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Psoriasis natural remedies and grandmother's tips, 25 recipes

Psoriasis grandmother's remedies

Psoriasis. What are the best natural treatments? To relieve psoriasis, a strong trend is emerging. More and more patients are turning to natural treatments for psoriasis. Grandmothers' remedies, tips and recipes are back on the agenda. What should we think ? What are the best grandmother's remedies for the treatment of psoriasis? Here we offer more than 25 psosriasis recipes, natural remedies and grandmother's tips.

What is psoriasis? Causes and consequences

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease.

  • It officially affects 2 to 3% of the French and European population (1).
  • It generates itches most of the time.
  • Psoriasis manifests itself in the form of red patches or red or scaly drops on the skin.
  • This chronic disease is the result of an excess of epidermal cells on different parts of the body, face or scalp.

Psoriasis often affects the joints. At the elbows or knees. These are indeed areas of friction. This autoimmune disease generates a reaction in the skin. She interprets this friction as an attack. Thus, it overproduces skin cells. It is a protective reaction of the epidermis.

That said, several dermatological pathologies present similar symptoms. For a long time, psoriasis was confused with eczema. The symptoms are close. But the causes are different. On the other hand, the remedies and medications proposed for these two pathologies are often similar.


Psosriasis, what is the most effective natural treatment?

Topical treatment of psoriasis can take the form of:

  • cream, moisturizer,
  • balm, ointment,
  • oil or ointment. Whatever the form, they are applied directly to the skin. This type of care such as Pso Natura Regenerative Complex may have :
  • un moisturizing and/or anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It can soothe the skin and soothe the itching of psoriasis. 

A complete natural remedy for psoriasis

  • Some treatments simply limit the flaking.
  • Others reduce the visibility of dander.
  • Furthermore, certain treatments focus on their healing effect. They help in skin regeneration.
  • The Pso Natura Complex, for its part, addresses all of these issues at the same time.

We will only deal here with natural cosmetic care available in the market.

How to treat psoriasis quickly?

Pso natura range for psoriasis

Very clearly, the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is the only 100% natural treatment classified as a Medical Device for the natural treatment of psoriasis. THE clinical studies prove 94% effectiveness on mild to moderate psoriasis. Other natural treatments, remedies and recipes have never obtained, to our knowledge, this label of effectiveness. This is why he is undoubtedly the best complete natural psoriasis treatment.

However, grandmother's remedies are good. They can also complement the action of the Complex. They can boost the effect of the Complex. The patient thus puts all the chances on his side. The secret of this natural psoriasis remedy? Carapa procera oil, the exclusivity of our laboratories. It grows in Guinea. We help the women of the region with their harvest through a NGO.


Psoriasis natural and complete treatment

Natural psoriasis treatment Pso Natura has the advantage of being 100% plant-based. It combines:

  • an anti-inflammatory action,
  • it helps to soothe itching,
  • as well as regenerate the skin by contributing to the healing thanks to Carapa procera oil. This plant care is a medical device. It does not cause any habit-forming effects. Proven effectiveness of 94% by a dermatologist clinical study. This leads us to classify it as best natural treatment to fight psoriasis.

This treatment appears, according to customer reviews, to also be effective against other skin diseases. Seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, or rosacea for example.


How to treat psoriasis naturally?

There are two types of treatments:

Those who act on the causes of psoriasis, stress remedies in particular. Stress or digestive dysfunction are trigger factors that can worsen psoriasis.

The treatments that target psoriasis symptoms. These treatments aim to provide a certain comfort to the skin. They limit itching dry skin. They can also help smooth the skin. Some treatments really make it possible to whiten psoriasis and even make it disappear. This type of local treatment can be topical. It is applied directly to the skin.

Other treatments are said systemic. These are medications to be ingested. They can also be administered by injection. In short, they treat the body from the inside.

Choosing your grandmother's natural remedy for the natural treatment of psoriasis

What is the best ointment for psoriasis?

