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How to treat psoriasis naturally? Pso Natura

Regenerative Complex

For psoriasis, redness, itching and scales.
94% proven effectiveness.

Rich Restructuring Cream

In addition to the Complex. It helps to nourish the skin and soothe it.
Long-lasting moisturizing.

Dermatological Shampoo

Ultra-concentrated, it helps eliminate itching and scales on the scalp.
Soft, for supple, shiny hair. 99% natural treatment.

Detox & Zen capsules

2 in 1 capsules, 100% herbal. They help to detoxify the digestive system and soothe stress, the cause of skin disorders.


Psoriasis can affect different parts of the body, including the scalp, and in various forms. Generally, people suffering from this skin disease have dry skin. Most of the time, psoriasis manifests itself on the joints, at the elbows and knees for example.

Plaque psoriasis

Ce type of psoriasis is the most common form of psoriasis. It affects around 80% of patients. It results in irritation and inflammation of the skin in the form of plaques.

Guttate psoriasis

It comes in the form of small red pastilles on the skin. They sometimes come together. The skin is often dry or even scaly. It is therefore always necessary to hydrate it.

Nail psoriasis

Also called nail psoriasis, it attacks the surface of the nails. They become flaky or stained.

Psoriasis of the hands and feet

Le palmar-plantar psoriasis is often painful and difficult to treat. Our treatments provide a real response to this type of psoriasis. With the combination of the Rich Restructuring Cream and the Regenerating Complex. The cream helps with healing of the skin. The Regenerative Complex helps eliminate traces.

Facial psoriasis

Psoriasis can also affect the face. Thus, the sides of the nose are affected most frequently, but also the cheeks, forehead or chin. Here too, Pso Natura treatments are a real answer. They help to relieve naturally the symptoms of the disease.


carapa oil procera scientific bubbles

Carapa procera oil, exceptional natural remedy

Carapa procera oil, present at the heart of all LM Natura natural treatments, is our exclusive. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

The effectiveness of our topical treatments is linked to the formulation based on Carapa procera oil, a true wonder of Nature with multiple virtues. It stimulates healing, is full of vitamin A and triterpenes to revitalize tired and damaged skin. Its natural antioxidants soothe irritant reactions and its high concentration of essential fatty acids and linoleic omega 6 (1) strengthens the skin's defenses.

Today, LM Natura is the only one to offer treatments based on Carapa procera in the cosmetic formulation of treatments. After years of research, we were able to combine other plant active ingredients, all rigorously selected according to their complementarities and molecular synergies, and thus create effective treatments to naturally relieve psoriasis, and problems of redness and scales in general. Site dedicated to the Carapa procera


First of all, you should know that psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease. It is also linked to the nervous system. Psoriasis officially affects between 2% and 5% of the population.

Made of phases of regrowth, psoriasis attacks and periods of remission, the disease requires long-term treatment.

There are many natural care and treatments for psoriasis. However, Pso Natura treatments are distinguished by their real effectiveness, proven by clinical studies.

On the other hand, many natural cosmetic treatments claim cutaneous action on psoriasis, with very relative effectiveness. On the other hand, they are interesting to know to constitute an additional natural treatment for fight against psoriasis. Note also that many creams applied locally claim a simple hydrating action, certainly necessary but insufficient.

We will therefore discuss on this page our 4 Pso Natura treatments to help relieve red patches and scales. We will also complete your information with a list of remedies andnatural ingredients which may help improve some of the symptoms of psoriasis. These psoriasis advice are also intended for people following drug treatments. Using natural treatments can be complementary.



Aromatherapy is in vogue. Used wisely and especially in the right dosage, certain essential oils can help calm skin inflammation and itching. They can provide comfort for the skin, but if you are wondering: how to get rid of psoriasis naturally? How to make psoriasis go away? They will not necessarily be sufficient.

Essential oils (EO) are obtained by the distillation of leaves or flowers. Then they are put in a bottle. They are therefore ultra concentrated, hence their potential effectiveness. However, their risk of becoming powerful allergens is very present. It is therefore recommended to seek advice from specialists for an appropriate dosage. The number of drops of EO is essential. In addition, it is better to be vigilant over time regarding possible allergies. In fact, they do not necessarily appear immediately, from the first application.

essential oils natural plants




Given their concentration, essential oils are often diluted with vegetable oils before their application for an anti-inflammatory action. The most often recommended ratio is 5 drops of essential oil in 20 to 30 drops of vegetable oil. They can be added to a cream or lotion.

Generally the use of essential oils is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 3 years old, because allergic reactions are common.

Depending on the skin's tolerance threshold, these remedies can be applied 1 to 3 times a day.

Let's take a look at the essential oil/vegetable oil combinations often recommended in cases of psoriasis.


geranium essential oil

Bourbon Geranium

(Pelargonium graveolens)
Diluted in evening primrose or borage or sweet almond oil, known to be anti-inflammatory, at a rate of 1 drop of EO per 20 drops of vegetable oil. Bourbon geranium essential oil has virtues healing and antiseptic for the skin. In daily local application.

