5 shower gels and soaps for psoriasis

Shower gels for psoriasis

Symptoms of psoriasis

First of all, skin suffering from psoriasis is sensitive skin. Therefore, it should be treated in a specific way, including during the shower. Taking care of your skin, whether oily, dry or sensitive, is not easy.

So how to choose? Does texture matter? Should we choose a gel, a soap, a cream, a foam? We guide you to take into account the criteria useful for your choice of washing care.


Focus on the best soaps and shower gels for psoriasis

We offer you a zoom on the different shower gels to recommend in case of psoriasis. Our 2 main evaluation criteria are: on the one hand, the virtues of the ingredients so that the shower gel or soap is a treatment. On the other hand, the gentleness of the formulations, to wash the body without attacking it. Also discover our Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo, ideal for scalps irritated. It can also be used as a natural shower gel for flaky skin.


Choose your shower gels according to your psoriasis

For psoriasis, shower gels should generally be formulated with water and emulsifying agents. These create a creamy foam. Among these agents, surfactants are often criticized. Potentially they are endocrine disruptors. Thus, they can be dangerous for health. However, without them, no foam! But we reassure you, there are natural surfactants that are gentle on the skin and are not dangerous.

Color makes the product attractive, pleasing to the eye. But be careful to select natural dyes. Indeed, some are carcinogenic. They can also cause an allergic reaction.

Washing suffering skin

Your cleaning product should also be a skin care. Generally, contact of the treatment with the skin is fleeting. However, the treatment must provide extra hydration. A good shower gel for psoriasis should help replenish the skin's hydrolipidic film. In addition, he must limit stripping of cleaning action.

Depending on the skin type, there are different suitable moisturizers. This way, they avoid having tight skin. This feeling of dry skin after a shower is common. It is important to identify one ingredient: glycerol. Indeed, glycerol is a chemical ingredient with moisturizing properties. Do not confuse with natural glycerin.

Read also our article on shampoos for scalp psoriasis.


Endocrine disruptors

Of course, it is better avoid all ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors. They are potentially harmful to health. Additionally, they are suspected of being useless for skin health. We are talking here about parabens, silicones, PEGs, EDTA, denatured alcohol, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and SLS.


Psoriasis and skin reactions

Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease. It affects nearly 3 million people in France. It is linked to genetic factors. These induce a predisposition to developing the disease. In addition, psoriasis is often activated by stress...but not only that.

Suffering from psoriasis means have atopic skin, which reacts to external aggression. Psoriasis most often develops on areas of friction such as the elbows. But psoriasis can also develop when the skin feels attacked. So, in this case, it reacts by producing a protective barrier.

It begins to overproduce cells at an accelerated rate. Every 2-3 days, the skin renews itself, instead of the usual 28 days. Excess epidermal cells pile up. They are called scales. Furthermore, aggression to the skin by a particular substance or perfume can also trigger an autoimmune reaction. In this case, this reaction is called a psoriasis flare-up.


Substances not recommended for psoriasis

In general, all shower gels and soaps that are too chemical are not recommended. They are likely to attack psoriasis. They can be harmful to fragile skin.

Take the time to consult the list of ingredients. First of all, look for the words “paraben-free, EDTA-free”. Favor natural products.

In addition, avoid treatments with endless lists of ingredients… Soaps are often recommended for sensitive skin. It is true that they contain significantly fewer ingredients in general. As a result, they limit the risk of excess chemicals. But not all soaps are equal, we will discuss this a little later in this article.


The best plants for a psoriasis soap or shower gel

For psoriasis, favor natural plant-based shower gels. Additionally, select all plants that have a soothing effect on the skin. For example:

  • lavender,
  • geranium,
  • the lime tree,
  • Let us also quote the aloe vera
  • or even the almond. The easiest way is to start by checking the contents of your current shower gel. If it is herbal, check if these plants are indicated to soothe the skin.

Please also remember that shower gels and soaps are not suitable for shampoo. Take care of your hair requires specific care, especially in cases of psoriasis.


Against psoriasis, focus on hydration

Skin suffering from psoriasis must be nourished to better regenerate. This is why the presence of oil to nourish the skin is essential. This is also why we recommend superfatted soaps, or even shower gels based on nourishing oil.


Beyond shower gels, the real solution for treating psoriasis

Pso Natura Regenerative Complex natural careIt is certain that if you are trying to preserve your skin while you suffer from psoriasis, the best is whatever happens. treat psoriasis, to manage to eliminate traces, redness or scales. Once the skin is cleansed, this does not mean that it will be less sensitive to the types of soaps or shower gels you use, but at the very least it will be healthy.


