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We are specialists

Our laboratories were born from the discovery of a forgotten ancestral recipe, based on the therapeutic virtues of wild Carapa procera. Since then, our multidisciplinary teams have been working on various formulas which combine the active ingredients of Carapa procera with other plant active ingredients for skin problems which have, until now, not found a satisfactory answer, such as redness and scales, psoriasis, or acne and pimple problems linked to oily skin with imperfections.

Our treatments are in no way medicines, but plant-based dermo-cosmetic treatments which combine scientific expertise with the power of nature: they do not act on the causes of problems, but on their consequences.

We favor in-depth scientific research and the development of targeted natural solutions, rather than the development of broad general ranges.

Our teams are constantly looking for only natural and plant-based alternatives. We select our plants, rare essences and vegetable oils, in the heart of still preserved regions of our planet, in Africa and in the islands of the Indian Ocean.

We offer you two exclusive lines, with unrivaled results: Pso Natura® and Akno Natura®.


Our ethical charter commits us to only offering products that offer REAL effectiveness.

We refrain from using over-sales marketing arguments and only use truthful language in the description of our products and their effects.

Our care products are not medicines. They therefore do not treat the causes of possible diseases, such as psoriasis, acne or other dermatitis.

Our formulations aim to eliminate the visible symptoms of the disease on the skin. Their effectiveness is objectively very high, and beyond the results obtained by existing products to our knowledge. We in no way claim healing, but the rapid, effective disappearance of traces on the skin (scales, pimples, etc.).

Our engagements

Proven results

Our treatments are the subject of clinical studies, both in terms of the safety, harmlessness and effectiveness of our formulas. These studies are carried out by independent European laboratories, renowned for their seriousness and approved by the competent European and American authorities.
We want to bring our customers MORE than a product and a promise: a transparent message.
In addition to our own arguments, we publish our customers' testimonials for objective insight into our products.
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Advice and dialogue

Precise advice that guides you in the appropriate use of our products.
A dialogue with our experts to answer any questions you may have before or during use, at any time during your journey.


Fair trade

Since their creation, LM Natura has been committed to respecting all fair trade criteria, in particular:

– Do not resort to child labor,
– Ensure our subcontractors have comfortable margins to live and develop their business,
– Take charge of the cash advances and investments necessary for our subcontractors for production,
– Justice and respect towards our business partners,
– Involve our staff and our producers in our decision-making process,
– Assist and train our partners
– Use honest and fair advertising and marketing techniques

We apply the IFAT (International Fair Trade Organization) criteria.


Your “turnkey” treatment

We provide you with a real care kit: the product and its accessories necessary for optimal use, such as the dosing spoon or the natural fiber sponge (loofah) for our Complexes.

Online purchase

Treatments from Laboratoires LM Natura are only available through online purchase. We therefore control each stage of the product's life, from its design to its delivery to you, including the advice of our dedicated experts. In addition, without leaving your home, wherever you are in the world, your treatment is available at home, within a few days. We selected Paypal for its experience and the assurance of truly secure online payment.

Advice from our experts

To put all the chances on your side, our experts are here to listen to you and advise you from Monday to Friday by telephone or email from 8 a.m. to 14 p.m.