Psoriasis and obesity: what is the link?

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In our section “Psoriasis advice“, we mentioned the importance of eating well. Let's see together what are the consequences of junk food on psoriasis, and how it leads to obesity.

Numerous studies have already shown that psoriasis increases the risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Today, these studies allow us to establish a link between psoriasis and obesity.

But what are the exact relationships between obesity and psoriasis? Is obesity a risk factor for the development of psoriasis? Or, on the contrary, is obesity a consequence of this chronic and inflammatory disease?

This distinction is important because it could, if obesity is confirmed, be a risk factor for psoriasis. Being overweight can lead to appropriate health and diet measures. The objective? Take preventive action in people with a familial risk of developing psoriasis.



Obesity causing psoriasis attackslimit obesity

Psoriasis and obesity, complications

Obesity is defined by body mass index, commonly known as BMI. It calculates the ratio between an individual's weight and height. When the BMI is greater than or equal to 25kg/m2, we speak of overweight. According to RESOPSO, in this research into the obesity/psoriasis link, out of 2194 individuals with psoriasis, 33,9% were overweight. 21% were obese. Finally, 3,2% of them were severely obese (1).

In 2013, Jama Dermatolgy conducted a study of 60 to 69 individuals suffering from psoriasis and overweight. The study reports the effects of a low-calorie diet (less than 1000 calories per day) over a period of 8 weeks (an average loss of 15kg). Some patients with psoriasis admitted a regression of their psoriasis and their flare-ups.

Separately, researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center investigated patients who underwent surgery to reduce the size of the stomach. In 55% of patients, symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis were significantly reduced.

However, these tests deserve that we take some precautions in the interpretation of these results. These overweight people also saw their bodies transform at the same time: the areas of friction (folds) from one limb to the other, linked to obesity, decreased significantly.

Obesity occurs when eating too much food, or the wrong foods. But we must add to this list overconsumption of alcohol, which is harmful to psoriasis.



burger and fats responsible for excess weightPsoriasis and obesity: too much food and too much of the wrong food

Poor diet, obesity and psoriasis

The link between obesity and psoriasis is not yet fully understood. However, the common denominator appears to be chronic inflammation. Excess weight leads to a large mass of fatty tissue and therefore the production of specific molecules. These molecules act on the immune system. They cause inflammation (higher than in psoriatics of normal build) which fuels psoriasis attacks.

The severity of psoriasis is therefore correlated with BMI. Generally speaking, weight loss would reduce the extent of inflammatory phenomena in the body. This would therefore have a positive influence on the manifestations of psoriasis.

Furthermore, obesity can cause psoriasis marks to appear due to clothing that is too tight. The latter then promote significant friction and therefore the appearance of drops or plaques. Watch your clothes.

Obesity sometimes causes discrimination, as does psoriasis

To combat both psoriasis and obesity, it is strongly recommended to practice a sport.

There are both prejudices about psoriasis, so don't be fooled and live with the illness as well as possible.


Psoriasis: a factor in the development of excess weight?

Conversely, it seems that some researchers note an appearance of obesity after the first signs of psoriasis. They therefore suggest that obesity is a consequence and not a cause of this skin disease.

Indeed, there are extrinsic factors (sedentary lifestyle or eating disorders) often associated with psoriasis. But there are also many intrinsic factors which can clearly promote the occurrence of obesity.

Several studies found that children with psoriasis were 1,7 to 2,6 times more likely to be overweight or obese (4). Obesity is in fact particularly common in people with a severe form of the disease (psoriasis affects more than 20% of the skin's surface in this case)(1). On the other hand, the type of psoriasis does not seem to play a role in this association.

Detox and Zen capsulesOur Detox and Zen capsules allow you to fight from the inside the causes of the occurrence of skin disorders. Scientific theories regarding the occurrence of psoriasis very regularly cite a failing digestive system. Thus, the capsules will provide a little boost to your body. A course of capsules and/or vitamins is strongly recommended. Please note, they do not in any way replace a diet.

Psoriasis and obesity, a natural treatment for the skin

In any case, whatever the exact connection, it is now clear that among people who suffer from psoriasis on various parts of the body, such as elbows, scalp, knees, characterized by severe rashes, red patches and psoriatic arthritis, the proportion of obese patients is higher than in the general population.

Of course, psoriasis is not a contagious disease. LM Natura helps you relieve your psoriasis, for total remission for people suffering from this inflammatory disease.

Also consult a dermatologist for people with psoriasis and treatment with corticosteroids.

First of all, respect the 10 commandments against psoriasis, and find tips which will allow you to reduce your psoriasis on a daily basis.

Also think about meditation to control stress and therefore the worsening of psoriasis. This disease can ruin life, that said, it is important to keep your spirits up and not fall into depression or obesity.

In case of pregnancy, we invite you to consult the article “Psoriasis and pregnancy".

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