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Answers to questions about psoriasis

Psoriasis questions

Find treatment, a natural remedy for psoriasis, for the body or on the scalp raises many questions. How to treat yourself with our solution? Here is the list of psoriasis questions you ask us most often about psoriasis. We respond to them with transparency, seriousness and sincerity.

We remind you that Pso Natura treatments such as Regenerative Complex are dermo-cosmetic treatments with 100% plant-based active ingredients. See also on this subject the testimonials written and in photos of our customers.

The Pso Natura line, for whom?

The question often comes up: I have had psoriasis for over 30 years, will your treatment be effective? ? We answer yes without hesitation. The effectiveness of our care is not linked to the age of the psoriasis. On the other hand, obviously, if the patient has very thick traces for example, the effectiveness period can be more than a month. This was the case for our founder with psoriasis for more than 20 years.

Under 4 years, as a precautionary measure, we do not recommend our Regenerative Complex treatment. No worries about the Cream or the Shampoo though.

The epidermis in children is thinner than in adults. It is up to the parent to decide whether to use the soft side or the fibrous side of the loofah sponge supplied with the Regenerative Complex. The decision is simple: the application should not be painful.

Our treatments are effective on guttate psoriasis. 

Our treatments are just as effective on plaque psoriasis.

Unfortunately, in the case of this type of psoriasis, the skin is too irritated to use the Regenerative Complex and undergo exfoliation of the loofah, the treatment would tingle. On the other hand, our Rich Restructuring Cream will undoubtedly be an ideal active moisturizer for your skin and will still help to melt traces into the skin.

Numerous testimonials tell us of excellent results on the nail psoriasis, while we have long thought that this type of psoriasis is often under the nails, the treatment could not be effective. In truth, the improvement of the nail surface is evident thanks to the Pso Natura Complex.

Psoriasis on sensitive parts

The use of the Pso Natura Complex is not recommended, because to be truly effective, it must be applied with a loofah. Exfoliation of these very sensitive parts should absolutely be avoided.
The Rich Restructuring Cream is indicated. Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo can also be used as a shower gel on these parts.

For the face, some of our clients successfully use the Complex. The composition of our treatment is not contraindicated, the clinical tolerance tests are very good. However, the use of the loofah must be careful: no massages that are too energetic, prefer tapping when you feel your skin fragile.

We advise always use a moisturizer on the treated parts of the body or face. It will soothe the exfoliation effect, and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended, whatever happens, to fight psoriasis. You may possibly notice some small redness, which will disappear quickly but may be a sign of the need for gentleness in your massage procedure.

If you go out in the sun, protect your psoriatic skin with a good sun index; exfoliated skin is always more fragile. Avoid all contact with eyes. No significant risk, but the tingling would be very unpleasant. If it stings, just rinse with plenty of water.

Because the foam that our treatment forms during the massage can be irritating to the eyes, we do not recommend the use of the Pso Natura Complex. This is safe, but too unpleasant to take the risk... Our Rich Cream can of course be used.

Psoriasis in the folds is extremely difficult to treat as a rule. Our Cream will be of great help in soothing and healing the skin. On the other hand, we do not recommend the use of the Complex. This contains bactericidal active ingredients which would cause unpleasant tingling on raw wounds.

We advise calm skin fire and inflammation with Rich Cream. In a second step, when the skin is less fragile, it will then be possible to treat the epidermis using the Regenerative Complex, to help completely disappear traces of psoriasis.

How to use the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex?

When you first use it, the texture may seem harsh. It is therefore important to add the equivalent of a tablespoon of mineral water directly to the product and then let the water penetrate for a few hours.

The loofah sponge plays a very important role, you must use the natural fiber side but, of course, without attacking your skin. You need pressure that is neither too strong nor too light. The goal is not to break the skin by exfoliating it. If your skin is very sensitive, then prefer the white 100% cotton side at the start of the treatment or apply the Complex directly with your fingers.

A very simple protocol

  • First moisten the loofah sponge to relax the natural fibers.
  • Take a small dab of Pso Natura Complex with the measuring spoon, apply to the sponge and run everything under water again.
  • Tap until you obtain abundant white foam. It is this white foam which will diffuse all the active ingredients
  • Massage for 10 to 15 seconds per area with gentle circular movements on the previously moistened skin. This mechanical action will stimulate the surface micro-blood vessels and promote the penetration of the active ingredients of the Pso Natura Complex.
  • Rinse with lukewarm or cold water (be careful never with hot water) and dry the skin without rubbing.

In the treatment phase, it is appropriate to use the Complex morning and evening for a month. Clinical studies carried out on our treatment have demonstrated a proven effectiveness rate of 94% on psoriasis after a month of use, however it may take more or less time to act depending on the severity of the psoriasis.

You should not stop using the Complex too quickly. There is a whole skin reconstruction process to take into account. Once the scales have disappeared, the skin is slightly rosacea (even red in some cases) and very thin. You must wait for the skin to thicken and become healthy again before stopping the treatment.

Once the skin becomes healthy again, you can use the Complex as a natural maintenance treatment. If a psoriasis flare-up occurs, at the slightest appearance of scale or itching, use again twice a day without delay to stop the progression of psoriasis. Also discover our article on natural treatments for psoriasis, recipes and advice.

After the Pso Natura treatment, to overcome psoriasis

No, it is not necessary to soap yourself after applying the Complex, for 2 reasons:

– The active agents of the Complex are already doing work skin cleansing ; no need to add more

– By using the Complex with the loofah, you have exfoliated your skin, which makes it more sensitive; There is therefore no need to add aggression with soap, whatever its quality.

On the other hand, it is important to hydrate your skin, ideally with our Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream with a high content of wild Carapa procera oil.

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