Tea tree leaves

Tea Tree

(Melaleuca alternifolia) Rich in terpene alcohols, tea tree EO (tea tree) has anti-infectious and depurative virtues. It can also be combined with other vegetable oils or directly in a scalp shampoo. Count one to two drops per dose. Leave for about 5 minutes.

the wild pansy flower

Wild pansy and sarsaparilla

These two EOs are recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties. They also have a soothing action.

As with all these essential oil-based remedies, it is not a question of CURE PSORIASIS, but rather of relieve more or less.

Burdock and laurel berry are also beneficial for soothing the nervous system.

make your own natural treatment

Make your own treatment

To provide some comfort to the skin, add a few drops of geranium and chamomile oil to an oily base such as shea butter or St. John's wort oil for example. The preparation must be heated and measured carefully; consulting an aromatherapist is undoubtedly the most prudent course.


Geranium essential oil with soothing properties


Its virtues are multiple, for example, contributing to healing, but also to soothe itching.
This is why our laboratories use this essential oil, in very small quantities, to both delicately perfume the Rich Restructuring Cream, and add the other benefits of geranium to our formula.

medicinal lavender

Lavender officinalis

(Lavandula angustifolia)

Combined with marigold oil to enhance its effectiveness, it has soothing or even healing virtues. We will also note its anti-inflammatory properties.

Also: 2 drops of fine lavender in your dose of shower gel or shampoo. However, close your eyes to avoid the irritating effect of EOs on the mucous membranes.

Aloe vera to nourish the skin in case of psoriasis

Aloe vera

The moisturizing and soothing properties of aloe vera make it an ingredient often cited to naturally fight psoriasis. Aloe vera is not intended to whiten psoriasis, but it relieves it. It is a popular skin comfort ingredient for nourishing the skin and helping to soothe itching. It can be used pure or in the form of aloe gel.

chamomile to soothe inflammation of acne spots

Roman chamomile

(Chamamelum nobile)

It will be diluted in a vegetable oil with soothing properties, such as coconut oil. calendula (concern) or jojoba. Mix 1 drop of HE for 10 drops of vegetable oil. Roman chamomile also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


Many plants and leaves have anti-inflammatory or even soothing properties, even depurative properties. As long as they are edible, it is possible to mix these plants at will, the limit of the experience being most often... the taste of these potions.

Allow on average 40g of leaves for 1 liter of water.

For inflammation, let us cite wild thyme, thyme and calendula for their softening and healing properties.

Against stress, include basil, orange leaf and even mint, effective in soothing the nervous system.

For healing, cedar bud is also often cited.
Ask your pharmacist or naturopath for advice. We devote a section to Tips and tricks against psoriasis; how to dress, how to deal with itching etc.



herbal teas and decoctions for psoriasis


To repair the hydrolypid film

Psoriatic skin suffers from dry skin. This is why it is essential to hydrate it, in order to restore this hydrolipidic film. A cream based onaloe vera or beurre de karité will allow you to help remedy the problem.

Act on the liver with milk thistle

Milk thistle is an herb that helps the liver filter toxins from the blood. It therefore acts on the causes of psoriasis. You can take capsules morning and evening, or make a Decoction (3 grams in half a liter of water). This natural grandmother's remedy works over time, at a rate of 3 cups per day. Allow around 3 months to obtain results.


Treatments at the Dead Sea

Treatments at the Dead Sea, in Iceland or elsewhere, can partially reabsorb the traces of psoriasis. They generally take place in a very zen setting, also in order to limit stress or even eliminate it. They can be effective (especially at the Dead Sea), however they must be renewed regularly. In addition to the cost that these cures can represent, they require taking a solitary vacation, which is often incompatible with family life.


In fact, the sun naturally promotes the disappearance of psoriasis for many patients.

Use natural soap

Since the skin suffering from psoriasis is sensitive, it is better to favor the use of a natural soap, without additives.


Probiotics are live microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeast, which can have a beneficial effect on the body.

In terms of natural treatment against psoriasis, probiotics are most often combined with food supplements, zinc for example or even vitamins to improve the proper functioning of the immune system.

Before taking any probiotic, you should therefore consult your doctor to assess the body's deficiencies or weaknesses and thus obtain an informed prescription.


psorisis advice fruits vegetables meats

Act on stress and psoriasis attacks

Stress causes psoriasis flare-ups. They most often manifest themselves as itching, tingling, or even a stinging sensation, or even burning. This is why many recommendations aim to reduce stress levels through meditation, yoga or sports or simply the repos and calm.

Treating psoriasis with a healthy diet

It is now clear that intestinal disorders can be a factor in aggravating psoriasis. Some specialists simply recommend a healthy and balanced diet, which gives pride of place to vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins in particular. Others recommend much stricter diets which ban, for example, alcohol, tobacco, but also all processed foods, such as dairy products. This is the case of the Seignalet diet.

For our part, we are of course in favor of a healthy diet, but since psoriasis is linked to stress, it seems unproductive to cause additional stress with a diet that is too dry. The main thing, in our eyes, is to never fall into overconsumption of any food whatsoever. Common sense must prevail to know how to intelligently dose and balance your diet.

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