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Relieve eczema, adopt the right actions

good actions for everyday eczema


Before relieving eczema, it is important to understand this disease. Eczema is a very common skin disease. It causes severe itching and inflammatory reactions. These are characterized by red patches and dry skin. Symptoms and treatments for eczema vary depending on its form.

There is not one but several types of eczema:

  • Atopic (genetic predisposition to develop asthma, eczema or allergic rhinitis).
  • Allergic (allergy to substances, allergens) or contact eczema.
  • Stasis, vascular.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis.

They are linked to different causes and their clinical presentation (symptoms) depends on them. There Rich Restructuring Cream particularly effective in relieving eczema.


The right actions to relieve eczema

Good hygiene to slow the development of eczema

Eczema latex-free glovesIt is certain that a healthy lifestyle promotes health. Certain actions can have a direct influence on eczema attacks. By identifying them, you can limit the symptoms. Here are some examples :

Cleanliness of the house : remember to choose the right household products if you have fragile or sensitive skin. The Dermo range offers products such as dishwashing liquid, liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener. These are products that are gentle on the skin. Their fragrance is 100% natural. They are allergen-free. They are therefore suitable for skin prone to allergies. It is best to wear non-latex gloves for maintenance. This action will help avoid irritating the skin.

Vacuum more often: even if you think it's clean and everything shines from the outside, some dirt hides and ends up accumulating until it makes our interiors polluted. Without even realizing it, we spend our lives inhaling particles suspended in the air. We also ingest small quantities, while others are deposited on the skin. Dust generates allergenic effects, which can promote contact eczema (which is an allergic skin reaction induced by direct skin contact with an allergen).

Clean your hands regularly: This seems logical, but we perhaps do not do it enough and yet it is essential after passing through public places such as the metro for example. There are cleaning wipes that are safe to use because they do not contain chemicals. You can ask your pharmacist to advise you which ones are right for you.


Choosing the right material to relieve eczema irritation

eczema prefer cotton clothesIt is advisable to wear clothes made of natural materials which must be smooth, silk or cotton. Wool is a natural material but much too irritating! To get around the problem in winter, you can wear a cotton t-shirt under the sweater, this is called a “skin knit” to avoid friction with the skin. This is one of the ways to take care of your skin in winter.



Eczema and behaviors: care of the body and mind

eczema, moisturize the skin wellPso Natura Eczema CreamMoisturize the skin: hydration should be part of your daily life. No matter the season, skin needs nourishment, just like you need water.

La Rich Restructuring Cream, based on Carapa procera oil, is ideal. It helps moisturize but also nourish skin suffering from eczema. In addition, it effectively soothes itching. In addition, it helps the skin to heal thanks to its regenerating action. The skin is thus relieved. Eczema patches disappear little by little.

In summer, in addition to nourishing your skin, you must not forget to protect yourself from the sun. The latter is not prohibited when you have eczema. On the contrary, the sun is beneficial. But in small doses. Because sun exposure can be followed by attacks of eczema, due to sweating. For example, you can opt for baobab oil, ideal for nourishing very dry skin.

Have regular medical follow-up: Even if it is not necessarily pleasant, it is still necessary to visit your dermatologist regularly. The objective: to follow the evolution of your eczema. He will be able to advise you according to your situation.

Eczema is often linked to stress. So don’t hesitate to do activities to relax. You can do sports, yoga. Turning to art to alleviate illness is another alternative. The two options are obviously cumulative.


Actions to avoid to relieve eczema

Know how to be patient when itchy eczema

Even if it is very complicated because you cannot resist, you must at all costs not touch the plates and avoid scratching. You will feel like it makes you feel better at the time, but it only makes the situation worse.

Little info: avoid long hot baths, hot water actually causes itching and it dries the skin and can cause irritation.


Find out before buying to limit inflammation

Try to avoid perfumes and antiseptics: Why? These products are the most common cause of contact eczema after nickel. The skin becomes inflamed, swells and sometimes forms blisters, so it is advisable to watch the information carefully. allergies on the ingredients list before purchasing.

Avoid nickel jewelry, this can cause inflammation and swelling of the skin. Wearing nickel fantasies can promote the development of allergic contact eczema. Instead, opt for gold or silver jewelry.

To conclude, pay attention to the daily automatisms that you may do unconsciously, because a small, insignificant gesture can have a significant impact on your skin.


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