Meditation, a tool for psoriasis?

meditate to help relieve stress and psoriasis


To fight psoriasis, gentle, gentle meditation…

Many skin pathologies are aggravated and even appear when we experience stress or when our emotional balance is disturbed. People suffering from Psoriasis are directly affected by this stress/psoriasis link.


Psoriasis and meditation: The impact of nervous balance on the epidermis

Psoriasis, cell renewal

First of all, let us remember that psoriasis is an autoimmune disease linked to a dysfunction of cell renewal. Cell renewal usually occurs every 28 days; for people with psoriasis, this renewal occurs every 4-5 days, which results in a cluster of white scales (1).

Psoriasis, the role of neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are involved in this dysfunction and we know that these same neurotransmitters are also impacted by stress (2): states of stress therefore have an influence on psoriasis flare-ups. Sometimes even when a flare-up is healed, the anxious anticipation will trigger the next flare-up. The vicious circle is underway.

Stress can be triggered by internal factors, such as carrying this illness, but also directly related external factors, such as discrimination in a professional environment attributable to the fact that the person suffers from psoriasis, or the fight against preconceived ideas about psoriasis. In addition, stress can also be caused by factors completely exogenous to the illness.

In the case of psoriasis, life puts our body to the test... And we must be able to get up and fight constantly! For this there are, in addition to the classic psoriasis treatments, methods of physical and moral recovery which it is essential to know to better fight against the undesirable effects and fatigue linked to psoriasis.


Psoriasis and meditation, fight against stress

meditate in the evening or morning

Meditation, just like yoga, helps us move forward on the path to zenitude. This mental practice aims to produce inner peace, emptiness of the mind, mental appeasement. Psoriasis is known to respond favorably to stress management techniques. We can also mention here many other alternatives for better stress management: practicing an adapted sport, of a particular passion, as for example the painting, to express discomfort or simply release negative energies.

Whatever technique you choose (yoga, tai chi, tantra, etc.), it is important to respect the 3 golden rules. It is indeed advisable to adopt a posture favorable to the relaxation of the body, to work on your breathing and to be focused on yourself while ignoring your external environment. Having applied our 10 commandments against psoriasis, the mind will be more freed to move on to the practice of meditation.


yoga posture and meditationPsoriasis and meditation – step 1: Relaxation

The first step before meditation will be relaxation. Breathing, stress relief, relaxation of each of its members. To be calming, breathing must be slow and abdominal. Inhale through your nose, expanding your stomach (and not your lungs).

First, place one hand flat on your stomach to feel it expand as you inhale, then flatten as you exhale. The exhalation should be longer than the inhalation. Then, exhale continuously and not jerkily until you feel like you no longer have a gram of air in your body.

During this operation, close your eyes, and visually imagine that your body is releasing, at the same time as you exhale, a sort of grayish smoke which would symbolize your stress, your excess of negative emotions. Do the operation for 5-6 minutes and you will very clearly feel an overall calming of your state of mind.

Psoriasis and meditation - step 2: Clear your mind

The second step will be to purify your mind. In order to drive away any parasitic thoughts, yogi use mantras, which allow you to concentrate on yourself. The famous “Om” is also an interesting sound to emit because it promotes a certain positive resonance within oneself.

For people who have difficulty falling asleep, accompany these breathing efforts with the awareness of the relaxation of your muscles one by one. Start with the face, listening for the sensation of the forehead relaxing, starting at the hairline. Then the eyebrows which relax, the cheeks which “fall”, the mouth, the chin, etc…Then mentally go down to each part of the body.

For the extremities like the fingers, become aware of each phalanx which relaxes, the limbs seem heavier, they seem to sink into your mattress, your whole body seems to weigh.

Anti-stress meditation method: advice

First, choose a quiet moment or a moment of meditation.meditation method for psoriasis

Allow yourself at least 10 minutes to feel a soothing effect.

Don't stress at first about not being able to meditate successfully. Above all, you need to try, calmly and calmly at your own pace.

Keep your eyes half-closed while looking at a lens a maximum of one meter away from you, without feeling the need to stare at it.

For the posture, we advise you to start lying down, on your back, with your palms flat.

Meditation allows you to dissolve your thoughts so you can only focus on yourself. It allows us to “empty our minds” and fills us with zenitude. It is true that these recommendations are valid for people suffering from psoriasis, or any other illness, after an anger that leaves them trembling with rage, before a stressful ordeal, speaking in public for example. Don't hesitate, the effect is immediate and truly completely soothing. The body and mind will regain their calm. Up to you.

Besides meditation, take care of yourself: eat balanced. Applying all his advice will allow you to reduce your psoriasis on a daily basis and reduce your stress, to help you live better with your psoriasis.



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