If we consider the term “ointment” to correspond to a cream, here is our advice. Any suffering skin needs to be nourished and hydrated. Using a cream is therefore essential for psoriasis. However, hydration for psoriasis is not THE ultimate remedy. This gesture must be a complementary gesture to a more specific treatment.

What to do against psoriasis?

An ideal cream for psoriasis is a cream that will act on nourishing and hydrating the skin. But not only. This cream should also act ideally on itching.

One of the best creams on the market is undoubtedly the Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream. She has all three required qualities. Hydration, nourishment, anti-itch. Who says nourishment, says vegetable oils. This often means a very greasy and sticky cream formulation. This is precisely not the case with Pso Natura Rich Cream. The latter leaves a satin finish on the skin. It is therefore possible to dress directly after application, without risk of staining clothes.

Finally, the Rich Cream is formulated with Carapa procera oil, just like the Pso Natura Regenerating Complex. It is therefore the ideal complement to treat psoriasis effectively naturally. In fact, the Regenerative Complex is 100% natural, and the Cream is 99% natural.

Many natural treatments exist. They are more or less effective. And above all more or less restrictive. We will guide you. We will point out the advantages and constraints of this care. Also discover what non-prescription treatments exist for psoriasis.


How to get rid of psoriasis? Which vegetable oils?

Psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin. It is characterized by dry areas. Here are some examples of double-effect vegetable oils. They are sources of hydration. In addition, they also fight against inflammation. These vegetable oils help to replenish the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Grandma's remedy: Massage with evening primrose oil and/or coconut oil

recipe for psoriasis massage coconut oilCoconut oil as well as evening primrose oil are composed of reconstructive fatty acids. These fatty acids act on skin cells. Their action is restructuring, nourishing, soothing and revitalizing on the skin. This natural treatment applied locally to psoriasis plaques provides relief to the skin.


Olive oil, such a useful grandmother's remedy

To nourish the skin, let's also use olive oil. It can be massaged directly onto the skin.


Grandma's remedies for hydrating psoriasis

Shea butter

Shea butter is an ancestral recipe. It is used locally, by massaging with the fingertips, directly on the skin. The epidermis subject to a skin condition is nourished. The results are quickly felt.

Massage with aloe vera gel

Aloe vera to nourish the skin in case of psoriasisThe aloe vera is a real asset for fight against psoriasis. It is recommended for hydration rich in skin. It also has good efficiency anti-inflammatory. Fresh aloe vera is the most effective. However, the pulp is smelly. Additionally, it stains clothes. Massage for a few moments then rinse.



Grandma's remedies to soothe skin irritation

Oatmeal, a moisturizing remedy

Here is the recipe for psoriasis plaques and skin irritations. Mix 20g of oat flour in 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil. Finally, allow to cool before applying as a compress to the affected areas.

Baking soda, recipe

Baking soda is a simple and inexpensive grandmother's remedy for psoriasis. Simply dilute 200g of baking soda in bath water. This represents around fifteen tablespoons. Baking soda helps soothe itching. It also acts on skin irritation. Psoriasis doesn't go away. But at least the skin irritations are calmed… for a while.

wheat germ

Two recipes based on wheat germ are possible for psoriasis. They allow us to fight against skin irritation.

  • In local application. Place a few drops of wheat germ oil morning and evening on your patches or lesions.
  • By ingestion. Take a teaspoon ofwheat germ oil every day for 3 weeks.

Massage with hawthorn and rosemary tincture

Rosemary provides better intestinal transit. Indeed, psoriasis can be linked to digestive weakness. Digestive discomfort affects the skin.

Configuration : in 100ml of water, add 15 drops of each tincture. Massage twice a day for 3-4 weeks.

A poultice with turmeric powder

Turmeric good for eczema and itchingHere is a rather exotic grandmother's recipe. First of all, a poultice is a medicinal slurry. It is applied between two cloths, on part of the body.

Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a little water. Thus, a slurry is formed. Apply this preparation in the form of a poultice on psoriasis. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then remove. Rinse.


Apple cider vinegar compresses

apple cider vinegar remedyTo soothe itching, apple cider vinegar is an often used grandmother's remedy. Mix 200ml of cider vinegar with a liter of water. To boil. Then apply a warm compress to the skin. Repeat the operation twice a day.




Remedy for facial psoriasis: a white clay mask

Such a mask can help treat facial skin. White clay is recommended for fragile skin. It helps treat irritations. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. White clay naturally contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and many mineral salts. 


Silver water anti-psoriasis remedy

Silver Water, a treatment to facilitate healing

Silver Water, applied as a compress, twice a day. She is better known under the name ofcolloidal silver. It is distilled water containing silver particles. They are able to penetrate cells. silver water helps with healing in case of skin condition. She also has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Specific natural remedies for the scalp

To tone your skin, sandalwood hydrosolSandalwood hydrosol

Sandalwood hydrosol is a tonic. And above all, it remedies the inflammation and itching problems. These are very common in the case of scalp psoriasis. Sandalwood hydrosol has some soothing properties.

In liquid form, it is mainly found in organic stores. Instead, choose a spray treatment. . Especially if you apply it by massaging the scalp. Otherwise, you can use a teaspoon for the dosage.


Effective shampoo against itching, scales, eczema, psoriasis of the scalpPso Natura shampoo for scalp psoriasis

Pso Natura shampoo ultra-concentrated has a triple action. Its effectiveness is proven by clinical studies. It contributes in particular to:

  • soothe the scalp.
  • promote the elimination of redness and scales.
  • preserve the shine and silkiness of the hair.

Pso Natura shampoo for scalp psoriasis  is formulated without water. It is used as a treatment of around fifteen days. It gives excellent results for treating scaly scalp conditions in general. After the treatment, it is then used once a week. In the event of a psoriasis outbreak, application over a few days will help slow it down.

Discover all testimonies on this treatment against psoriasis. See also the testimony from the founder by LM Natura, Sylvie Méliet. She has had psoriasis since the age of 15.


Natural relief of psoriasis on the genitals

Le genital psoriasis presents two specificities. It is located on sensitive parts. It often affects the mucous membranes. The treatment of psoriasis is therefore rather difficult in general. Thus, the Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo as a shower gel is indicated. It will allow the genitals to be respected without risk. This applies equally to men and women. It contributes to theskin soothing. In addition, it promotesgradual elimination of scales or redness on the mucous membranes.

For stronger drug treatment, consult a dermatologist. He may prescribe a treatment based on cortisone or topical corticosteroid.

Let's consider other natural treatments to help relieve psoriasis naturally. Even if sometimes the improvement is slight.


Thermal cures

dead sea spa treatment effective on psoriasisSpa treatments are certainly expensive. However, they generally have a double effect. On the one hand, they allow you to release stress. Stress is one of the major triggers of psoriasis. We are doubtful about water-based cures. Water itself does not improve psoriasis.

Focus on Dead Sea cures

The most effective cure seems to be that of the Dead Sea. The mud of the Dead Sea is indeed rich in minerals. They have antiseptic properties. This mud is also full of trace elements that are good for the skin. The results displayed for total effectiveness on psoriasis are 36%.

But that's not all ! The Dead Sea is located below sea level. The slant of the sun's rays is particular there. Recent studies have highlighted the effectiveness of this treatment for this reason. The particular angle of penetration of UVA and UVB rays would explain the effectiveness. Exposure to the sun at the right times is important. In addition, as part of an organized treatment, massages are offered. They allow you to act simultaneously on the nervous system and stress.


Skin cleansing

Psoriatic skin is weakened. It is better to favor the use of natural care for washing. Dermatological bars or natural soaps are recommended.


