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Acne questions

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about Akno Natura

To continue to provide you with our advices against imperfections, here is a section dedicated to your questions about acne and our answers to our Akno Natura treatment.

The appearance of spots and imperfections can be linked to several factors: genetics, stress, Pollution, thefood, hormones. LM Natura has developed the Akno Natura Regulatory Complex very effective against acne and other skin disorders.

Many of you are wondering about the use of our care. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about acne, pimples and blackheads.

Acne questions and answers

Yes, but obviously, massage gently with the loofah sponge or do it by tapping since the skin is delicate and it is important not to irritate but to lightly exfoliate the surface.

Yes, whatever your age and the number of years you have lived with skin problems, our Regulatory Complex treatment is indicated. It has in fact been proven in clinical tests and ensures real and visible effectiveness against most skin imperfections prone to acne, but it is not a medicine.

It is a 100% natural plant-based treatment. Its components help, among other things, to reduce and regulate sebum production, and soothe the skin to facilitate its regeneration and regulation. The first results are visible within a few days. Between 10 days and 10 weeks depending on the lesions to restore the balanced state of the epidermis.


Acne is seen in some babies a few weeks old, which could be linked to the passage of mother's hormones across the placenta. Just let it disappear by itself, naturally, quite simply.

Not at all! The Akno Natura Complex is a dermo-cosmetic treatment, not a medicine. Being a 100% natural surface treatment, it is compatible with your treatment. If you suddenly stop your medical treatment (often linked to juvenile acne), you risk seeing a significant increase in your skin lesions. So continue your treatment with Akno Natura Complexe treatment and consult your dermatologist.

Yes. The Regulatory Complex is a valuable aid in fading juvenile acne or adult acne scars. It has, among other things, healing qualities. Combined with the surface exfoliation of the loofah sponge provided, it allows you to find smoother and less thick skin. Also don't forget to moisturize and protect your skin well with a suitable cream. See 5 natural mattifying creams.

No, no treatment or remedy based on current research can cure acne. On the other hand, the Akno Natura Complex will effectively regenerate your skin and make your surface lesions disappear.

Most of the time, juvenile acne linked to hormonal cycles will disappear on its own. On the other hand, we see that acne affects more and more people today, well after adolescence.

Yes, in addition to your antibiotic, after consultation with your dermatologist. Indeed, the Akno Natura Complex being exclusively plant-based (high content of Carapa procera vegetable oil), used in surface (topical) application, the positive internal/external effects are complementary.

Antibiotics will reduce inflammation and kill microorganisms, while Akno Natura will help normalize desquamation, heal and reduce surface lesions.

Acne is not due to poor hygiene, that's a common misconception. On the contrary, cleansing the skin too drastically can have opposite effects by accentuating sebum production and delaying healing. Do not use degreasing soap (Marseille) but use a dermatological bar, a superfatted soap or the Akno Natura Complex.

Yes, none of our formulas are tested on animals and do not contain any substances of animal origin.

Yes, If hormonal upheavals are the primary cause of acne, we note that diet also plays an important role in the proliferation of pimples. Our diet consists of a majority of processed industrial products, sweet products, bad fats (palm oil, cold meats, dairy products).

Pay attention to your consumption of milk in particular and see our article milk and acne. Conversely, many foods have beneficial properties against skin problems, this is the case for example of Green tea or Sobacha infusions. A real trend towards vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan diets exists, read our article if you are tempted.

Use of the Regulatory Complex against spots and imperfections

Let's first agree on a given time. Our recommendation is as follows: when you have applied Akno Natura Complex to the loofah and the product begins to foam, tap the face for about 30 seconds so that the foam becomes creamy and releases as many active ingredients as possible, then lightly exfoliate on the surface. (20 seconds).

If you exfoliate for longer or too harshly, you may end up getting irritated with the loofah. If you wish, you can, however, leave the foam to act for one minute after application, and before rinsing and drying. This can only help you a little more.

Do not panic ! Many people see a change after 3 days; the skin is smoother, but be careful: 1. this does not mean that there is nothing left, far from it; 2. we are obliged to take averages, that said, the reaction time is sometimes a little longer. It all depends on the cases.

If you notice a small change, that's a good sign, even if the change isn't as clear as you hoped. Don't worry too much. Give yourself some time… stay calm! As you know, stress is a powerful activator of skin problems, try to be as relaxed as possible, for example by practicing a sporting activity. Find them 10 Acne Commandments.

The ingredients of the Complex are particularly active, since the exposure time to the skin is only a few seconds per day. Trust and patience!

After the pimples disappear and comedones, continue to use the Akno Natura Complex every evening, for 2 weeks, for in-depth treatment, then maintain 2-3 times/week, as needed.

Each case being different, it is up to each person to assess their needs for maintenance. Now, imperfections don't have to scare you: if an attack occurs, the Complex will respond in just a few days. Also see our article on homemade anti-acne masks.

Through massage and tapping, you activate blood circulation in the surface micro-vessels, which can explain pinking. This state is temporary in the regeneration process.

If you have the feeling that this pinking is a warning sign of irritation, then you should review your tapping/massage gesture with the loofah, it is probably too firm.

Yes, it should be changed when you feel that it is no longer doing its exfoliation job correctly. For daily use, change the loofah after approximately 8 weeks, sometimes sooner if you use it a lot. Additional loofahs are optional when ordering. Our loofahs are biodegradable.

The use of the Akno Natura Complex is not recommended, because to be truly effective, it must be applied with a loofah. Exfoliation of these very sensitive parts should be avoided.

Yes, Akno Natura Complexe loofah is specially designed for the face (rounded shape and soft, soft fibers). However, the use of the loofah must be specified: by tapping, or at most a very light massage depending on the skin. We recommend always using a moisturizing cream on the treated areas: remember to use non-comedogenic products. See also our article on vegan cosmetics.

The cream will soothe the exfoliating effect, and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended, no matter what, for juvenile or adult acne. You may possibly notice some small redness, which will disappear quickly but may be a sign of the need for gentleness in your massage procedure.

Avoid all contact with eyes. No significant risk, but the tingling would be very unpleasant. If it stings, just rinse with plenty of clean water.

No, the Complex releases a white foam that stings the eyes. In addition, you should use the loofah sponge (provided) to stimulate its action. This is of course out of the question for an area as sensitive as the eyelids.

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