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Psoriasis, affected stars testify


The psoriasis of the stars is often hidden. Yet psoriasis affects stars and anonymous people indiscriminately. Today, officially 2% to 5% of the population suffers from psoriasis. That is to say in France up to around 3 million people. The statistic itself reveals the uneasiness around this inflammatory disease. How can a statistic go from simple to more than double? Quite simply because it is difficult to make an evaluation. Nearly 60% of people with psoriasis do not seek treatment or give up treatment. They most often refuse cortisone, or have simply given up.

Some general practitioners speak of 12% to 15% of the French population affected, but these are unofficial statistics which cannot be verified. If it were possible to make a real census of people affected by psoriasis, it would undoubtedly appear that the psoriasis “market” is immense. Logically, no doubt, new data could stimulate some research laboratories. As a result, the allocated resources would then be greater.

The LM Natura laboratories have developed a range of Pso Natura treatments, such as Regenerative Complex based on ingredients of natural origin to specifically combat psoriasis, redness and scales.


Psoriasis among stars


Kim Kardashian suffers from psoriasis

Kim Kardashian displays her psoriasis on social networks. Thus, her fans follow the news and the health of her skin. In December, she experienced a lull and exclaimed “Oh my god!” It's almost all gone! ". In February, she suffered another flare-up. She cried out for help on Facebook to finally find a solution to her psoriasis.




Cara Delevingne Suffers from PsoriasisCara-Delevingne-Psoriasis

Cara Delevingne is one of the stars affected by psoriasis, and she dares to say it! This top model with a worldwide reputation dared to appear on the catwalks with her psoriasis. His legs in particular are very affected. We will see that in Anglo-Saxon culture, it is more natural to talk about skin problems than in France where a sort of silence reigns on the subject.



Cyndi-Lauper-PsoriasisCyndie Lauper and her battle with psoriasis

Cyndi Lauper, the famous singer and pop icon, is waging a courageous battle against psoriasis, a chronic and often overlooked skin disease.

Despite his celebrity status, Lauper hasn't shied away from sharing his personal experience to raise awareness about his skin issues. She has openly spoken about the challenges she faces, from painful psoriasis symptoms to devastating emotional effects.

By using her voice for a greater cause, Lauper has become an inspiration to many people with psoriasis, providing them with a sense of belonging and hope. Through her advocacy and determination, she helped break the stigma surrounding this disease and encourage research and treatments to improve the quality of life of those affected.

Britney Spears also suffers from psoriasisBritney-Spears-Psoriasis

Britney Spears, the world famous pop icon, also faces the challenge of psoriasis. The singer publicly revealed her struggle with the autoimmune skin disease, adding a new dimension to her life already in the spotlight.

Despite her success and fame, Spears shared her struggles candidly, revealing the debilitating symptoms and emotional toll of the condition. Her courageous testimony helped break the taboos surrounding psoriasis and offer support to the community of those who suffer from it.

Through her voice and vulnerability, Britney Spears has become a source of inspiration for many individuals affected by this disease, reminding us that fame does not protect against health challenges.


Celebrity psoriasis, managing fame and illness

We have spotted several French stars affected by psoriasis, with white elbows from scales, or quite simply because some of them are our clients. However, they refrain from talking about it, and we respect their wishes of course.

It's a shame, however, to give in to this diktat of glamor where every flaw should be hidden. At a time when many personalities denounce fashion by accusing it of creating an artificial beauty, especially slimming. Thus, the transition from the tricks of Photoshop and support girdles, towards transparency about health problems is still slow.

Freddie Mercury only officially announced that he had AIDS the day before he died. Many stars keep quiet about their illness. A few courageous people dare to speak about it.

We are thinking here of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, journalist for 13 p.m. on TF1 who officially announced that he was suffering from cancer. He subsequently revealed his surprise as to the number of testimonies of compassion, of course. But he was particularly taken aback by the thanks from people in the same situation. They affirmed that his frankness and the example of his courage in confronting the illness had given them a little more strength to face their own problems.

French football player Benjamin Pavard also recently claimed to suffer from scalp psoriasis during periods of stress.

We can only wishfully hope that when it comes to psoriasis or eczema, these types of examples will be followed. In the May “Special Cannes” magazine, you will see that we are trying to work in this direction, thanks to an advertorial on the subject.


The obstacles to research on psoriasis, the need for stars...

stars affected by psoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic disease which has no definitive curative solution since it is linked to genetic heritage. This epidermal disease with inflammatory reactions characterized by outbreaks of red patches and severe skin rashes can therefore only be treated or relieved, not cured. However, in terms of innovation in the treatment of psoriasis, there has been very little scientific progress.


The opinion of dermatologists

Dermatologists continue to prescribe corticosteroids and even heavy biotherapy treatments despite their significant side effects. Some, however, recommend natural treatments.

Psoriasis is a disease from which you do not die, at least not directly. There are still many suicides. Depression results in particular from discomfort linked to psoriasis. The way others look at scaly skin and whitish crusts is often heavy to bear.

Except in cases of arthritic psoriasis, psoriasis does not cause pain. It usually causes itching, sometimes due to different factors such as stress, emotional shock or dysfunction of the digestive system. This itching is sometimes unbearable. They cause people to scratch until they bleed, especially in cases of scalp psoriasis or facial psoriasis.

Science and psoriasis

There are many diseases that are much more dangerous and even fatal than psoriasis. They also do not always have therapeutic solutions today. Let us cite a certain number of cancers, multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer's disease. The priority is clearly more to do research on this type of pathology, rather than on a relatively harmless and non-contagious disease.

This is undoubtedly why research is struggling to advance in the area of ​​psoriasis. The silence that sometimes reigns regarding people with psoriasis can mean that psoriasis is not a priority. Because it is clear that today, media coverage is a means of advancing causes. This is also why it is important that stars affected by psoriasis make it known. They allow you to feel less alone, and above all to highlight this illness and therefore the need to find grandmother's solutions and remedies for psoriasis.


Actions to fight psoriasis

pso natura range effective against skin problemsThe France Psoriasis association is trying to move the lines on this subject. Let's hope that prominent people start explaining how much their illness bothers them. Some admit to not having been able to get a role, a job, because of their psoriasis. We can therefore bet that they could help advance the cause of psoriasis. They could also change the way we view this disease, which in itself would already be real progress.

In the meantime, Pso Natura natural treatments, based onCarapa procera oil, are there to help people looking for an effective solution. Remember that the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex is a Medical Device to be applied with a loofah sponge. It has proven to be 94% effective on mild to moderate psoriasis, with a clinical study independent (test on 32 people).

Message to stars affected by psoriasis and to all our readers

Thank you to each of our readers, stars affected by psoriasis or anonymous for working to raise awareness of this disease. Thank you for helping, little by little, we hope, to stop making the subject of psoriasis a taboo subject.

Consult our section Your questions about psoriasis.

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