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Acne - Sebum reduction

I am very very happy with the result! JI have practically no sebum left, so no pimples! It's been such a long time since I had such clean, clear skin on my chin! Congratulations on your products!

I advised my son to resume his treatment and my daughter must start it from this weekend.
In any case, I'm really happy with the result.
Mrs T d'Avrigny (60)

acne pimples before after

Acne – Effective Treatment

I started my treatment two weeks ago and it is going very well. The results appeared quickly regarding my red buttons, since these almost all disappeared within a week and a half/two weeks. I hope that my spots will subsequently disappear with the duration of the treatment (see the different manifestations of acne).
Mrs J -Val d'Oise (95)

Akno Natura: finally an anti-acne treatment that works!

After stopping the contraceptive pill for 5 months, followed by resuming the same pill, I saw the appearance on my face ofhormonal acne. The large inflammatory pimples difficult to hide.

Unfortunately acne has spread too sur le two, where I had never had a pimple in my life. Huge inflammatory flare-up, leaving ugly marks. I tried several products but nothing worked. I wash with Aleppo soap, which I find is quite effective because it dries the skin.

But I must admit that I have been using the Regulating Complex for more than a week. I must say that I am really satisfied with it. After a week already cleansed facial skin. It's clear, more grainy, no more inflammatory spots. When a pimple comes out, the next day it is already dry. As for the back, the results aren't bad either. That stopped the pushing. More than a pimple from time to time that disappears quickly. That's my experience! Thank you.

before and after use acno complex

On chin acne, adult acne

I ordered the Regulating Complex to improve my acne that has been present for several years and the result was spectacular ! I suffered frommedium acne on chin which returned with each cycle and which lasted 2 weeks on average, so suffice to say that I had spots (microcysts) almost all the time. By using the Complex + the loofah sponge every evening for 1 week and as maintenance for 3 weeks, I saw results. I also used the capsules for 3 weeks.

Since then everything has gone but when I feel that a pimple is going to appear, I resume the treatment for a few days and everything is better. THANKS.
Sandrine M. from Ozoir la Ferrière (77)

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