Laboratories dedicated to the natural treatment of psoriasis and skin problems

LM Natura laboratories have developed a specific range against psoriasis problems : Pso Natura. The star treatment of this range is the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex which is a Medical Device. He is recognized for its 94% effectiveness on psoriasis. And it is especially popular because it is 100% natural, plant-based. It is used as a one-month treatment to help remove traces of psoriasis.


An anti-psoriasis treatment, but also a cleansing treatment

On a daily basis, this treatment can also be used by placing just a little product on a very wet washcloth. You only need a little product. The Complex is a saponified formula that foams well. It is a bactericidal treatment which has real cleaning power. This will allow you to better prevent psoriasis. Without perfume, it doesn't smell.


Dual-use shampoo: hair and body

Psoriasis, scales, dandruff, itching, an effective shampooMany people also choose to use the Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo, as a shower gel. This shampoo is ultra-concentrated since it does not contain water. For the body, it should be diluted in the palm of the hand with plenty of water in order to use it economically. It is therefore one of the shower gels that treat psoriasis.


Superfatted soaps for atopic skin prone to psoriasis

Superfatted soaps are enriched with fatty oil or butter. They limit drying out of the skin, while respecting the skin's hydrolipidic film. These are ideal shower “gels” for psoriasis.

Cold process soaps are soaps that maintain a high level of glycerin, a luxury for the skin.


Beware of dermatological bars

They could inspire confidence. These are soap-free soaps. On the other hand, to obtain a foaming effect, they use often synthetic surfactants. This can damage the skin. The fashion for dermatological bars appeared with the idea that the pH of a soap should be neutral.

Understanding the role of neutral Ph

We speak of neutral Ph, that is to say that it is close to the Ph of the skin (around 5,5 on a scale of 1 to 13).

It is true that a soap must be gentle, with a Ph of 5,5 to 7, but this selection criterion should not be unique. The ingredients used are important.

We selected two particularly gentle and skin-friendly soaps. They will not act directly on your psoriasis, but they will in any case be safe for your skin.


Unique superfatted soap – GAIIA

turmeric soap for psoriasisOur favorite !

Gaiia is a brand specialized in cold saponification and in superfatted soaps. Gaiia is the dream of two friends to become soap makers. They offer handcrafted soaps. So they are very respectful of the soap tradition.

The Gaiia philosophy

Gaiia has a philosophy “ Soap, water and lots of natural ". Natural soaps are formulated without perfume or synthetic dyes and they are biodegradable. Gaiia products target all skin types, to provide hydration and softness.

There are different types of soaps at Gaiia: Ayurvedic soaps, superfatted soaps and Aleppo soap.

Superfatted soaps

“Superfatted” soaps have a part of the oil which has not transformed into soap during saponification and/or to which oil has been added after saponification and/or the glycerin naturally produced during saponification has been preserved. It is therefore a soap enriched with oil and moisturizing ingredients. They are made in France.

Ayurvedic soaps

These are soaps with a much more advanced but still natural composition. It is the co-founder of Gaiia who manufactures them in India with an Ayurvedic doctor. They are enriched with active ingredients thanks to Indian plants and oils.

Gaiia soaps boast the ability to replace the functions of 4 other products in your bathroom: shaving foam, makeup remover, shampoo and facial cleanser.

Turmeric soap

There are different types of soap, we have selected the turmeric soap which targets people with acne, psoriasis and eczema and sensitive skin. With a rate of 6.5% over-lubrication with vegetable oils, this soap will avoid skin tightness et contribute to hydration. A short ingredient list, just enough to create a soap: olive oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, natural glycerin, water and turmeric. In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is used as an antiseptic and antibacterial.

Slow cosmetic label – 100% natural – Cold saponification – 6.5% Surgras – Made in France – €5.90


L’Amaretti superfatted soap – SOAP BOOK

Superfatted soap for psoriasisCarnet de Savon is a brand of cosmetic products from the Lyon region. The soaps are aimed at all skin types and are manufactured according to the cold saponification method and this, in an artisanal way, by hand.

This manufacturing method eliminates the step of heating the ingredients, which allows preserve the virtues of raw materials. This brand is concerned with well-being and health.

The soaps are certified 100% natural with ingredients from organic farming and/or fair trade. The brand goes all the way with its commitment by offering recycled paper packaging.


A natural almond soap

Carnet de Savon offers a soap called “amaretti”, perfectly suited to driest and tired skin. THEalmond is the main ingredient, it is integrated in different forms to obtain all its benefits: cream, oil and essential oil.

THEapricot kernel oil completes the soap. This oil nourishes and softens dry skin.

THEcoconut oil and shea butter complete the nourishing and moisturizing action of the soap.

Finally, the carrot juice, rich in vitamin A, will revive and give radiance to the skin. Carrot, in juice or in a mask, is also a natural remedy against acne problems. Carrot provides beta-carotene and antioxidants. It is above all a protective force against the sun and free radicals.

