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Answers to questions about psoriasis

Find treatment, a natural remedy for psoriasis, for the body or on the scalp raises many questions. How to treat yourself with our solution? Here is the list of psoriasis questions you ask us most often about psoriasis. We respond to them with transparency, seriousness and sincerity.

We remind you that Pso Natura treatments such as Regenerative Complex are dermo-cosmetic treatments with 100% plant-based active ingredients. See also on this subject the testimonies written and in photos of our customers.

The Pso Natura line, for whom?

Psoriasis on sensitive parts

How to use the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex?

Usage protocol

regenerative complex green background and leavesWhen you first use it, the texture may seem harsh. It is therefore important to add the equivalent of a tablespoon of mineral water directly to the product and then let the water penetrate for a few hours.

The loofah sponge plays a very important role, you must use the natural fiber side but, of course, without attacking your skin. You need pressure that is neither too strong nor too light. The goal is not to break the skin by exfoliating it. If your skin is very sensitive, then prefer the white 100% cotton side at the start of the treatment or apply the Complex directly with your fingers.

A very simple protocol

  • First moisten the loofah sponge to relax the natural fibers.
  • Take a small dab of Pso Natura Complex with the measuring spoon, apply to the sponge and run everything under water again.
  • Tap until you obtain abundant white foam. It is this white foam which will diffuse all the active ingredients
  • Massage for 10 to 15 seconds per area with gentle circular movements on the previously moistened skin. This mechanical action will stimulate the surface micro-blood vessels and promote the penetration of the active ingredients of the Pso Natura Complex.
  • Rinse with lukewarm or cold water (be careful never with hot water) and dry the skin without rubbing.

Should I soap myself after the Pso Natura Complex?

No, it is not necessary to soap yourself after applying the Complex, for 2 reasons:

– The active agents of the Complex are already doing work skin cleansing ; no need to add more

– By using the Complex with the loofah, you have exfoliated your skin, which makes it more sensitive; There is therefore no need to add aggression with soap, whatever its quality.

On the other hand, it is important to hydrate your skin, ideally with our Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream with a high content of wild Carapa procera oil.

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