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Your questions about eczema

Treating localized eczema on the body and/or scalp with natural solutions may raise questions.

How to use our treatments to treat eczema? Below is the list of eczema questions we face most frequently and our advices. We respond to them with the transparency and seriousness that are customary to us. 

As a reminder, our Pso Natura treatments are not medicinal solutions, but dermo-cosmetic treatments composed of active ingredients from nature.

The Pso Natura line, for whom?

Eczema questions on sensitive areas

How to use the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex?

Usage protocol

This highly concentrated foaming treatment is formulated without water. When you open your jar, you will notice that the dough is very firm. This is normal. To use it, if the dough is too firm, we advise you to add the equivalent of a tablespoon of mineral water directly to the pot. The texture will soften slightly in a few hours.

The active ingredients of the treatment are released when foam forms. It is therefore essential to foam the paste well, with lukewarm water. Very easy to use, here is the protocol to follow:

1. Run the loofah sponge under water on both sides to soften the natural fibers and leave it saturated with water. Don't wring it out.

2. Place a dab of treatment on the loofah, vegetable fiber side.

3. Go back under water for 1 second, and pat-massage the loofah on your hand first to create a good lather. If you only get a few bubbles, run under water again for 1 second, and lather again. The foam should be quite abundant.

4. Then massage the already moistened areas to be treated, firmly, but without attacking your skin. 5-10 seconds approximately/zone.

5. Rinse with lukewarm or cold water (be careful, hot water attacks the skin) and dry the skin without rubbing.

You will see it yourself, using the treatment is very simple, when you understand that it is appropriate to lather it. You can even use it in your shower to save time.

Remember that regularity of treatment is essential to achieve real results.

Duration of treatment

During the treatment phase, the Complex must be used morning and evening. On average, it takes 1 month for the traces to completely disappear. This is just an average. Some have faster results, for others with very resistant eczema, 6-8 weeks are necessary. Use of the Complex should not be stopped too quickly. There is a whole process of skin reconstruction that should not be neglected. The scales will first disappear, then the skin will become slightly pink and very thin. Treatment must be continued until the skin thickens and becomes healthy again.

Be careful, however, to never interrupt a treatment based on medication (particularly cortisone) in progress. It is better to combine it at the start and space out its use as your skin improves, until you only use Pso Natura treatments.

Long-term skin care

Then, it is only appropriate to maintain it 2-3 times a week, or even less depending on the case. It often happens that regrowth is very weak or even non-existent, even if generally speaking, we observe that areas of friction, such as elbows mainly, often need to be maintained frequently. At the slightest appearance of a plaque or an itch, it is then appropriate to use the Complex again once a day for just a few days to stop the progression of the eczema plaques.

After the Pso Natura treatment, to overcome eczema

Is it necessary to soap yourself after using the Pso Natura Complex?

No, it is not necessary to soap yourself after applying the Complex, for 2 reasons:

  • The active ingredients of the Complex already provide a bactericidal, therefore cleansing, action, so there is no need to add more.
  • The exfoliation provided by the loofah can make your skin more sensitive, so there is no point in adding aggression with the use of a cleansing soap.

On the other hand, after your treatment with the Pso Natura Regenerating Complex, you should hydrate your skin with a paraben-free moisturizer, ideally our Rich Restructuring Cream. In addition to hydrating your skin and soothing itching, it will reinforce the action of the Complex. For any area affected by eczema, good hydration is a factor in improvement.

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