Cold saponification – 5% superfat – 100% Natural – Made in France – €7


Shower gels suitable for psoriasis

Shower gel with Aloe vera 70% – PURE ALOE

aloe vera shower gel for psoriasisTHEAloe vera is a plant with a thousand virtues. Intense hydration, relief of burns, reduction of scars and stretch marks, elimination of dead cells and activation of micro circulation, so many elements that will make you adopt this shower gel.


A formulation that respects problem skin

Pur'Aloe is a cosmetics brand. It uses Aloe vera in large quantities in its formulations. Aloe harvesting is done by hand. It must not be heated to preserve its properties. Pur'Aloe processes Aloe vera according to strict ethics. She keeps it at a temperature of 4 degrees.

Aloe plants are grown in Mexico. They respect the European organic standards. The rules of fairtrade jewelry are also followed. Only the pulp is preserved and used as is. After filleting (pulp extraction), the product obtained is pure and concentrated in active ingredients. No transformation into powder then rehydration or green vegetable husk crushed with it.


The dosage of aloe vera, guarantor of quality

Of course, an Aloe vera-based product will be effective depending on its concentration. It must contain a high level of aloe. Pur Aloe shower gels are gentle on psoriasis. In fact, they contain 70%. No added water or sulfated ingredients are present. Thus, the skin is cleansed and hydrated naturally. Very little product is enough for longer use and savings.

Organic label – Fair trade label – 99.82% natural ingredients – Made in France – €10,39


Almond Blossom & Linden Honey Shower Cream – MELVITA

Shower Cream Almond Blossom and Linden Honey MelvitaCreated in 1983, Melvita is one of the first French organic brands. It was founded by a nature enthusiast, biologist and beekeeper. The world of bees is the basis for the creation of the company, Mel pour Miel and Vita pour la Vie.

The first cosmetic products were based on honey. The founder is very attached to the power of honey and plants. Melvita products are manufactured today following this logic. The factory is located in the heart of nature, in Ardèche.


Shower gels and their gentle ingredients for psoriasis

Melvita shower gels have 4 different actions. Exfoliation, cleansing: nourishment, repair of the epidermis. Each action corresponds to an ingredient. Honey, lime blossom or even rose petals are present. Finally, the soaps are biodegradable and have natural fragrances.


Choosing a shower gel for psoriasis

Our choice fell on the shower cream with almond blossom and linden honey. The shower cream is very creamy and nourishing. It is rich in fatty substances, ideal for people with sensitive skin.

It consists of royal jelly to moisturize and strengthen the skin. In addition, it makes it more flexible. It improves the general condition thanks to antibacterials. Additionally, prunus amygdalus dulcis, a sweet almond oil, makes skin smoother and softer.

We also find coconut betaine, a natural surfactant derived from coconut. It evenly distributes the product with a cleansing and foaming action. Melvita shower gels, depending on their composition, appear as gentle for psoriasis.

Organic label – 99% natural ingredients – Made in France – €8


Milky shower oil – CATTIER

Gentle shower gel for psoriasis by CattierCattier has 45 years of experience in the field of organic cosmetics. His strength ? Use clay, a natural earth which has many antiseptic properties but also the power to absorb impurities to eliminate them and replace them with the minerals it contains.


Green clay at the heart of shower gel formulas

THEGreen clay (there are several varieties and therefore several colors) is the ingredient with which the brand started, then it diversified to offer a wider range of natural cosmetic products.

Cattier is committed to both the environmental and social levels. It has an organic, energy and waste management policy, and it is involved in associations and encourages the work of disabled people. These shower gels against psoriasis, among other things, do not carry out animal testing and the packaging is recycled and recyclable.


A 2 in 1 shower oil for psoriasis

Shower oil is aimed at people looking for a two-in-one product: a rich natural cleanser and moisturizer. In fact, shower oil is formulated without soap to suit the most sensitive skin. We find an extract from millepertuis, this plant, soothing and restorative, helps to resolve skin problems such as psoriasis.

Argan oil for softness

THEArgan Oil has a soothing and healing role, it is ideal for dry skin thanks to the Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. It protects against free radicals and slows down the aging of the skin. As to mango butter, it will strengthen the hydrolipidic film and repair suffering skin. Finally, the combination of different butters and oils will provide suppleness and optimal hydration to the skin.

Organic label – 99% natural ingredients – Made in France – €7


Conclusion on shower gels and soaps for psoriasis

Sweet, very sweet must be the relationship between psoriasis and shower gels. So, if you have atopic skin or more specifically if you suffer from Psoriasis, choose soaps or shower gels as natural as possible.

So avoid synthetic ingredients and favor oils and plants that are gentle on the skin. Your psoriasis will itch less depending on the shower gels.

Your skin thanks you in advance!


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