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Face psoriasis, makeup tips


Psoriasis affects more than 2 million people in France. This chronic skin disease can spread all over the body or in specific areas. The face is no exception to this rule. Psoriasis is a painful disease because it itches the skin, but it is also very visible. The subjects at facial psoriasis, or even facial eczema, very often feel embarrassed or ashamed to expose their patches. So what to do?

Let your skin breathe and be natural, or are you allowed to wear makeup if you have psoriasis or facial eczema? There are several schools on this question. LM Natura provides you with its advice and analyses.



Against redness, Elle Fanning's oppositeElle Fanning

Do you know the American actress Elle Fanning? The young actress from Maleficent, Somewhere and many other films, decided to take the opposite approach to her eczema. Visibly suffering from regular eczema on her face, the actress posted a photo of herself on social media with the caption: "Eczema, but make it eye shadow."

In people with facial psoriasis or eczema, the plaques are very often located on the top of the forehead, on the temples, around the mouth, around and on the ears, or on the eyelids.

Elle Fanning decided to transform her red eyelids into eye shadow. To do this, nothing could be simpler: a little pink eye shadow. You can choose shades ranging from cool-toned pink to warm-toned brown neutrals.

Then, without touching the plates too much, you can extend them by using a brush and your eyeshadow. We recommend using a finger brush, because if it is not impeccably clean it can damage your redness.

This technique can also be tested on the cheeks with blush. Be careful, however, to maintain a natural appearance.

Following on from this tip, and if we do not wish to directly touch the patches/redness, it is possible to draw the eye of our interlocutors to the blank areas of our face. Since psoriasis follows a rhythm of flare-ups and remissions, light periods are more favorable to this tip. To do this, you need to beautify these areas using highlighter, blush or eyeshadow.


Choosing the right makeup for facial psoriasis

psoriasis choosing your makeupKim Kardashian suffers from psoriasis on her legs and has opted for the total camouflage technique. It is of course possible to camouflage the traces of psoriasis on the face, but you must choose your makeup carefully.

The France Psoriasis Association gives us the criteria for makeup products suitable for psoriasis:


Makeup should be very easily correctable.
It must also be resistant to water, heat and sweat.
Sun protection included and long lasting.

The makeup found in drugstores can meet a large part of these criteria

Do you know the makeup range from the Same Cosmetics brand? This makeup is intended for women facing cancer or chemo. The treatments are dedicated to particularly fragile skin and are as gentle as possible. We recommend their Healthy Glow kit. To discover them, click here.


Psoriasis and makeup: the right routine to camouflage the plaques

psoriasis face, makeup removalCleanse the skin before makeup

Wear makeup, yes, but as long as you have clean and healthy skin. For this, removing makeup morning and evening is the healthiest solution. In case of facial psoriasis, we recommend using a makeup remover composed of mild surfactants. Furthermore, makeup remover cotton can irritate the plaques, so choose a soft cotton pad or application with your fingers.

It is also important to rinse your face morning and evening with clear, fresh water.


The moisturizing base: key step before makeup for facial psoriasis

By applying a primer, you hydrate your skin and prepare it for makeup. The base must be adapted to the type of skin, sensitive and dry in this case. Depending on the base chosen, the makeup will hold more or less well. It is possible to use the Pso Natura Rich Cream for this purpose. With a strong moisturizing action coupled with a nourishing action, the Rich Cream relieves scaly, red and sensitive skin.


Green corrector stick against traces of psoriasis

Finally, to cover the remaining small redness, the green concealer stick is your best friend. It is applied with the tip of the finger and by tapping on the areas to be hidden. Then cover with a layer of foundation.


psoriasis makeup tipsChoice of complexion to make up traces of psoriasis on the face

To hide traces of psoriasis on the forehead, cheek or temple, foundation will be a great ally. To do this, seek advice in order to have an outside point of view as to the color of virgin areas of your face. Choose a powder foundation made from mineral pigments of natural origin.

You can also use a compact foundation cream, favoring a comfort or oil-free texture. These creams are really ideal for hiding lesions.

Applying foundation to facial psoriasis: use a small sponge or a very clean finger. Depending on the area of ​​the face, pat to cover or smooth to highlight.

Tip for prolonging the wear of makeup: once your makeup is finished, spray a thin layer of thermal water 20 cm from the face.

Tutorial for medical makeup


Psoriasis in the open and natural treatment, the best solution

Pso natura regenerative complex and pregnancy in cases of psoriasisIf in certain circumstances the use of makeup seems inevitable, LM Natura recommends that you leave your facial psoriasis exposed to the open air most often. In summer, it is very important to let your face benefit from the benefits of the sun and its vitamins. In winter, take the time to moisturize your face several times a day to avoid severe dryness.

To treat and whiten the traces of psoriasis on your face, discover the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex. This natural treatment based on Carapa procera and vegetable potassium helps relieve itching while fighting against plaques. It is used using a vegetable fiber sponge, a loofah, and on damp/wet skin.

A natural treatment with the Complex lasts on average 1 month, with daily application. To complete its action, you must moisturize and nourish the skin with Pso Natura Rich Cream.

Facial psoriasis on the upper forehead or behind the ears can also be treated as part of a course of treatment with Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo. The latter is used like a classic shampoo, without a break, and must be used daily for 15 days.

In cases of facial psoriasis, we understand the need to hide the plaques from others, or sometimes from oneself. However, we advise you to treat your psoriasis naturally and to favor times when your skin breathes.



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