Systemic natural treatments for psoriasis

Pso Natura capsules2 in 1 capsules for fight psoriasis from the inside

This type of 100% natural treatment-cure helps fight psoriasis from the inside. It acts on the two factors identified as triggers or aggravators of psoriasis. On the one hand the stress. The other, poor functioning of the digestive system. Take 2 capsules every morning, ideally over 2 months.

Natural treatments focus on remedying one cause or the other, rarely both at the same time. This is why the LM Natura laboratories emphasize the interest of Pso Natura vegetable capsules.Orally, they act as well on the weakness of the digestive system as on stress. They are therefore called: Detox & Zen.

For natural treatments from herbal medicine, they should generally be used in addition to treatment of psoriasis symptoms. These systemic treatments act on the causes of psoriasis. They do not act on already established psoriasis. On the other hand, they allow better prevent the occurrence of a psoriasis flare-up. Many food supplements offer to soothe the nervous system. The capsules are most often taken in the morning. On the other hand, there are quite a few capsules that combine several effects at the same time. In this case, you should consider taking several capsules every morning.


How to treat psoriasis from the inside?

essential oils for psoriasis

Natural recipe.  Mix 15ml of evening primrose oil with 80ml of argan oil. Add 3 drops of chamomile essential oil. Perform the massage on the targeted areas at least once a day.

Tarragon essential oil is an antispasmodic and acts on stress

Natural recipe for stress. Simply dilute 3 drops of EO in 100ml of vegetable oil, such as argan oil for example. Count on a treatment of 3 months of daily massages on the solar plexus.

Inhalation with Roman chamomile essential oil

This natural remedy allows you to be more zen. Inhale warm water + two drops of chamomile essential oil. Each day.

Try homeopathy for psoriasis

Here is also a natural treatment Psoriasis which sometimes gives results. Homeopathic treatments must be prescribed by a real specialist. He will know how to adapt his recommendations to each individual. Results generally take at least 3 months of care.

Think about sport

Thanks to a sporting practice of minimum 2 hours per week, the body relaxes. Negative energy is released. Feeling better about yourself is essential to combating stress.

To be zen over time. Practicing yoga and meditation is a natural way to combat stress. To space out psoriasis flare-ups.


Limit psoriasis by eating better

food supplements to help psoriasis

Fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) in the diet are often recommended as natural ingredients beneficial for psoriasis. Many foods contain it. It is also possible to use natural food supplements that help meet the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

When it comes to diets, we often talk about lactose-free and gluten-free diets. Others also talk about eliminating meat. The experiences reported vary depending on the person. It is probably for everyone to try. And draw your own conclusions.


Detoxify the body

Natural remedy for psoriasis: depurative broth

Many grandmother's remedies helps detoxify the body and eliminate toxins.

Two natural recipes for depurative broth with vegetables and plants

The depurative broth has two combined virtues.

  • Diuretic benefits
  • Elimination of toxins.

Stinging Nettle Remedy

Nettles and Kinkeliba (tropical plant) have recognized diuretic properties. Of course, applying nettles to the skin is out of the question. This recipe is an infusion. Simply prepare a liter of hot water in which you will infuse 50g of each nettle leaf and Kinkeliba. Don't hesitate to take several cups a day.

Grandma's vegetable broth

Traditional vegetables are good! Here is a healthy broth recipe. For their virtues, choose the following vegetables:

  • Leek, its high fiber content will promote intestinal transit.
  • Carrot, In addition to its purifying properties, it also has antioxidant properties.
  • Celery, will help eliminate residues from the body.
  • Parsley, will act on the kidneys, like a detoxifier.

Cut the vegetables into pieces. Cover with water. Bring to a boil. Leave to cook for 12 minutes. Strain the broth and drink it, hot or cold. Sprinkle with ginger powder for flavor. In addition, ginger also has digestive properties.

burdock decoction recipeBurdock decoction

Burdock has detox and purifying virtues. It is also present in Pso Natura capsules.

Recipe for the remedy decoction. Infuse 30 grams of burdock roots and leaves. Then apply to the skin, warm, using a compress. Leave for 2 minutes.


