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Genital psoriasis, sexuality and natural treatments

genital psoriasis


This is a subject that is little discussed, even though it affects many people suffering from psoriasis. As part of our section Information, we take stock of the situation and try to give, as usual, some advice and food for thought.


What are the prejudices against psoriasis?

Le Psoriasis alters the appearance of the skin by causing rash and dry patches or crusts called “scales”. In today's society where beauty standards are increasingly demanding and where the norm is the way to go, having a skin disease is often difficult to cope with.

In addition, psoriasis is a little-known disease and often the victim of prejudices and preconceived ideas. It turns out that 12% of people think that psoriasis is contagious and 6% think that the disease is linked to a lack of hygiene (1). The only lack of hygiene that could contribute to psoriasis is found elsewhere: alcohol abuse, excessive exposure to the sun.

People affected by the disease are then subject to mockery and/or derogatory comments. The illness then becomes difficult to live with and alters interactions with others. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see cases of depression in people with psoriasis.

The look of the other may also be influenced by psoriasis caused by a tattoo or aggressive hair removal.

What is genital psoriasis?

Doctor, diagnosisA common type of psoriasis but still underdiagnosed

Genital psoriasis is one of the least well diagnosed forms of psoriasis because it is less well known. Although common, this disease is sometimes confused with sexually transmitted diseases. Remember that psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease and is in no way contagious. It is generally severe psoriasis, not mild to moderate psoriasis.

It is estimated that between 30% and 40% of people affected by psoriasis also have genital psoriasis. This form of the disease is often accompanied by psoriasis located elsewhere in the body. Only 2 to 5% of people with psoriasis have only genital psoriasis.

It turns out that it is one of the parts of the body that responds best to treatments. If you suspect genital psoriasis, talk to your dermatologist and gynecologist. If you already have psoriasis on any part of your body, then it is very likely that the lesions you have noticed on or near the vulva, penis are psoriasis. Do not apply any cream before seeing a healthcare professional.

How to recognize genital psoriasis? How do you know if it's psoriasis?

When psoriasis attacks our privacy

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. It can develop on many parts of the body such as the scalp, joints or even nails.

Psoriasis can also affect the genitals. In women, it is located in the vulva and scrotum. In men it is located on the penis, glans and scrotum. It then strongly impacts the patient's quality of life and can have a very harmful psychological impact.

What are the symptoms of female or male genital psoriasis?

In cases of genital psoriasis, red patches and/or lesions are seen in patients. But very rarely scales, these areas being more humid than the rest of the body.

Genital psoriasis causes itching and can cause burning sensations. It can be a real embarrassment during sexual intercourse. The itching can even be painful since it is generally accompanied by genital lesions or micro-lesions. The pain can be so great that it is not possible to go as far as penetration. Whether in men or women, the modesty caused by the disease in this specific area has a direct and negative impact on sexual life, most often through a reduction in libido. To boost everyone's morale, we advise you to start by reading the 10 tips for psoriasis.

What are the causes ?

Psoriasis can have various causes. It can be of genetic origin since it is common for a person affected by the disease to have a family history of psoriasis. There is also a cause relating to a failure of the immune system. The latter overproduces skin cells since they regenerate too quickly. This causes scales and leads to the formation of psoriasis plaques.

Other factors can trigger psoriasis flare-ups. This could be severe stress, emotional or psychological shock, infection, etc. Tobacco and alcohol also promote attacks of psoriasis.

Furthermore, psoriasis and therefore the resulting symptoms, such as cracking or itching, can be aggravated by various frictions. They can be due to underwear (the lace found in lingerie for example), to clothing that is too tight, to penetration during sexual intercourse, to drying too aggressively with a towel, etc.


psoriasis and intimacyWhat is the impact of psoriasis on sex life?

Psoriasis: an obstacle to sexual intimacy

The feeling of isolation and loneliness is exacerbated when living with psoriasis. 55% of patients report difficulties relating to sexual intimacy (2).

Lack of self-confidence, fear of rejection, desire to cover oneself excessively, not wanting to go out and have a good time with the people around them, are all elements that make up the mentality of a person with psoriasis. suffering.

