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Psoriasis, why a world day?

Why World Psoriasis Day

Around 3 million French people are affected by psoriasis, which represents almost 5% of the French population. Psoriasis is a genetic disease whose appearance is linked to several factors. Indeed, stress, a significant emotional shock or even deficient digestive functions can trigger a flare-up. Thus, this skin disease is a chronic disease that progresses in cycles. This means that phases of illness are interspersed with phases of remission. Psoriasis can be mild to moderate (less than 10% of the body surface), or even severe.

This article aims to present to you the main figures of psoriasis and psoriasis information.


What is psoriasis and how does it occur? How is it evolving?

Psoriasis is a inflammatory skin disease which is characterized by the appearance of thick patches of peeling skin. A psoriasis outbreak is often associated with severe itching and redness (red patches). Furthermore, psoriasis can take different forms. Thus, the best known are guttate psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, etc.

Typically, psoriasis plaques develop on the elbows, knees, folds, nails, or scalp. However, they can affect the entire body. The extent of the disease varies from one individual to another.

Psoriasis is as common in men as in women. It can reveal itself at all ages. However, it frequently appears between the ages of 20 and 40. For a third of cases, psoriasis begins even before the age of 20. Moreover, for individuals who develop psoriasis early, it turns out that they tend to recur more.


Psoriasis and consequences

The physical consequences of this disease are often very heavy for the patient to bear. On the one hand, because the itching, scales and redness are very unpleasant and uncomfortable. On the other hand, because the way people look at the patient is often hurtful and difficult to bear.

Thus, depending on the location of the psoriasis but also its extent, it can be bothersome and harm the social life of affected individuals. According to France Psoriasis, in 2017, 64% of people with psoriasis were discriminated against based on their disease.


The objectives of World Psoriasis Day

Every year, on October 29, World Psoriasis Day is held.

This day is for people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis around the world. Above all, the objective of this day is to draw public attention to psoriasis. Thus, transmitting information about the disease is at the heart of the ambition of this day.

It is indeed important to provide information about psoriasis, a disease little known to the general public today. We must be aware of the weight and suffering it represents for sick individuals. Democratizing knowledge of psoriasis to break the rules and break with assumptions is essential. For example, anti-psoriasis associations aim to make it clear that psoriasis is not contagious.


Information campaigns

Furthermore, on the occasion of this day against psoriasis, numerous campaigns are carried out. Their goal ? Encourage those affected and their loved ones to manage their illness independently and responsibly. Learn to live with the illness to better overcome it.

The development of a dermatosis is often difficult to live with. The disease results either in relentless therapeutic treatment, fraught with side effects, or in the patient's withdrawal into himself and refusal to communicate. Many people refuse to go out so as not to have to endure the stares – often of disgust – from their environment.


What actions during World Psoriasis Day?

The actions aim to provide better information, create discussion areas on Facebook, forums or awareness conferences. Their aim is to prevent the patient from isolating himself so as not to have to suffer from derogatory looks and/or remarks.

Throughout the world, numerous aid actions exist. In France, the France Psoriasis association listens to patients and their suffering. It offers them spaces for discussion about the disease. They also address the discomfort that often results from it and which can lead to depression in certain subjects.


A central theme each year

In 2018, World Psoriasis Day aimed to raise awareness about psoriatic arthritis. The ultimate objective was to limit the delay in diagnosis and accelerate patient care. Psoriatic arthritis affects around 30% of people with psoriasis. It represents real physical pain.

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic inflammatory joint disease associated with psoriasis. On the one hand, patients suffer from pathological skin lesions common in people with psoriasis (itching, redness, scales). On the other hand, they suffer from painful joint inflammations. It is through three YouTube videos that France psoriasis raised awareness of psoriatic arthritis among the French population.


The theme of World Psoriasis Day 2022

The theme of World Psoriasis Day this year refers to mental health. Indeed, after the periods of confinement and uncertainty linked to Covid, mental health is now at the heart of all concerns.

Furthermore, people suffering from psoriasis are largely concerned by this theme since this disease directly impacts our self-esteem and therefore our mental health. It is therefore important to raise global awareness about psoriasis and the consequences it can have, but also to show patients that they are not alone.

In addition, it is necessary to feel supported and not isolate yourself in the face of illness. It may also be interesting to join forums of other people suffering from psoriasis in order to support each other and share your story, advice, etc.


Natural care to live better with psoriasis

Today, there are no means of cure disease. Existing psoriasis treatments all aim to limit flare-ups of this inflammation and eliminate its traces. These treatments are essentially chemical, sometimes very heavy and most often have more or less significant side effects.

This is why the natural treatment of psoriasis is desirable (in particular thanks to naturopathy). Some essential oils and grandmother's remedies (Calendula oil for example) against psoriasis allow a certain improvement of these symptoms, but the result is most often not total. THE cures at the Dead Sea or thermal waters can also have very positive effects on psoriasis.


natural psoriasis treatment pso naturaPso Natura treatments

Alone, LM Natura has developed a 100% natural care, whose effectiveness proven by clinical study (94%) has earned it today a Medical Device.

The effectiveness of this treatment comes in particular from its formulation based on Carapa procera oil, a rare oil from Guinea, rich in vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and regenerating properties. It helps eliminate scales and redness in 1 month on average. Its simple and non-restrictive use makes it a benchmark treatment, also taking into account its naturalness and effectiveness.

LM Natura has also developed a Dermatological Shampoo for scaly scalp conditions, with particularly exceptional clinical study results on itching and scalp sanitation.

It is also essential to pay particular attention to our diet. Rebecca Fons, naturopath, explains the link between diet and psoriasis. See our article on Living 100% organic.


Conclusion on World Psoriasis Day

The campaign topics for the year 2021 have not yet been presented. Ahead of October 29, France Psoriasis has set up an educational tool in the form of an escape game to better understand psoriasis. The objective of this support action is to raise awareness and inform the general public about this pathology.

The participants of the escape game are tasked with investigating the situation of three people affected by this illness. This experience allows participants to better understand the journey of people affected by psoriasis and to help them improve their knowledge of this pathology by delving into the heart of the disease and the experiences of patients.

For 45 minutes, participants had to look for clues allowing them to solve puzzles in order to be able to leave the premises as quickly as possible.

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