LM Natura psoriasis natural treatment
Sylvie Méliet

My personal story

I have suffered from psoriasis since adolescence and, over the years, I have tested numerous treatments to try to limit or even erase my traces on the scalp, all my joints, and almost everywhere on my body. Medicines, grandmothers' recipes, I thought I had tried just about everything, until the day I discovered, in Africa, an ancestral recipe dating back thousands of years, which I was told could cure my psoriasis (See the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex and l'loofah sponge).

Despite my skepticism after so many disappointments, I tested this treatment, and in one month, all my traces disappeared. I feel the relief of no longer fearing how others will look at my skin, it's a life change. Here is my testimony.

The beginning of the adventure

By going there, in the village of Guinea where the women make this treatment, I discover that they use a oil, certainly known in the ethno-pharmacopoeia, but never yet used in Europe. It was then that I decided to make this treatment available to all those who, like me, suffer from skin problems, since it turns out to be effective on the problems of psoriasis, eczema, redness, scales. and itching in general. This is how the story of LM Natura began. I have since created a NGO to help the women of the village and plant a Carapa procera eco-forest.

My motivation

Because I know what suffering linked to skin problems can be, I make it my duty to only develop tested and effective treatments. Our Laboratories strive to provide a demanding advisory service that is respectful of our clients. Since the creation of our laboratories in 2006, nearly 40 customers have placed their trust in us, and many of them have bear witness of the effectiveness of our care.

See also the information site carapaprocera.com

This requirement for efficiency leads us to develop few products. We only offer two skincare lines:

– Pso Natura for problems of psoriasis, eczema, redness and scales on the body and scalp.

– Akno Natura for adult or juvenile acne problems, imperfections in combination to oily skin.

All our topical phyto-care products are formulated with Carapa procera oil, at the heart of the effectiveness of our formulas. 

My discovery of the ancestral remedy happened because I never gave up.
I wish you, like me and like our thousands of customers, to find healthy skin.
The results of our clinical studies speak in our favor: 94% effectiveness for our Regenerative Complex.

Our treatments are sold without prescription

Do not hesitate to contact us, by email or by telephone, to let us know your Questions or your experience, we are here, at your side!

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