The sometimes desire to compensate for this hindrance by wearing sexy underwear can in certain cases cause outbreaks of psoriasis, particularly some slightly rough lace; you need to know how to choose your clothes and underwear without giving up on being handsome.

The shame from which patients suffer is often increased tenfold when an intimate relationship is formed with someone. Showing yourself to others becomes more complicated and undressing becomes a test of strength.

How many people and spouses of people with psoriasis are put off by psoriasis that is a little too severe? Sylvie Méliet has in her entourage, a person who admitted to her with embarrassment and relief that since her husband was treated with Pso Natura treatments from LM Natura laboratories, she began to be able to approach him physically again. Before, it was almost impossible for her.


Finding a balance in life despite psoriasisFind a balance in life

We are born with psoriasis but it can start at any time in life, during adolescence or young adulthood or much later. Thus, when you are already in a relationship with a person and one of them develops psoriasis, the appreciation of the other's body evolves, with a more or less successful adaptation.

Rather than hiding, it is important to talk about the disease, show it, and break preconceived ideas by reassuring him/her that the disease is not contagious. Depending on the location of the psoriasis, certain positions are more suitable than others in order to avoid friction and thus reduce the risk of irritating existing plaques, a small matter of adaptation to reduce the risk of flare-ups on a daily basis.


Genital psoriasis and pregnancy

When a pregnant woman has genital psoriasis, it can pose additional challenges during pregnancy. Hormones and immune changes associated with pregnancy can affect the course of psoriasis, and some treatments commonly used to control symptoms may not be recommended during this time.

It is essential that pregnant women experiencing genital psoriasis consult their doctor to discuss safe and effective treatment options. Gentle topical treatments and moisturizers may be recommended to relieve itching and discomfort. In some cases, oral or injection treatments may be described, but their use must be adapted according to the potential risks for the pregnancy.

Proper management of genital psoriasis during pregnancy is important for the well-being of the mother and fetus, and appropriate medical consultation is necessary to find the best therapeutic approach.


How to treat and treat genital psoriasis in women and men?

Genital psoriasis is difficult to treat since it is located in an area where the skin is very sensitive or close to the mucous membranes. Many products are also contraindicated. However, it is possible to use certain natural products that have a gentle formula. But don't hesitate to consult a dermatologist before applying any product to your private parts.

What treatment or cream should I use for psoriasis of the genitals?

Can the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex be used in cases of psoriasis on the private parts?

This treatment is not recommended since the Regenerating Complex is a bactericidal treatment. This means that in contact with lesions or mucous membranes it could sting severely. In addition, it is applied with a loofah which would be too aggressive for this sensitive area. It is therefore not suitable for the genital area.

pso natura dermatological shampoo for genital psoriasisIt is better to favor the Pso Natura Dermatological Shampoo in case of psoriasis on the genitals. In fact, it is a much gentler treatment for the genital area.

Pso Natura Shampoo is a treatment with 99% ingredients of natural origin. It is formulated without paraben, silicone and coloring. Just as for scalp psoriasis, this treatment helps to remove traces of psoriasis, soothe itching and eliminate any scales.

Furthermore, it is very easy to use since it is used like a cleansing gel. And it doesn't require any break time.psoriasis natural cream scales redness


In the event of genital lesions, the Rich Restructuring Cream is recommended. Indeed, this cream has a healing action which is essential in the event of genital lesions since it allows the skin to be restructured. It also helps soothe itching and smooth the skin by promoting the elimination of scales.

The Rich Restructuring Cream is a vegan treatment, which contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. It is notably composed of Carapa procera oil, aloe vera and even shea butter. In addition, it is formulated without paraben, silicone and coloring.



Keep fighting to relieve your psoriasis. there are, in addition to treatments, many ways to tackle the disease: meditation or sport or even recourse to art to help relieve stress, but also a Healthy eating to limit possible flare-ups.

Through your testimonies, your experiences, but also your doubts, we are leading this fight together and are listening to you.
World Psoriasis Day which takes place at the end of October is also a special day to draw public attention to the disease.

Also find our video on this topic via our Youtube channel: Psoriasis and sex

Do not hesitate to testify on this blog.


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Have I cured psoriasis?



(1) No, psoriasis is not linked to stress, Article from Figaro Santé
(2) French results from the World Psoriasis Happiness Report

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