Milk thistle decoction

Using 20g of dried milk thistle infused in 1 liter of water, you will obtain a decoction. Milk thistle is known for its depurative properties. It acts on the liver. An effective treatment takes place over 3 weeks. 2 cups per day.


Against psoriasis, borage/sarsaparilla/wild pansy herbal tea

  • Borage leaves have, among other things, emollient and healing properties. Its oil is also recommended as an external treatment (massage) for psoriasis.
  • Sarsaparilla leaves have anti-inflammatory and purifying properties.
  • La wild thought also has depurative virtues. Thus, sarsaparilla-pansy-borage will make it possible to achieve a effective herbal tea against psoriasis.

15g of each plant in two liters of water for use over two days. This grandmother's remedy must be used for a minimum of 28 days, for real lasting action on the body.

What causes psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a pathology that results from a combination of certain factors.

  • A genetic predisposition to develop the disease in 30% of cases (2).
  • This is a autoimmune disease. When the skin feels attacked, it reacts by overproducing skin cells. Its reproductive rate is multiplied by 4-5 compared to normal. Cellular regeneration occurs every 7 days instead of the usual 28.
  • A psoriasis flare-up is often linked to the nervous system. It occurs when the subject is the victim of stress or psychological shock.

We thus understand that this pathology involves the DNA and psychology of the patient. As a result, the disease varies in its manifestations depending on each individual.

Genetic causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis has genetic causes. To date, there is no treatment available to cure psoriasis. Science does not currently allow us to act on our genes. Psoriasis is therefore a disease that can be treated, but never cured. We then talk about whiten psoriasis. It is then a matter of eliminating traces, plaques or drops. Treatment of psoriasis is done naturally or with medication. The choice of treatment is specific to each individual.

Note that only about 30% of people with psoriasis are hereditary. For many people, the presence of this particular bouquet of genes that predisposes to disease is simply coincidental, or even unexplained by science. Psoriasis is a capricious disease. Its appearance and development varies from one person to another, without it being possible to provide a precise explanation.

As we will see in the following points, many drug treatments generate more or less restrictive or even disastrous side effects. This is why we will focus here on essentially discussing natural treatments for psoriasis.

There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to psoriasis. His treatment is haphazard. It may vary depending on the person.


How to get rid of psoriasis permanently?

Unfortunately, nothing can cure psoriasis. This disease is caused by a cluster of genes that predisposes to developing the disease. It is not possible to act on DNA. Periods of psoriasis flare-ups are followed by periods of more or less long remissions. This is why some patients can consider themselves cured of psoriasis. This is a decoy.

However, some people only have one attack in their life. It is most often linked to a psychological shock or particular stress. Considering yourself cured of psoriasis is an illusion. But it is actually possible to only have one attack of psoriasis in your life.

Simply put, getting rid of psoriasis involves eliminate symptoms of disease on the skin. This is also the purpose of this article: to offer you different treatments or recipes to help you make your choice. You can also combine several recipes, in parallel or over successive periods.


Additional Tips for Psoriasis

You have discovered here many natural solutions for psoriasis. It is also important not to forget the obvious and to practice skin care. Since psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, the body often interprets friction as an attack. To protect itself, the skin produces scales. This is why we recommend that you never harm your skin by avoiding:

  • Scrape gout or plaque psoriasis. Scratching the skin is prohibited when it itches.
  • Dry the skin aggressively; favor pat drying to avoid irritated skin.
  • If you use a loofah sponge, consider using it with gentle and light massages.
  • Any friction, especially for the elbows, but not only. Check your lingerie and clothing in general.
    More advice in our section Psoriasis questions.
  • In case of intestinal fragility, note that refined sugar and dairy products are two classic sources of intestinal disturbances. Poor skin health often reflects digestive discomfort...


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(1) Psoriasis, from clinic to treatment. Dubertret L., Editions Med'Com 2004.


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