let it be noticed discreetly, by making the eye focus on said tattoo rather than the psoriasis mark.

However, it is more prudent and strongly recommended by the Labs (we even require you to do so) to consult your dermatologist if you wish to get a tattoo when you have psoriasis. It's your decision obviously, but take it with all the information you can obtain, and thus get a tattoo in full awareness or ultimately not get a tattoo. As a general rule, dermatologists don't really like tattoos and often advise avoiding them even if you don't have a skin problem. Make sure he gives you the correct information even if he is basically opposed to tattoos.

Starting with a small tattoo is our advice. This way, you will see how your skin reacts, whether it triggers a psoriasis flare-up or not. Subsequently, you can start the adventure again if the results are satisfactory.

Getting a tattoo when you have psoriasis is therefore not contraindicated but not recommended. On the other hand, the artistic act itself can relieve psoriasis, we recommend our article on painting.


Natural treatment of psoriasis and tattooing

Pso Natura Complex for psoriasisYou can treat your psoriasis with our effective and natural Pso Natura treatments. THE Regenerating Foaming Complex is a 100% natural treatment and is used with a natural fiber loofah sponge. The circular movements made with the sponge allow exfoliation of the epidermis and scales.

If you have a psoriasis plaque on a tattoo, you can definitely use the Complex. Exfoliation is done only on the surface of the skin while the pigments of the ink used for the tattoo are in deeper layers of the epidermis. No risk that using the loofah sponge will erase your tattoo.(2)




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