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Psoriasis and stress, relax!

Psoriasis and relaxation


In order to complete the action of our Detox and Zen capsules, and in the fight against psoriasis, here are some tips to achieve mental and physical well-being.


What is World Wellbeing Day?

This day was created in 2012 in Turkey thanks to an initiative by the company Richmond Nua, active in the field of well-being. Now better known as Global Wellness Day, the event takes place every year on the second Saturday in June.

The aim of this day is to direct us towards a reflection on the value of our lives: to take the time to stop and think about what makes us happy, to allow us to break away from the stress of urban life and our bad habits. habits, and above all help us find peace within ourselves. Global Wellness Day is not only dedicated to well-being but to living well as well.


Global Wellness Day activities

Every year in France, several cities offer free activities to their residents to help them discover new levers of well-being. There are regular yoga, pilates and dance classes as well as workshops on nutrition and healthy eating. It is also possible to participate in beauty classes, breathing, art or even laughter therapies. All of these activities are free and open to all.

For security reasons in the face of the global epidemic, the 2020 meeting will take place live. A well-crafted program can be found on the Facebook page of the event.

Throughout this article, we will recommend some activities in the program to prioritize in order to feel good in your head and in your body.


Psoriasis and stress: learning to eradicate stress and discouragement

eradicate stressEasy to say ! But how can you really combat stress and anxiety? We will first address the different types of stress in order to better understand it and overcome it.

Recent studies show that stress affects 6 out of 10 French people. More than half of our country's population is therefore subject to it. And the harmful effects of stress on our health no longer need to be proven.

Stress at work is the most widespread and can have repercussions that extend beyond the professional circle. The direct consequences on productivity, which weakens due to excess stress, only fuel the vicious circle of stress. Furthermore, the repercussions on the family circle can end up weighing down morale. Stress can also come from a personal emotional source or even traumatic shock. Whatever it is, stress causes damage to our mind and body. The body becomes tense, joints become blocked….

What activities to combat stress?

Different disciplines can help you reduce your level of anxiety and stress. On June 13, Global Wellness Day offers live participation in a facial gymnastics and facial self-massage class. We highly recommend our readers with skin concerns and anxiety to take this class. Facial muscles contract constantly throughout the day. Relaxing your face is therefore a very important first step in the fight against anxiety. It is also recognized that facial gymnastics stimulates blood circulation; which allows the skin to be better oxygenated.

So go to the program’s Facebook page for Fabienne Crocq’s class – 10 hours facial gym and facial self-massage.


Pilates for psoriasisAnd have you tried pilates?

We recommend that our readers who are new to pilates take advantage of this wellness day to discover this discipline full of virtues. It is a method of strengthening the deep muscles, those responsible for our posture. These muscles make up our energy center for the whole body. So you can imagine that strengthening these areas makes us more stable, better anchored to the ground and improves the health of our body.

In order to relieve the body and become more zen, we tested the practice of meditation. You will find more information on this discipline in our article on meditation. Meditation accentuates concentration on breathing and offers us a moment of relaxation. You must keep in mind that in case of stress, breathing “blocks” and you breathe in an anarchic way, as if you were in apnea. Do not hesitate to consult Théra Séréna's blog to discover some breathing exercises that relieve stress.


Take care of your food and clothing hygiene

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

To relieve your body from the suffering of psoriasis or eczema, reducing anxiety is therefore an important step, certainly, but one that must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. By doing some research on the internet, changing your lifestyle for healthier hygiene can be a little scary because some of our habits are thrown into oblivion.

We consider that a healthy and balanced life is a life free from “excess”. Let us explain: forbidding yourself from having a good evening by depriving yourself of aperitifs and cocktails is of no interest because it is your morale that will take a hit. But having a series of alcoholic evenings is not beneficial either because it is your body and your fatigue that will settle the bill. We advise you to practice moderation and balance. It's up to you to find your personal balance.

Diet contributes to psoriasis

Food hygiene is essential in the fight against psoriasis. Very often, outbreaks of psoriasis or eczema are linked to digestion or liver problems. According to'WHO, a healthy diet is the key to many non-communicable diseases.4 rules of well-being

Eliminate fat

To this end, daily fat intake must be adapted to daily expenditure. To avoid excessive weight gain, fats should not exceed 30% of total energy intake. A healthy diet for an adult should consist of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Consumption of saturated fats should not exceed 10% of total energy intake and the daily dose of salt should not exceed 12g.

Limit sugar

Sugar must also be controlled, no more than 10% of the total consumption of the day. Do not hesitate to contact a naturopath to discover how nutrition can relieve your body through the digestion. Furthermore, organic foods are often richer in vitamins and benefits, discover the virtues of grapefruit, prune and whole fruits in our dedicated articles.

We recommend that you follow the 12-hour class with Clémence Peix Lavallée, Sophrologist.

Global Wellness Day has published a summary of a healthy lifestyle routine that is both positive for the body and the brain (opposite).


Treat your psoriasis effectively and naturally

Our last advice is to combine with the previous pillars. This involves treating your psoriasis as gently and effectively as possible. For this, there are different treatments and natural remedies. Here is a list of the most interesting natural solutions:

Pso Natura Regenerative Complex for psoriasisThe Pso Natura Regenerative Complex

This treatment, our star treatment, is composed only of Carapa procera oil and vegetable potassium. Goodbye to the risk of allergies to chemical substances.

Our care is effective in treating all problems of redness, scales and itching in general, whatever the skin condition. Specifically for psoriasis, this natural treatment has proven 94% effective in a clinical study.

Tips for skin inflammation

Coconut oil massages act on skin cells and offer a restructuring, nourishing and soothing action.

Massages with aloe vera gel are recommended for hydrating the skin. Aloe vera has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties! We recommend massaging for a few moments then rinsing.

Among essential oils, some are very effective in the form of massage. We recommend tarragon essential oil, Roman chamomile essential oil and evening primrose essential oil.

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